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Who’s On The List?

No, we don’t mean the Time 100 list, though everyone’s talking about that one too and there are indeed a number of media people on said list.

But also out today is the Folio 40, the list of “some of the most distinguished magazine and media professionals from every corner” of the industry, Folio says.

Garnering accolades on that list are David Carey, president of Hearst who grew ad pages by 10 percent in 2010 and who is leading the charge to buy Lagardere’s magazines (including Elle).

Lewis DVorkin, formerly of Forbes then of True/Slant and again back at Forbes, who has boosted Web traffic by “double-digits” and who is “leading the construction of a digital metrics-driven framework for that relies on audience engagement to help guide editorial priorities.” Then there’s Atlantic Media owner David Bradley who, Folio says, deserves a lot of the credit for investing in The Atlantic and trusting in it—the strategy worked as the magazine turned its first profit in decades last year.

You know who’s on both lists? Arianna Huffington. Belinda Luscombe, writing for Time, says of Huffington: “One sure sign of influence is that somebody wants to bring you down.” Folio mentions, of course, that whatever the haters say, HuffPo is basically made of money: the site brought in $30 million last year and is on track to bring in $50 million in revenue in 2011.

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Forbes To Open Site To ‘Thousands’ Of Unpaid Contributors

Let’s call it HuffFo: Under chief product officer Lewis Dvorkin, is opening up to thousands of unpaid contributors and paid editors will become curators, not creators, of content.

TechCrunch’s Paul Carr calls it “a death of a thousand hacks.”

Forbes’ David Ewalt, who was live-tweeting the meeting in which this was announced, said “A couple people asking if this is HuffPo model — my answer would be no, it’s more entrepreneurial, about developing wide swaths of talent.” He added: “Value for contributors isn’t explicitly defined yet. My own take: there will be both financial & non-financial rewards based on yr. audience.”

But it’s not HuffPo. We’ll gladly wait for more details to emerge on this plan, which should come in a few weeks.

Forbes Buys True/Slant, Contributors Left Out?

Forbes has purchased journalism platform True/Slant with “the intention of revamping much of Forbes’s approach to content,” Folio: reports.

The acquisition is not surprising, say multiple sources, as True/Slant founder Lewis Dvorkin and Forbes have a strong established relationship. Dvorkin was editor of the magazine from 1996-2000, and Forbes re-hired him in April as a consultant.

Dvorkin will now act as “chief product officer,” overseeing all of Forbes’s editorial products.

What this means for True/Slant’s 300+ contributors, who were blogging for pageviews and attempting to build a readership, is unclear: Dvorkin wrote on his personal T/S page: “As True/Slant transitions, some of you may be interested in moving with us to Forbes. We look forward to discussing the possibilities with you.”

An e-mail to a spokesman for T/S was not returned at the time of this posting.

True/Slant Gets First Ad/Slants

Lewis DvorkinWe reported on True/Slant back when it was in beta and touched on the “Ad/Slant” that was a part of the site’s business model.

True/Slant is for journalists who want a platform and maybe some revenue share. An Ad/Slant is for marketers who want a platform.

On Monday, True/Slant launched its first Ad/Slants with Ooma, a provider of free telephone service; BIO, a biotechnology trade organization based in Washington, DC; and WebTrends, an Internet analytics and services company. You can see their blogs by clicking on the company names; we have to congratulate T/S for their transparency. It looks pretty good.

Founder Lewis Dvorkin explains on his blog:

At True/Slant, our T/S Ad Slants are digital versions of advertorials, paid-for advertising content that is written, edited and produced by the marketers themselves. With a T/S Ad Slant, a marketer, just like a T/S contributor or a T/S Content Partner, can fully participate in a credible news environment. In real time, a marketer can self-publish content about itself or its industry, build a community around its views and lead or join a moderated dialogue throughout the True/Slant network.

Since T/S plans on adding 250 contributors to its network in the next few months, we hope these advertorials succeed.

Q&A With True/Slant Founder Lewis Dvorkin: Debunking That Sponsorship Thing, Sorta

Lewis DvorkinBack in April, the media world was a-tizzy about True/Slant, a site launched by Lewis Dvorkin that promised to change the online media world. Basically, Dvorkin, a former AOL exec, former Forbes executive editor and former editor at the WSJ and more, proposes two radical things:
1. Contributors will actually get paid money and
2. The site will actually make money.

The reason the mediasphere was in a frenzy was this graf from an April 8 Wall Street Journal piece:

The journalists are paid a small amount, but the plan is to turn them into minipublishers under the True/Slant umbrella. They will be offered a share of the advertising and sponsorship revenues their individual pages generate and, in some cases, equity in True/Slant, which is backed by venture capital…They also are allowed to arrange for their own advertising or sponsorships, in addition to what True/Slant can sell…”

Cries of bias abounded. How can anyone who’s paid by, say, Boeing, write objectively about the airline industry?

Well, two months after the initial alpha launch, True/Slant is now, as of yesterday, officially in beta. We spoke to Dvorkin about his baby.

Q&A, especially the part where he debunks the sponsorship thing, sorta, after the jump.

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New Online Journalism Venture Tests Crazy New Business Model

The website True/Slant has launched today in “open alpha” mode, and while it’s not promising to save journalism, it’s got a pretty optimistic outlook on what it will do.

The brainchild of Lewis DVorkin, formerly an AOL exec, executive editor at Forbes, and an editor at the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and the New York Times, “True/Slant is “an original content news network tailored to both the “New Journalist” and marketers who want a more effective way to engage with digital audiences…Knowledgeable and credible contributors anchor and build their digital brands on True/Slant using tools that enable them to easily create content and craft stories filtered through human perspective (not an algorithm).” Just marketing gobbledegook or a new model? Read more after the jump.

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