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Jim Amoss, ‘Times Picayune’ Editor, Speaks About Layoffs

On Tuesday, the New Orleans-based newspaper Times-Picayune announced layoffs of 200 jobs which will impact 200 staffers this fall. Plus, after 175 years in print, the paper is reducing its printing to three days a week as it focuses more on online news.

Jim Amoss, spoke to PBS about the change and indicated, “Many readers can’t imagine a morning without our newspaper in their hands. I understand that. I’m a print guy. I grew up in this business.”

Jim explained:

We had severances, layoffs yesterday. And we are losing somewhere in the 40 percent-plus realm, but we also will be rehiring, so that when all is said and done, we will have a news operation that overall is about 14 percent to 15 percent smaller than now.

That still has an impact, although we will be saving a lot in going from — on the production side, from seven days a week to three days a week. But we are very much focused on having reporting strength in the field. We think that that is that is what drives our readers and our audience to the website.

And that’s a commitment that, that and the commitment to serious journalism, to investigative journalism, which has been our hallmark, is something that will be undiminished.”

David Carr from The New York Times was also interviewed and told Judy Woodruff, ”[Amoss is] losing a lot of institutional memory, a lot of reporters who have relationships out into the community. It’s not print that is disappearing. It’s expertise.”

As the interview continued, Carr pointed out many people in New Orleans don’t have internet access. Plus, in the newsroom staff will help him with the focus on digital, Carr referenced their skills, “I think they’re pivoting from their strength to their weakness.”

Amoss responded to his comment: “So, I just don’t accept these — I mean, it fits into a nice storyline, a neat narrative about the sudden weakening. And the changes are indeed dramatic, but the overall intention — and we will follow through with it — is that we will be a strong and accepted deep news report that has both immediacy and depth to it.”

Ultimately, despite the mass pink slip announcement, Amoss emphasized a commitment to being “the most formidable news-gathering muscle in this community.”

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David Carr: My First Big Break

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Hiring At Huffpo

The NYT reports on the seemingly endless list of jobs posted on Who says media jobs are tough to come by?

There are thirteen editorial jobs posted, including paid and unpaid internships, full and part-time. The site is also hiring a mobile designer and a number of sales and marketing people.

The five year old site will turn its first profit soon, so it makes sense that the site is beefing up staff.

As an aside, NYT’s David Carr finds a little bit of humor in the listing for the Comedy Editor, where HP mentions that you shouldn’t “even send us your resume if you don’t know who [Antoine Dodson] is.” “The video has almost 28 million views on YouTube, so you can see that HuffPo’s HR department has really narrowed the field,” says Carr.

NYT Gets In A Couple Digs At Murdoch’s The Daily

David Carr covered this morning the progress that News Corp’s The Daily iPad app is making as it preps for launch.

Will it make any money? Will it succeed? Will it be at all innovative?

Actually, what Carr wants to know is how would anybody “put out an original national newspaper every day with a staff of only 100?”

Surprised anyone’s even asking that question in 2010, almost 2011, but there you have it.

Carr also gets in a dig at the New York Post, which has “surely one of the ugliest, least functional [websites] in the business.” It was in the context of complimenting the “snappy” Post iPad app, but really? is that bad? We’re pretty sure that oh, every mid-size newspaper outside of New York has more claim to that title. Apparently The American Reporter doesn’t even count.

StatsMonkey Caught In The Wild


The automated journalists are here: StatsMonkey, the Northwestern University-built program that automatically generates sports stories based on stats, is publishing stories on Big Ten Network.

The software was licensed by a company called Narrative Science, so a Google search of Big Ten for those keywords brings up all the stories that have been written by robots—quite a few so far.

The results are, as David Carr famously wrote last year, “not-that-terrible.”

The question is whether robots can tackle the grunt work, freeing up people to do more interesting reporting, or whether the robot, or monkey, will ultimately end up costing a sports reporter her job.

photo: kabils

Today’s Journalists: Never On Vacation

This simple Twitter exchange may feel familiar to anyone in journalism—or in any facet of media, actually. We’re all victims of the 24 hour news cycle now.

Earlier today, David Carr tweeted out:

What does @brianstelter do on vacation? drops 1k words about Hulu’s sub service. #ManOrMachine?

Stelter replied:

Don’t feel too bad for me, @carr2n. (via @boonspoon) #manorboy?

Stelter’s link? Goes to this image:
brian stelter

Hey, if you gotta work all the time, at least do it from the beach.

What, you mean some people take vacations without their smartphones? Blasphemy.

Forbes Cuts 40-100: Who Is Left?

Forbes magazine has let go a number of people from the editorial side of the magazine. We knew these cuts were coming, but Silicon Alley Insider’s Dan Frommer appears to have broken the news on Twitter a few hours ago:

Frommer’s girlfriend Lauren Sherman was a reporter there, covering luxury fashion and retail; Anita Raghavan, London bureau chief, is also among those said to have gotten the ax today. Chana Schoenberger, associate editor in Tokyo, and Andy Stone, a senior reporter and deputy chief of reporters, may also be getting pink slips.
Update: Gawker is reporting that Klaus Kneale is also among those let go. Kneale, whose official title was Assistant Editor, CEO Network at, bylined the popular Weekly Layoff Report. We’d call it ironic, but kind of like the Alanis song, it’s not ironic, just depressing.
Update: Anna Vander Broek, another reporter, has Tweeted that she also got cut.
Update: We’re also hearing that Lauren Streib was among those cut, as is Zack O’Malley Greenburg, who covered sports, hip-hop, and travel.

A Forbes spokeswoman wouldn’t confirm the number of cuts to our colleague at FishbowlNY; David Carr at the NYT is reporting that 40 to 60 people are losing their jobs today. That number seems more probable than 100; there are only 200 or so editorial staffers left at the paper.