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Three Tips on Interviewing Your Future Boss

judgeSure, you may get the opportunity to interview a potential colleague but a future boss? Rare. But it’s not to say it won’t happen.

Here are some tips, courtesy of The Daily Muse, to amp up your mojo and get ready to interview your potential manager.

1. Raise your hand. That’s right, ask to be involved. If leadership is open to it, why not have you interview the boss if you know your department and the inner workings of the company really well? The piece points out, “You have valuable input, and it’s not at all unreasonable for you to ask to get involved. As soon as you discover the hiring process for your future boss has begun, let whoever is in charge know you’d like to meet with the top candidates, if appropriate.” Read more

Getting Back to Basics: Cover Letter Essentials

It’s often overlooked and quite frankly, it shouldn’t be. The cover letter, as you’re probably already aware, can help your resume shine. That is, if you have an effective one.

According to a piece on Fast Company, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Per the piece, Slate editor Katherine Goldstein strongly suggests focusing on the cover letter to land a new job. Read more

Survey Reveals Top 10 Backfired Gimmicks to Get Noticed by Employers

Want to ensure you never get called for an interview? Spit out your gum (yes, we’re talking projectile motion) during the first interview with a recruiter. And yes, this has really happened.

Or maybe you should just bring a shoe to “get a foot in the door.” Or send flowers to an interviewer’s home address that wasn’t previously provided. Downright creepy, yes?

As a foot note to yesterday’s post about innovative ways candidates have gotten noticed by potential employers in a very good way, there’s always the risk factor. After all, not all valiant efforts ended on a high note. Read more

Got Stunts? New Survey Reveals 10 Ways Candidates Got Employers to Notice

Got your resume wrapped around a chocolate bar? Or maybe you can pay for a billboard instead? If you’re thinking of a quirky way to get noticed by a potential employer, you’re not alone.

According to a CareerBuilder survey, there are certainly positive ways candidates have stood out from their competition. They asked more than 2,000 hiring managers for their best memories of candidates who took that extra step to truly shine.

As per the press release, CareerBuilder’s human resources vice president Rosemary Haefner indicated, “Employers typically aren’t looking for the most outrageous candidate, they’re looking for the best fit.” Read more

Six Traits of High Performing Achievers

Here’s the cool thing about this piece we read on LinkedIn by Lou Adler, author of Hire With Your Head.

While it outlines several traits to spot in high achievers, its purpose is twofold. Managers can easily spot these traits to identify a high performer and if you’re an employee on the team, you can connect the dots and pursue the ideas below to become that go-to guy or gal.

1. You’ve been assigned difficult challenges ahead of your peers. In the piece Adler points out the best people on a team are assigned tasks that are typically given to the higher ups. If this happens frequently and during the first year of your employment, you get a gold star! This is certainly evidence of a high achiever and something to highlight on a job interview. Read more

Three Red Flags to Spot During an Interview

This blog post serves as a reminder to retain your power during an interview.


As much as the employer is interviewing you, it’s your job to interview them. Observe, ask questions and take mental notes.

The Work Buzz outlined three red flags during an interview and we couldn’t agree with them more.

1. Hints of high turnover. Ask about the history of the job you’re applying for as well as the employees who previously worked in the role. Is it a newly created position due to growth? Did someone get promoted or resign?

Or are they hiring a new person because the former person bailed after only being there for six months? If there’s a pattern of high turnover, put on that journalism cap and ask about the workload, too. It’s possible the position is a one-way road to burn out. Read more

10 Insightful Questions to Ask During Your Next Job Interview

Okay, by now we all know on a job interview you’ll need to come prepared with questions like asking about room for growth and why the position has been made available as well as how long it’s been open (a key indicator as to how quickly the company is looking to make a hiring decision).

Well, this piece on Fortune was pretty poignant in terms of important questions that are sometimes overlooked. As per executive recruiters at the MRI Network, a global headhunting firm, created this list of 10 inquiries they wish more candidates would ask. Read more

How to Answer Three Critical Interview Questions

According to a piece on Forbes, there are three quintessential job interview questions:

1. Can you do the job?
2. Will you love the job?
3. Can we tolerate working with you?

Well, if you’re responding to these important questions with an interviewer who isn’t proficient in interviewing, there are three key steps to keep in mind. Read more

Three Quintessential Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

During a job interview, you’re likely assessing the temperature of the water, how’s it going and most importantly, how it will end. As in next steps.

Well, according to a piece on Forbes, there are a few essential questions to ask to make yourself memorable in comparison to other candidates and land the follow up interview and eventually the job. Read more

New Survey Reveals Three in 10 Employers Caught Fake References

If you’re feeling a bit bold and considering putting down a fake reference on a job application, we have one two words of advice: Think again.

According to a new CareerBuilder survey, almost three out of 10 employers caught a fake reference on a job application!  Read more