logo_82.pngNetworking, its one of the keys to industry success. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, you need to network in order to get ahead. Of course not all of us are great at getting out there and meeting new people, let alone finding networking events that cater to your industry.

That’s where Meetup.com can help you. Meetup.com is a website that helps you unplug and meet people face to face. Typically meant for special interest groups&#151such as knitters or dog lovers&#151Meetup.com has recently started hosting more Meetup groups for particular industries. Joining groups like The New York Reporters and Journalists Meetup Group or NY Tech Meetup is a great way to meet more people beyond your immediate professional circle.

Want to know more? Check out what Path101 had to say about the power of Meetup groups after the jump.

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