Spring fever, anyone?

If rising temps get you excited to perhaps take your laptop outside and work, you’re not alone. That said, not all environments are created equal and working outside may bring its own set of challenges. A piece in The Atlantic pointed out some tips we simply have to share.

1. Start slow. After all, it is only April. Over the next few months you’ll be able to fine tune your ability to work outside but first start with a location that’s nearby.

Maybe visit your patio, backyard, a park bench or an outdoor seating area at your local cafe. In the piece, Jen Doll advises, “Choose a place, or a stoop, or a balcony, something near enough to your home or other facilities that you can easily go inside to use the bathroom, get a drink, or take a break for lunch. If you journey further out, bring the items you think you may need with you.” Read more