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Query Spawns 70 Bylines

MB Blogs 09.29.06

The 'Portfolio Effect' Hits Biz Mags

Send Good Pitches Like You Give a Damn

Newsfeed Update: 09.29.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.29.06

MB Blogs: 09.28.06

Teen Vogue: Too Cool for Teen-Mag School

Newsfeed Update: 09.28.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.28.06

MB Blogs 09.27.06

Lunch at Michael's: Brad Grey, Ron Perelman, and Perelman's Ex-Wife (One Of Them, Anyway)

Agent Blogs Toward Transparency

Newsfeed Update: 09.27.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.27.06

MB Blogs 09.26.06

Penthouse: Too Legit to Quit?

Does Your Book Fill a 'Viable Niche?'

Newsfeed Update: 09.26.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.26.06

MB Blogs 09.25.06

Pitch Makes Writer a Newsday Regular

Newsfeed Update: 09.25.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.25.06

The Week In Media Video

Satisfying All Your Freelance Appetites

MB Blogs: 09.22.06

Life About to Breathe its Last?

Assignments for Winers and Diners

Newsfeed Update: 09.22.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.22.06

MB Blogs: 09.21.06

Racy Men's Mag Seeks Writers for 'Relationship'

Newsfeed Update: 09.21.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.21.06

MB Blogs: 09.20.06

Lunch at Michael's: Gridlock Be Damned

Theme Party: Your Fiction's Invited!

Newsfeed Update: 09.20.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.20.06

MB Blogs: 09.19.06

Poaching 'Nasties' Like They're Eggs

A Knee-Slapper: Worth a Thousand Words

Yahoo Issues Ad Growth Warning

Newsfeed Update: 09.19.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.19.06

MB Blogs: 09.18.06

Pitch Your Big Ideas for the Small Screen

Newsfeed Update: 09.18.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.18.06

It All Depends on Where You Sit

Best of MB Blogs: 09.11.06 - 09.15.06

See What Makes a Slam-Dunk Pitch

MB Blogs 09.15.06

'Time' For Job-Hunting

Trip the Price Fantastic

Which Editors Are Front and Center at Fashion Week?

Newsfeed Update: 09.15.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.15.06

MB Blogs 09.14.06

High on Your Freelance Stories and Pics

Newsfeed Update: 09.14.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.14.06

MB Blogs 09.13.06

Lunch at Michael's: Where Do The Fashionable Eat?

Death of a Salesman

Newsfeed Update: 09.13.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.13.06

MB Blogs: 09.12.06

Pirate Plants Flag at People

Nothing 'Soft' About These Hard-Hitting Titles

Time to Sell Popular Titles

Newsfeed Update: 09.12.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.12.06

MB Blogs: 09.11.06

Step-by-Step to a Slam-Dunk Pitch

Five Years Later: Media Recollections Of 9/11

Newsfeed Update: 09.11.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.11.06

The Week In MB Blogs: Couric, Cooper and a Paris Prank

The Week in 'How to Pitch'

MB Blogs: 09.08.06

No One Nailed Down in This House

A Spinoff Showing Angelenos a Good Time

Newsfeed Update: 09.08.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.08.06

MB Blogs: 09.07.06

A Site Warm for Freelancers' Form

Newsfeed Update: 09.07.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.07.06

MB Blogs: 09.06.06

Lunch at Michael's: Barbara Walters, Allen Grubman and Why Is Gil Schwartz Smiling?

Look Out, NPR! Podcasting For All

Newsfeed Update: 09.06.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.06.06

MB Blogs: 09.05.06

Tom Freston 'Cruises' Out of Viacom

Dishing the Business Behind the Book

Newsfeed Update: 09.05.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.05.06

The Week In MB Blogs: We're Not Above Pop Culture

MB Blogs: 09.01.06

No Jobs For Me

Leading Lesbian/Gay Mag Has a Nose for News

Newsfeed Update: 09.01.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.01.06

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