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How to Handle a Boss Who Yells

megaphoneIf you have a boss who yells, listen up. Or better yet, tone it down. Here are some tactics to manage lessening their volume.

Of course, you can only control your actions and how you react to other people’s behavior but according to a piece in Fortune, there are a few strategies to handle someone who shouts.

1. Say nothing. ”Sitting there with a poker face or a quizzical expression, in absolute silence, is sometimes a good way to communicate that what someone just said — or, in this case, how loudly he said it — is offensive to you,” says Steven P. Cohen, president of consulting firm The Negotiation Skills Company. Read more

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How to Handle an Impractical Boss

listenDo you have a boss who’s a bit out of touch with reality? If so, listen up.

A piece in today’s New York Post will be right up your alley. The good news is having an unrealistic boss can force you outside your comfort zone.

Gregory Giangrande, HR executive in the media industry, writes in the piece, “Sometimes a boss’s expectations are unrealistic, but sometimes employees don’t realize what’s possible until they are pushed beyond their comfort zones.” Read more

Want to Keep Your Job? Never Say These Four Things to Your Boss

exitEmployment is nice. It gives us something to do during the day and the ability to pay our bills. Unemployment? Not so much fun. So, if you want to avoid the latter, take some cues from a post we first read on Monster.

Please don’t be that guy or gal. You know, the one without any tact who lacks a filter and says one of the following things to a boss…

1. Admit who you “can’t stand working with.” Major no-no. Complaining about a colleague’s personality won’t reflect poorly on them. In fact, it could do quite the opposite! It could make you look like you can’t handle various personalities.

The piece advises, “If you have to speak to HR about a problem such as a colleague’s threatening, illegal or unethical behavior, keep your tone professional and the focus on work — not personal issues.” Read more

Three Tips to Deal With a Younger Boss

It’s not that we’re getting older, it’s just that bosses are getting younger. Really.

Forbes pointed out a few ways to deal with a younger boss and as such, they also mentioned human resources and career consultants indicated this is not atypical. A 2012 survey by CareerBuilder indicated that 34 percent of employees currently work for a younger boss.

Although one or two years isn’t really a big deal, what happens when you’re a decade apart or more? Generationally, this has implications for a disconnect. There are a few strategies to implement so you can effectively deal with your younger boss. Read more