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Former Alaskan TV Reporter Battles Subpoena

extra extraRemember that TV reporter in Alaska who quit on-air and dropped the F-bomb, only to reveal she supports pot legalization? This was a huge conflict of interest based on her story as she owns a medical marijuana business.

According to the Associated Press, the Alaska Public Offices Commission wants to find out if Charlo Greene leveraged crowdsourcing dollars in order to bolster a ballot initiative focusing on legalizing pot use. Read more

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Lessons in What Not to Do: Reporter Resigns On-Air, Drops F-Bomb

We have to take a lesson from a reporter in Alaska on what not to do. Let’s vow to never resign like this, okay?

Not only did she drop the F-bomb on-air, she also revealed she’s the founder of an organization connecting Alaskans in need of medical marijuana to people who already have pot.

Kudos to the anchor for pulling it together. She seemed flustered at first but wouldn’t you be, too?

Monetary Items to Consider Before You Resign

money bagsIf you recently resigned or you’re about to, let’s not forget one important factor: Money!

According to a post on LinkedIn, there are a few things to keep in mind. Your company has “rules and regulations regarding salary, bonus pay, health insurance, PTO (vacation and sick leave), expense reimbursement, and the handling of retirement accounts upon an employee’s termination (whether voluntary or involuntary).” Read more

Texas Couple Quit Their Jobs & Traveled to 10 Countries on Tight Budget

globeHave you ever just wanted to quit your job and travel the world? We’ve all been there, felt that at some point to some extent, right?

Well, two years ago Olivia and Seth Hanson of Austin actually did it. According to Business Insider, she ditched her property management job and he left his role in banking. That’s not all: they sold their home in Austin and hopped on a plane for a six-month jaunt. For now we’ll have to live vicariously through their endeavors… Read more

How to Say Goodbye & Tactfully Leave Your Job

GOODBYEIf you’ve ever given your two-week notice to your boss and then scurried to wrap up loose ends and train a colleague or two, you’re not alone.

Naturally, you’ve also experienced the fine line of keeping emotions in check as you’re mentally checked out. You’re eager to move onto your next job while still having to say meaningful goodbyes and gratitude to your current peers and boss.

According to a piece published by The Harvard Business School, endings tend to “creep up on us and catch us unprepared.” We may miss the opportunity to enjoy meaningful endings by focusing too much on the future as we “race toward the new.” Read more

Happy Quitting! TheLadders Introduces Resignation Texts (Yes, There’s an App for That)

mobile phones

We know the feeling all too well when you’re completely ready to quit your job but perhaps you’ve been delaying the end date due to that otherwise awkward conversation with your boss.

Well, mobile recruiting company TheLadders has teamed up with the creators of Breakup Text to help remedy this situation with the Quit Your Job App.

Really? Oh yes.

Per the notification we received, all you need to do is tell the app why you’re leaving and what your plans are and the messaging system will be able to send that text to your boss. Here’s an example… Read more

Newspaper Editor Tweets Resignation

new_twitter_logoWe’ve heard of resignation letters, and of course, the occasional resignation cake and interpretive dance video, but a tweet? This was certainly news to us.

Yesterday Siddhart Varadarajan called it quits via his Twitter handle, @svaradarajan, “With The Hindu’s owners deciding to revert to being a family run and edited newspaper, I am resigning from The Hindu with immediate effect.”

And just like that, the editor resigned. Per a piece we read on Poynter, a family feud was broiling when he was named editor. Back in 2012 he spoke about his plans for The Hindu:

“I see The Hindu as sa paper that commands enormous respect as an authoritative voice for what is happening in India….A paper that gives prominence to social, economic, international political developments. So, the way I see my mandate is really to continue along that path but to go sort of in a way that’s more contemporary, more vibrant, that is more attractive, more interesting to readers.”


Three Signs It’s Time to Resign Even When You Don’t Have a New Job

emergency exitFlying without a net. Scary, huh?

What is even scarier is staying in a job that you’re overqualified for and treated poorly, thereby making you a downright unhappy camper.  We know it all too well — that pit in the stomach feeling on Sunday night when you simply dread the upcoming work week.

Here are three reasons to help you discover the right time to potentially walk away from a situation that’s only getting worse. Keep in mind everyone’s financial situation is different so this is technically our disclaimer for moving forward at your own risk. (That said, you can’t reap rewards without risks, right?)

1. It’s a toxic work environment. As in extremely abusive. People mistreat you and although you try not to take it personally, they may also mistreat each other (hey, at least it’s not personal, right? Half-kidding). What’s even worse is this horrible behavior is considered normal.

Nobody flinches when someone makes an inappropriate comment and even if you try to point it out, they brush it under the rug. Now, we’re not saying you should tell your boss today to talk to the hand as you make a prompt exit but there could be ways to work through the issues. Why not schedule a meeting with your boss and/or human resources to point these things out? If it still doesn’t change and remains unbearable, at least you can say you tried to stick it out. Read more

Disgruntled Employee Resigns by Posting Interpretive Dance Video & Gets Five Million Page Views!

An alum from the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism made a splash on the internet  courtesy of her resignation letter. And by letter we mean video.

Marina Shifrin worked for Next Media Animation and resigned by making a dance video to Kanye West’s “Gone” that lasted almost two minutes. Indicating she sacrificed “relationships, time and energy for this job,” she proclaimed, “I QUIT!”

Tired of writing for clicks and disenchanted with the quality of journalism in general thanks to page views, Shifrin wrote on her YouTube page:

“I work for an awesome company that makes news videos. I have put my entire life into this job, but my boss only cares about quantity, how fast we write and how many views each video gets. I believe it’s more important to focus on the quality of the content. When you learn to improve this, the views will come. Here is a little video I made explaining my feelings.”

Knowing Your Rights Regarding Forced Resignations

If you feel like you’re being forced to sign a resignation letter courtesy of your employer providing it, a piece on AOL Jobs attempts to set the record straight with several important items to think about.

1. Are you being offered a package? If you’re not, what’s the benefit to your resignation? The piece suggests letting them fire you instead so you’ll “at least get unemployment.” Read more