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HR Pro Sharon Jautz on The New Rules of Interviewing for a Job


sj_mjd.jpg Sharon Jautz, director of human resources at Asset International, has more than a quarter century of HR experience in the media industry, but those media jobs have changed since she first started out — and so has the job interview game. Ahead of her talk on career management at Mediabistro Career Circus August 4, she tells writer Jennifer Pullinger what the new rules are for interviewing for a media job in today’s hiring environment.

“Market yourself in terms of your accomplishments rather than making your resume look like you’re a newspaper guy or a video guy. You need to market yourself in this economy as a media guy. [For example,] ‘I know Final Cut Pro. I know this content management system. I know breaking news. I know how to write feature stories, I know how to edit. I’ve managed freelancers…’ I’m looking for skill sets as opposed to background and experience.”

Sharon Jautz shares tips on managing your media career in her upcoming panel discussion at Mediabistro Career Circus on August 4 in New York.

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Smile, You’ve Been Laid Off

Ok, not really. But we liked the title.

The Washington Post’s “Leadership House Call” fielded a question today from an HR manager who was demoralized after eight months of layoffs. HR gets demoralized, everyone else at the company gets demoralized, and it just goes downhill from there.

You can minimize the damage, the Cambridge Leadership Associates (who are working on the Post Leadership Housecall project) say, by making layoffs a positive experience.

Wait, what?

Okay, fine: as positive as possible.
“Allocate not only your time and attention, but also whatever transitional support you can offer, such as professional career counseling; temporary office space, phone and computer access; and continuation of some benefits beyond what is legally required. The give-me-the-keys-and-our-security-guard-will-escort-you-to-the-door approach may minimize the risk of any destructive retributive behavior, but it will cost you dearly down the road.”

Then, for the survivors, be nice, be communicative, and believe in the future. The CLA cites the example of GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt personally buying 50,000 shares of stock to show he was invested in the future.

This is pretty much a direct counterpoint to what our resident HR expert Sharon Jautz told us last what do you think? Let’s get a point/counterpoint up in here.

Us On The Morning Media Menu

We were on Mediabistro’s Morning Media Menu this morning with our brilliant HR expert Sharon Jautz, who’s been contributing weekly columns on everything from preparing for a layoff when you’re the layoff-er to landing a job interview (that’s next week!) for our little blog.

It aired this morning at 9am but we know that if you’re at work today, you couldn’t listen in, and if you’re not, you totally slept in and missed it, so here’s the archived podcast.

Ask The HR Expert: What to do When Your Own Layoff is Imminent

Hurrah, hurrah: We’re launching a new weekly column in this space from HR and media expert Sharon Jautz. Sharon, thanks to her years of HR experience, has loads of fantastic advice for people on both sides of the hiring equation: both job-seekers and employers. This first column looks at preparing for that layoff you know is coming; future columns will cover life from an HR point of view and much, much more.

Hopefully, you have never been there. Hopefully, you never will. But in this environment, you have got to be prepared for anything. If you work for someone else, you have to remember that a lot of the time the only thing you can control about your employment is what time you get there.

Being prepared in the event of a layoff is critical. You’ll be happy to “hit the ground running” instead of having to redesign the wheel and lose momentum in your new job search.

So, here are some tips and measures to take so a layoff doesn’t take you by surprise!

  • The first day in a new job — update your resume to include the new job! Make a commitment to evaluate and update your resume at least annually.
  • If your “spidey sense” is telling you that you might be laid off, trust your instincts. You’re probably right.
  • Do everything that propels you forward to your next job. Don’t dwell in the past evaluating things already said or done. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. Enough already — move on.
  • Network, network, network. Tell everyone that you have ever met, and their brother, that you are looking for a job. That’s how it works, kids! And never stop networking. Even when you land that next gig, never stop networking. Remember, too, you can also be a “giver” in a networking situation. You get back what you put out there.
  • Say “yes” to everything. Meet with anyone who wants to meet with you. Worry about getting the job even if you’re sure you’ll turn it down! And take the opportunity to meet more people for your network!
  • Always take the high road and be gracious when exiting. No matter how you feel about their decision to lay you off, do not burn bridges on your way out the door. It serves no purpose. In a layoff situation, the only thing you can control is your own behavior.
  • Get on the job boards and see what’s happening. Meet with recruiters. Find someone in your circle that can help you do this.
  • Keep doing your job to the best of your ability up to the minute the decision is communicated to you!

Sharon Jautz has over 20 years of HR experience at major media companies like Forbes, Conde Nast, and Playboy. She’s been tapped as an HR expert on, giving advice to job seekers everywhere. Her super-power? Scanning a resume in 15 seconds. Find out more about her at her LinkedIn page.