Michelle Goodman
Professional/Personal Overview
  Hi, I'm Michelle Goodman and I've been at this freelance writing game for nearly two decades. I'm a journalist and an author covering business -- specifically entrepreneurship, technology and the workplace -- and the occasional health and fitness trend. I write a monthly startup financing column for Entrepreneur magazine and an online workplace column for ABC News. Additional credits include the New York Times (online edition), CNN.com, Salon, Seattle Times, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Better Homes and Gardens (forthcoming), Canadian Living, Adweek, Workforce Management, The Bark, Bust and many more. I'm the award-winning author of two irreverent career books -- THE ANTI 9-TO-5 GUIDE and MY SO-CALLED FREELANCE LIFE -- both published by Seal Press. I've contributed to several anthologies too, most recently Bust magazine's DIY GUIDE TO LIFE. I occasionally take on corporate and custom publishing work that doesn't conflict with my journalism.
Contact Info
  Michelle Goodman
Seattle, WA 

E-Mail: michellegoodman@comcast.net
Website: http://about.me/michellegoodman
Work Samples
Career management and workplace articles  
(ABCNews.com, 8/18/2012)
There's more than one way to tarnish your reputation using social media. Somewhere between the NSFW posts that can render you unhirable and those perfectly innocuous posts about the movie you saw last night lies a gray area.
(ABCNews.com, 4/11/2012)
Husband-and-wife teams own and operate nearly 4 million American companies, according to the U.S. Census 2007 Survey of Business Owners. Unfortunately, it's not unusual for spouses to launch a business together only to later realize they no longer want to be married.
(ABCNews.com, 9/2/2011)
You don't have to be a high-ranking official for on-the-job tears to tarnish your reputation. Among rank-and-filers, crying at work is often met with the same negative reaction.
(ABCNews.com, 5/10/2011)
Numerous moms are forced to pump breast milk in uncomfortable, unsanitary, public spaces at work. With no better alternative, some simply opt to pump in their car.
(ABCNews.com, 2/14/2011)
Most people who've set foot in a workplace have considered sleeping with a colleague at some point. Although some do ride off into the sunset, others end up with a bruised heart, reputation -- or worse -- career.
(ABCNews.com, 2/9/2011)
When Tiffani Murray lost her job at the end of 2010, she had little qualms about attending the going-away party her department threw in honor of the employees it was letting go.
(ABCNews.com, 6/17/2010)
It's not just moms who have to contend with their career growth being sidelined by parenthood. There's a daddy track, too.
(The Seattle Times/NWjobs.com, 3/28/2010)
Financially speaking, Chris Pesce had it all: the mortgage-free house, the savings, the investment portfolio. But like some who choose a lucrative career over one that feeds the soul, the lawyer didn't feel the love for his work.
(ABCNews.com, 2/4/2010)
From a "Borat" screening to awards for laid-off employees, see how some firms tried to boost morale and failed.
(ABCNews.com, 1/7/2010)
How to make the most of the job you hate.
(ABCNews.com, 12/10/2009)
Tara Goodwin Frier isn't throwing her employees the annual holiday party this year. Instead, she used the money she would have spent on holiday meals and staff gifts to hire back Amanda, the crackerjack junior employee she had to lay off this fall.
(The Seattle Times/NWjobs.com, 10/25/2009)
When Althea Azeff started a new job last fall, she wanted to strike the right balance between being available after hours if her company needed her and having a life.
(ABCNews.com, 8/20/2009)
At least three companies have been sued for overtime pay by employees forced to check email after hours. Do these workers have a case?
(ABCNews.com, 2/26/2009)
Forget about the power lunch. These days it's all about the power latte.
(ABCNews.com, 9/4/2008)
It's official. We can finally lay to rest that tired old stereotype of female bosses as manipulative, back-stabbing you-know-whats and get on with our lives.
(CNN.com, 6/19/2008)
At Sara Champion's previous job as a project engineer for one of the country's top construction firms, visible tattoos for professional staff were against company policy.
(CNN.com, 6/4/2008)
At her previous job, Samantha Smith, was the lone conservative in a 10-person office -- something her more liberal co-workers were happy to tease her about.
