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MB Blogs: 12.29.06

Schilling to Sass Up LAT's Calendar

Take Our New News Quiz!

Food Mags Feed Your Freelance Needs

Newsfeed Update: 12.29.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.29.06

MB Blogs: 12.28.06

Pop Quiz: Fimoculus' Rex Sorgatz

Hot Time in 'How to Pitch' City

Newsfeed Update: 12.28.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.28.06

MB Blogs: 12.27.06

So What Do You Do, Jodi Applegate?

GalleyCat Wants NYTBR Sci-Fi Critic Out

Make Time For Bylines in Men's Monthlies

Newsfeed Update: 12.27.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.27.06

MB Blogs: 12.26.06

LA Times Gets Christmas Coal

Women's Mags Waiting For Freelance Queries!

Newsfeed Update: 12.26.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.26.06

A Year-End Letter from Laurel

MB Blogs: 12.22.06

Jack The Ripper

Wake America With Your Pieces by Pitching NPR

Give the Gift of Membership!

Best of 2006: From the Editors -- 'Potential Authors Almost Anywhere'

Newsfeed Update: 12.22.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.22.06

MB Blogs: 12.21.06

2006: Media MVP

Leave Jargon to the Lab Rats When Pitching Here

Best of 2006: How to Pitch -- Entertainment Weekly

Newsfeed Update: 12.21.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.21.06

MB Blogs: 12.20.06

Lunch at Michael's: Ludacris In The Hizzouse!

2006: Media Story of the Year

Pitches That Didn't Work: Send 'Em In!

Best of 2006: Pitching an Agent -- Nail the Three-Second Query

Newsfeed Update: 12.20.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.20.06

MB Blogs: 12.19.06

2006: Media Sixth Man

Seventeen EIC Candidate Strikes Out on Her Own

Soledad O'Brien: Anchor, Mother, Star

Span The Globe For Ideas, But Include A Boston Angle

Best of 2006: Book Keeping -- Novel Drives Demand for Author

Newsfeed Update: 12.19.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.19.06

MB Blogs: 12.18.06

2006: Media's Biggest Bust, Scandal

NPR Show Seeks Stories From All 360 Degrees

Best of 2006: Pitches That Worked -- Query Spawns 70 Bylines

Newsfeed Update: 12.18.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.18.06

Last Chance!'s 2006 Year-End Media Awards Voting Ends Today

Six-Figure Book Deal Far From Child's Play

Breaking: Judith Regan Axed Over Simpson Debacle

MB Blogs: 12.15.06

FHM Bites the Dust; Rocketboomer Lands

Ride Texas Highways All the Way to a Byline

How Magazines Can Survive

Pitch This 'Maine'-ly Open Northeastern Monthly

Newsfeed Update: 12.15.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.15.06

MB Blogs: 12.14.06's 2006 Year-End Media Awards: Vote Now!

NY Post Supplement Needs Well-Worked Pitches

Put Maximum Adventure, Analysis in Pitches for Men

Newsfeed Update: 12.14.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.14.06

MB Blogs: 12.13.06

Lunch at Michael's: Charlie Rose Bear Hugs Doris Kearns Goodwin's 2006 Year-End Media Awards: The Nominees Are ...

Got Characters? Then Get an American Life

Charlie Cook, Cook Political Report: The FishbowlDC Interview

Newsfeed Update: 12.13.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.13.06

MB Blogs: 12.12.06

WaPo Takes On NYT Over Layoff Rumor

More Pitching Possibilities for the 40-Plus Crowd

Six-Figure Book Deal Far From Child's Play

Newsfeed Update: 12.12.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.12.06

MB Blogs: 12.11.06's 2006 Year-End Media Awards: Deadline Approaching

Agents Who'll 'Indulge in a Good Pop Culture Book'

Newsfeed Update: 12.11.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.11.06's 2006 Year-End Media Awards: Deadline Approaching

Honed Your Media Resumé Lately?

MB Blogs: 12.08.06's 2006 Year-End Media Awards: A Call For Nominees

Foxman Back InStyle

Hit the Road and Pitch What's Worth Writing Home About

Waiting for the Author's School Bell to Ring

Newsfeed Update: 12.08.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.08.06

MB Blogs: 12.07.06

Blow Into Windy City Weekly With a Timely Idea

Newsfeed Update: 12.07.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.07.06

MB Blogs: 12.06.06

Lunch at Michael's: Business Class

CNET Editor Found Dead

Slate's Jack Shafer: The FishbowlDC Interview

Flex Your Writing Muscles by Pitching Here

Newsfeed Update: 12.06.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.06.06

MB Blogs: 12.05.06

eBay Holds Too Much Allure For Editor

Wacky, Wild Or Witty Wanted By The Washington Post Mag

'Did I Mention I'm Looking For A Horse Series?'

Newsfeed Update: 12.05.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.05.06

CNET Editor's Wife, Daughter Found Alive

MB Blogs: 12.04.06

Hook This Child With Newsy, Targeted Pitches

Honed Your Media Resumé Lately?

Newsfeed Update: 12.04.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.04.06

Changes, Surprises and a Missing Editor

This Week In Pitches That Worked: Pair Of Pitches Paves The Way

MB Blogs: 12.01.06

Longtime Daily News Columnist Let Go

Breathe New Life Into Your Pitches

BREAKING: Layoffs at VNU

Newsfeed Update: 12.01.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.01.06

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