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MB Blogs: 08.31.06

A Year Later: TVNewsers On Katrina

Road-Trippin' to Freelance City

Newsfeed Update: 08.31.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.31.06

MB Blogs: 08.31.06

Lunch at Michael's: Penelope Cruz, Lance Bass and Cobb Salad

Magazine Matriarch Sets Sights on News

Tastes Great, All Filler

Newsfeed Update: 08.30.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.30.06

MB Blogs: 08.29.06

So What Do You Do, Michael Ian Black?

Wine Me, Dine Me, Romance Line Me

Newsfeed Update: 08.29.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.29.06

MB Blogs: 08.28.06

Racing Your Source to the Story

Newsfeed Update: 08.28.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.28.06

Kidnapped Fox News Journalists Released

The Week In Media Video

Get Your Piping-Hot Updates

MB Blogs: 08.25.06

Other Shoe Drops at Shop

Put on Your Smarty-Pants to Pitch Here

Breaking: Hearst Closes Up Shop Etc., Weekend

Newsfeed Update: 08.25.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.25.06

MB Blogs: 08.24.06

A Sports Mag Where Freelancers Can Score

Exclusive: Newhouse School To Launch Media Business Journo Awards

Newsfeed Update: 08.24.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.24.06

MB Blogs: 08.23.06

Lunch at Michael's: Joan Rivers and 98 Others

Stuck in the Middle With Secret Sales Guy

Newsfeed Update: 08.23.06

Group Claims Responsibility for Fox News Kidnappings, Releases Video

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.23.06

MB Blogs: 08.22.06

Frequent Masthead Moves Not So Simple

Foosball for Team Players

Newsfeed Update: 08.22.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.22.06

MB Blogs: 08.21.06

Music Magazines Struggle in the MP3 Era

Newsfeed Update: 08.21.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.21.06

The Week In Media Video

Age-Appropriate Pitches Always in Demand

MB Blogs 08.18.06

Can You Lose Your Job If Your Boss Is On Vacation?

A Shelter Mag Freelancers Can Call Home

Newsfeed Update: 08.18.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.18.06

MB Blogs: 08.17.06

Pitching This Biz-Mag Survivor Puts You In Good 'Company'

Time Magazine To Shift Publishing Schedule To Friday

Newsfeed Update: 08.17.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.17.06

MB Blogs: 08.16.06

Lunch at Michael's: Not the High School Cafeteria

Secret Sales Guy Sates Those Enquiring Minds

Newsfeed Update: 08.16.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.16.06

MB Blogs: 08.15.06

Voice Hires, Maxim Fires (and Hires)

Thrillers Through Multicultural Fiction Finds Fans at This Agency

Newsfeed Update: 08.15.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.15.06

MB Blogs: 08.14.06

Tips Straight From Freelancing Pros

Newsfeed Update: 08.14.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.14.06

The Week In Media Video: Sierra Mist Airport Screening Commercial Now Soaked In Terror Plot Irony

Bright Lights, Big City Outlets to Pitch

MB Blogs: 08.11.06

Top Editors Say 'Sayonara' to CJR After Online Budget Cuts

A Freelance-Friendly Oldie But Goodie

Newsfeed Update: 08.11.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.11.06

MB Blogs: 08.10.06

A Peachy Place to Pitch

Newsfeed Update: 08.10.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.10.06

MB Blogs: 08.09.06

Lunch at Michael's: Lee Iacocca, Norm Pearlstine, Editor Overflow

When 'Getting Down to Business' Meant Another Round of Martinis

Wenner Media Buys Us Weekly Stake From Disney For $300M

Newsfeed Update: 08.09.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.09.06

MB Blogs: 08.08.06

VNU's Billboard Group Tunes Out 26

Fusing High and Low Culture a 'Perennial' Favorite

Newsfeed Update: 08.08.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.08.06

MB Blogs: 08.07.06

How Many Friends Does Your Book Have?

Newsfeed Update: 08.07.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.07.06

The Week in Media Video: Heat-Induced Hysteria

Keep Your Pitches in the Family

MB Blogs: 08.04.06

Transfusion Time for Travel + Leisure

Keep Storied Rock Mag 'Rolling' in Pitches

Newsfeed Update: 08.04.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.04.06

MB Blogs: 08.03.06

Still Standing, Seventeen Centers Around 'Real Girls'

Newsfeed Update: 08.03.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.03.06

MB Blogs: 08.02.06

Lunch at Michael's: Barry Diller, A Delirious Hirshey and Hot Hot Heat

The Harder They Sell, The Further They Fall

Newsfeed Update: 08.02.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.02.06

MB Blogs: 08.01.06

Challenging Women's Titles Get 'Seal' of Approval

Newsfeed Update: 08.01.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.01.06

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