Murry Shohat
Professional/Personal Overview
  Deeply experienced, widely published. Freelance writer, reporter, editor, content creator, curator, blogger. Output spans web content, research, positioning, custom publishing, press releases, white papers, case studies, analytical reporting and newsletters. My work bridges conceptual, investigative, analytical, journalistic and persuasive projects. Experience in high technology, social networking, dental and medical, employment, health care, aerospace, law and general business. Trained in Hub Spot-style inbound marketing and SEO, My short learning curve and work ethic quickly produce ROI and traction. Call or e-mail: 916-740-2215,
Work Samples
Content-focused resume emphasizes experience in Internet writing, inbound marketing, SEO, curation and social networking automation.
Case Studies, White Papers  
(Hewlett Packard / Agilent)
Basically, a white paper to position HP/Agilent in the critical space of high speed production test for optical sensors. All of the forward-looking claims in the piece have come true.
(Google Knol)
Entrepreneurial solution using Google Knol to help boost rapid distribution of fresh science impacting the H1N1 pandemic. By sheer determination, a respected e-zine achieves publication and quality award in less than a week
The largest corporate divestiture in history threatened harm to a reputation that had already taken hits. Here's how the spinout restored reputation.
The instant formation of a hard charging trade association was threatened because 19 bosses were trying to run the show. The problem was handled by placing community interests first in a highly proactive traction program.
Website Content  
(Industrial Press (ongoing))
One of America's oldest publishers (1883) goes Web 2.0+ with a modern e-commerce design and thorough SEO-balanced content refresh. CMS enables ongoing refresh.
(Backgrounds Online)
Comprehensive strategic and tactical website content development in an SEO-competitive market. The client offers human resources SaaS for the global market. Automating customer decisions while offering a strong measure of personal service was the challenge.
(Non Profit Organization)
Example of a blog-based (SixApart) website created and maintained by me for five years
(Fountaingrove Ranch)
Developed the full website including design and layout, then prepared 95% of content, much of it journalistically
(U.C. Davis/Breaking Barriers to Beat Cancer)
Custom publication reporting for the University of California. Employs the traditional inverted pyramid style plus a sidebar to review a medical breakthrough in the space of a single magazine page.
(Google "Knol")
A million stolen words equates to 2,500 magazine pages, 800+ "Knols" or articles. Plagiarized by one person abetted by sock puppets. Outed via investigative journalism bolstered with metrics research by an international trio on three continents.
Deeply researched, illustrated personal health care article, desktop published; distributed via UPDATE: Article awarded "HOT" after just 16 days. Earned "Top Pick" Knol and author awards for Google version. Both the Scribd and Knol versions continue to gain traction.
(NY Times/Press Democrat)
Journalistic reports on real estate construction during 2007
(Extension Media)
Editorial in 2004 accurately predicted the future!
(Guest Blog in Three Parts)
Three-part blog series directed at small business. Sweeps away the disinformation and urban myths about PR practices. Helps any small business owner understand, plan and execute effective PR tactics with or without professional help.
Field experience blog entry written to stimulate others.
(Industrial Press)
Via an automated lash-up with curation site Modern Manufacturing Technology, Measure Twice, Cut Once serves as a blog for the client. By producing social networking benefits (inbound clicks to an e-commerce enabled website), the blog drives inbound marketing.
Press Releases  
(Industrial Press)
Product publicity for one of the globe's most enduring reference works
New category of flash memory
Press release announces training practicum
(MO Partners)
Press release announcing a major study
(Red Prime Technologies)
Technical press release showcases launch of a new category of equipment
Product Marketing Collateral  
(Industrial Press)
An e-mail "blast" written to convert customers to subscribers for ongoing e-mail promotions and industry news. Worked well.
Detailed outline proposal for an important white paper, prepared for a leading vendor
(Mariposa Technology)
Data sheet for hardware/software telecomm product
Animated PowerPoint version of my article by the same title. The PowerPoint is more interesting even though the content is the same for the two versions.
Just For Fun  
Procedural adds an important fourth part to my series as it nears 100,000 views.
Procedural steps through the title promise
Saving money can be fun
Content Curation & Editing  
(Industrial Press)
MMT delivers real-time news in the manufacturing sector. Curation relies on structured search to fill the news pipeline. Only 1 - 2% of the candidate stories make the cut. As an Internet social networking site, MMT promotes client interests by automating the distribution of curated content.
There are figuratively tons of dental chaff on the Internet, making it very difficult for consumers to locate quality information about the important topic of dental implants. This library curates the best of the best from thousands of choices.
Google attracted volume quality content to Knol, tapping medical schools, scientific organizations and professionals in many fields to write authoritative articles. "The Best of Google Knol" curated the very best efforts.

What is your favorite task?
I enjoy preparing journalistically-sound content that must be accurate even as it offers compelling propositions and arguments, attractively presented. This includes SEO-optimized web content. press releases, white papers, case studies, articles, newsletters, brochures, data sheets and flyers.

Expanding on journalistically-sound: Startup clients often underrate or overlook features and benefits. A favorite part of my work is discovery and clear positioning that wows the client.