Work/life balance blog  
(NWjobs.com, a Seattle Times website)
Weekly news, tips, trends, and commentary on attaining that crazy little thing called work/life balance. May 2008 to January 2012.
Entrepreneurship and small business stories  
(Entrepreneur.com, 12/22/2010)
Selling door-to-door can be big business. We explore the pros and cons.
(American Express OPEN Forum, 8/13/2010)
How can you avoid losing valuable time to a bogus broker? What questions should you ask to ensure you don't hire a dud? What red flags should you watch for?
(Entrepreneur.com, 7/14/2010)
Thinking of becoming an entrepreneurial expat? Here's what you need to know.
(American Express OPEN Forum, 6/15/2010)
Chances are your desire to pay it forward has led you to bite off more pro bono work than you can chew. Learn to nip generosity overload in the bud.
(Entrepreneur.com, 4/8/2010)
As the trend continues to gain momentum, some entrepreneurial freelancers have learned to stand out.
(Entrepreneur.com, 3/31/2010)
A guide to building an exit strategy into your business from the start.
(Entrepreneur.com, 2/18/2010)
Strategies to help struggling entrepreneurs dig out of debt.
(Entrepreneur.com, 1/12/2010)
Timeless tips for boosting your income and managing your workload.
(Entrepreneur.com, 12/8/2009)
For these entrepreneurs, going under was just the beginning.
(Entrepreneur.com, 9/25/2009)
These startups are proof positive that there's money in customized products.
(The New York Times, 11/9/2008)
When freelancers and other self-employed types should work for free -- and when they should run for the nearest exit.
(National Association for Female Executives, 4/15/2007)
Contrary to popular belief, you don't need an MBA to write a winning business plan.
Technology articles  
(Workforce Management, 3/14/2012)
Armed with this software, not only can companies obtain better feedback from references, but also they can obtain more of it per candidate.
(American Express Inside Edge, 5/31/2011)
Savvy CFOs are using smartphone apps to work better, faster and cheaper. Here are 10 ways mobile apps can help finance executives at mid-sized companies stay informed and productive on the go.
(Microsoft Pinpoint, 2/3/2011)
With more than 1 billion people worldwide now working remotely, safeguarding corporate networks from attacks and other security breaches is more important than ever.
(Microsoft Pinpoint, 1/20/2011)
Greening your company's IT solutions doesn't just help the planet. It also can boost your bottom line.
(Microsoft Pinpoint, 1/3/2011)
Every executive and IT pro has a technology wish list of solutions they know can improve their daily business operations. We asked customers which solutions rank highest on their IT wish list for 2011.
(Adweek, 7/11/2010)
Games that blend play with advocacy and learning clearly have gotten users' attention. But do they have the power to effect serious social change in the long run?
Health and fitness stories  
(Washington Athletic Club magazine, 9/1/2011)
How four amateur athletes train and compete like pros at the Washington Athletic Club.
(WeightWatchers.com, 6/1/2011)
Using your smartphone to work up a sweat in the woods may sound counterintuitive (will you really have cell service at the trailhead?), but mobile app stores are loaded with GPS-enabled tools designed to make hiking, camping and backpacking more convenient and enjoyable.
(WeightWatchers.com, 12/8/2010)
We sampled an assortment of mobile exercise apps, determined to find the most useful and motivational programs in the bunch.
(Columns, University of Washington alumni magazine, 9/1/2010)
If ever there was a year the nation's battle of the bulge reached critical mass, 2010 was it. Even UW's Center for Public Health Nutrition got in on the fat-busting act.
(Adweek, 4/25/2010)
For companies that sell food to kids--food often high in fat, salt and sugar--the spotlight on children and how they eat is a potential public relations nightmare. But marketers are not taking the healthy food movement sitting down. Some are reformulating ingredients, others rethinking their marketi
(CNN.com, 10/6/2008)
Carol Ann Carnese never considered herself an anxious person. Except when it came to wet wood.
(CNN.com, 9/8/2008)
Although he wasn't the neighborhood Lothario, and he didn't have a significant other, Jason Eskridge opted to have a vasectomy when he was 27.
