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Will The New Grads, Rejected, Ever Come Back?

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Hopeful students leaving college, B.A. in communications in hand, are being turned away or being asked to slave away for free—great foot in the door if you can get it, but not everyone has the financial means to work unpaid for 6-12 months.

If all these media wannabes are being told “Go away and come back when you have two years experience,” will they really come back? Or will they go to law school or join Teach for America and realize their career has totally changed?

Companies will lose these eager, talented people— even ones that legitimately really have no room or budget for them.

Sandy Haeberle
writes about this issue at Talentbrew. Her post is written with nurses in mind, but that industry is going through a lot of the same issues.

Her suggestions:

  1. Enhancing or adding a student section on your website for graduates to maintain communication and stay updated on hiring needs
  2. Hiring the top candidates for another position within the hospital
  3. Suggesting they might consider moving to another state for a year or two and then return home; (there are states that are still hiring new grads.)
  4. A company Facebook page for new grad interaction
  5. Sponsor a lunch, or other social event, once or twice a year to keep the lines of communication open
  6. Invite them to the hospital for a workshop or seminar
  7. Develop preceptorships in areas where new grads aren’t normally hired, like home health. (Federal funding has been available for selected programs)
  8. Opt-in newsletter
  9. Develop a new grad refresher course for RNs that have been without work for a year or more and are still looking for their first professional position
  10. Encourage online forums or groups on sites such as LinkedIn targeting topics such as job search
  11. Consider using one of these new grads in a “social” role or internship to provide insight into how you can resonate with this audience

She continues (and again, swap out “healthcare” for “media”):

Anything that an organization can do to maintain ongoing, useful communication will give the future applicants a decent chance for a positive experience with your company. Even if the economic turnaround won’t allow us to hire all the new grads out there in 2010, it is important to continue to network and stay in touch. They are an important part of the future of healthcare and we must do our part to keep them in the profession. We will need them someday and we can’t be shortsighted!

Is bringing grads in the area to lunch twice a year going to cost money? Sure, but not more than can be grabbed out of the petty cash fund. And it’s better than waiting til 2012 and realizing that all the people you wanted to hire have left the industry.

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