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Census Bureau Says Bicycle Commuting is on the Rise

bicycleHow did you get to work today? If you drove, took the train or the bus, you’re in the majority. And even if you arrived at the office via bicycle, you’re not alone.

According to a report released yesterday from the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of Americans who pedal their way to work increased by 60 percent since 2000. Men are more likely to bike to work than woman and younger employees and people without children are more likely to pedal than older workers and people who have kids. Read more

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Tips for the Chronically Tardy

timerIf you’ve ever been late to the office occasionally, that’s no big deal. As for chronic tardiness? Um, big deal.

Here’s the situation as per a piece in The New York Post. An employee has been written up a few times about being late to work. Sure, there’s a long commute involved and timing can vary up to 45 minutes each time. Although someone else on staff is often late, she hasn’t been reprimanded. What gives? Read more

How to Have a Happier Commute

FordHave you ever cringed at the thought of your commute as you’re stuck in traffic? City dwellers feel the same way as flesh is pressed upon flesh in a crowded subway but as per a panel we attended yesterday, the focus was about boosting one’s happiness in the car.

Ford assembled a panel consisting of E! News anchor Catt Sadler, Ford’s Amy Marentic, Flywheel co-founder Ruth Zukerman and NY Times bestselling author/Bad Boy Steve Santagati.

Considering most Americans spend over 30 minutes getting to and from work, that ends up being a significant chunk of the day on the road related to the good ol’ job. And according to statistics provided by Ford, approximately two-thirds of commuters reported car traffic occasionally during their commute which left them feeling frustrated and stressed out.

Read more

Four Ways to Adjust to a New Work Schedule

Maybe you’re a former telecommuter and following the footsteps of Yahoo!, your employer nixed the work from home policy. Or maybe you have a new job or your hours and assignments have changed from news desk to weekend news desk. Whatever the case, when things get shaken up, you need to roll with the punches and be malleable.

Here are three ways to do it… Read more

Study Reveals People Who Bike or Walk to Work Enjoy Their Commutes More Than Drivers

Ah, the daily commute. Whether you bike to work or hoof it on foot, according to a new study, you certainly enjoy your daily commute to and from the office more than folks who drive or take public transportation.

Research from Portland State University revealed that participants in a Portland, Oregon-based survey indicated commuting under your own power “increases commute well-being.”

What is that, you ask? Um, happiness for starters. Biking made people the happiest and walking was close behind. As for the lowest level of well-being? People who drove automobiles alone.

In addition, the study indicated that people who earn over $75,000 annually and are happy with their job and housing situation were more likely to say they were happy with their commuting situation. Factors that impacted overall commuting well-being were related to traffic, crowded transit vehicles, safety concerns (this was high for bikers), and lengthy travel times exceeding 40 minutes.

Three Ways to Make the Best of Your Commute

Okay, we admit it. Sometimes the trip to and from the office isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Whether you’re stuck in traffic on a highway or crammed among strangers on a ridiculously crowded train, it’s a necessity and part of the package.

Well, according to this piece on U.S. News & World Report, there are a few ways to actually enjoy your commute and make the best of it. Read more