Relationship and lifestyle stories  
(CNN.com, 3/27/2009)
Annabel Newell has grown used to people complimenting her breasts.
(CNN.com, 2/23/2009)
Trisha Marcy wasn't looking for anything in particular when she decided to rummage through her mother's nightstand drawer in 1986.
(CNN.com, 1/26/2009)
Nikki Maxwell and her husband, Bill, used to enjoy date nights, a live-in nanny and frequent splurges.
(CNN.com, 8/25/2008)
While she was studying in Brazil during college, the one thing Stephanie Gerson longed to do before leaving was spend time in the thick of the Amazon rain forest. Unfortunately, she couldn't find a tour that would take her past the forest's edge.
(CNN.com, 7/21/2008)
After a long stint of online dating, Gemma Halliday had finally found the needle in the haystack she'd been looking for: an attractive, gainfully employed guy with "nothing weird or scary about him" -- or so she thought.
(CNN.com, 6/25/2008)
David Bohl is no stranger to apologies -- the good, the bad and the insincere.
(CNN.com, 5/2/2008)
When Vicki and Brian Meldrum bought their first home four years ago in Cleveland, they made a pact: She could decorate and furnish the rest of the 1,110-square-foot house however she wanted, but the 15-by-10-foot finished basement was his.
(Salon, 11/1/2000)
A popular new service for Jewish singles provides an evening of successive instant partners. Bad match? Just wait for the bell.
Business books  
(Seal Press, 10/1/2008)
Tired of clocking in and losing out? Whether you're a freelance newbie or a seasoned pro, copyediting queen or web wunderkind, this survival guide is for you.
(Seal Press, 2/1/2007)
Not every working girl dreams of clawing her way to the corner office. This book offers an alternate plan.
Work Info
Book Author 6 Years
Reporter 18 Years
Writer 18 Years
Health and fitness 4 Years
Business (general) 10 Years
Entrepreneurship 14 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
18 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Seattle Times (features, columns, NWjobs.com blog) (11+), ABCNews.com (columns) (11+), Entrepreneur (features, Q&As, columns) (11+), Association News (3-5), Better Homes and Gardens (1-2), Washington Athletic Club magazine (1-2), Workforce Management (1-2)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
American Express Inside Edge (3-5), Microsoft (3-5), WeightWatchers.com (3-5), RE/MAX (1-2)
Other Work History
- Frequent panelist on the freelance writing life for the University of Washington, Society of Professional Journalists, Editorial Freelancers Association and more
- Former Mediabistro Seattle media cocktail party host (2 years)
- Past onsite contract jobs: Microsoft Dynamics community editor (1 year), Microsoft Learning book editor (2 years), Microsoft Learning copywriter (6 months), Microsoft Pinpoint web editor (6 months)
Computer Skills
Microsoft Office Suite; Microsoft SharePoint; WordPress, MovableType, and other content management systems
Technical Skills
Blogging/CMS tools, social media, light HTML coding
Audio recorder; video camera; digital and film cameras (basic shots have appeared in The Seattle Times); laptop; printer/scanner/fax/copier; mobile phone; car
Work Permits & Visas
U.S. citizen
Available upon request
- ForeWord Book of the Year Award for MY SO-CALLED FREELANCE LIFE, first-place winner in the adult nonfiction "career" category, 2008
- Missouri Lifestyle Journalism Award, contributing writer to winning Seattle Times section (Gender: F), 2007
- Hedgebrook Writer in Residence, Langley, Washington, 2006
- Marin Arts Council Screenwriting Fellowship, San Rafael, California, 1993
Society of Professional Journalists, Mediabistro
- Frequently tapped as a commentator on workplace and self-employment issues by national newspapers (WSJ, Washington Post), magazines (Real Simple, U.S. News & World Report), websites (AOL, Yahoo!), and broadcast media (NPR, ABC News)
- Well-versed in Associated Press style, The Chicago Manual of Style, Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications (MSTP)
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near Seattle-Tacoma, WA. I am willing to travel anywhere. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.