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MB Blogs: 01.31.07

Lunch at Michael's: Ex-CBS News Prez Says Give Katie A Chance

NPR's David Folkenflik: The FishbowlDC Interview

Good Eatin' For Freelance Gourmands

Mag Editors On Truth Serum

Tips for Foodies With a Taste for Freelancing

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The Morning Newsfeed: 01.31.07

MB Blogs: 01.30.07

Baquet to NYT, Houses Rebuild Mastheads

Nicole Brown Family Demands Retraction From New York Mag Over Regan Article

New Dad Book Deal Today, Big Screen Tomorrow?

Newsfeed Update: 01.30.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 01.30.07

MB Blogs: 01.29.07

Help Set The "Agenda For Discussion" In Texas

Monday Morning Meta Media Mashup

Q&A: The Most Prolific Design Writer Alive

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The Morning Newsfeed: 01.29.07

Week In Media Video: Pelosi Blinks, And Everyone Counts

How to Sell an Awful Film

Fashion Writing 101

MB Blogs: 01.26.07

Time Inc. Titles Sold to Bonnier: Cue Corporate Infighting

Bone Up On Your Knowledge, Then Pitch Away

Up For Discussion: Is There A Union For Journalists?

Campaigns & Elections Publisher Jordan S. Lieberman: The FishbowlDC Interview

Take the Weekly Media News Quiz

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MB Blogs: 01.25.07

Find Your Rhythm; Write For Remix

Will The Academy Finally Give Scorsese An Oscar?

How to Sell an Awful Film

Newsfeed Update: 01.25.07

Breaking: Bonnier Wins Time Inc. Bid

The Morning Newsfeed: 01.25.07

MB Blogs: 01.24.07

Lunch at Michael's: Joan Rivers Keeps an Eye on the Door

National Journal's Carl Cannon: The FishbowlDC Interview

Fashion Writing 101

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The Morning Newsfeed: 01.24.07

MB Blogs: 01.23.07

Time for Sullivan's Goodbye; AMI Chief Denies

Teen Girls' Monthly Seeks Issues to Fill its Issues

No Mystery in Acquiring Crime Books and Thrillers

Newsfeed Update: 01.23.07

And The Nominees Are ... Obvious

The Morning Newsfeed: 01.23.07

MB Blogs: 01.22.07

Pitch Cover Stories? Yes, Please.

The L.A. Times' Blogging Editorial Page Editor

Think YOU Can Pitch OK! Magazine?

Newsfeed Update: 01.22.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 01.22.07

Design Writing for Designers

Assessing The Colbert-O'Reilly Showdown

Think YOU Can Pitch OK! Magazine?

Avoid Interviewing No-No's for a 'Yes, You're Hired!'

MB Blogs: 1.19.07

'Black Thursday' Claims 289 Time Inc. Jobs

Up For Discussion: Black Thursday

Pitch the Lit Mag From Our Neighbors to the North

Take the Weekly Media News Quiz

Publishing: 'Not Well-Served by Conglomerates'

Tools of the 'Mobile Journalist'

Newsfeed Update: 01.19.07

Think YOU Can Pitch OK! Magazine?

The Morning Newsfeed: 01.19.07

MB Blogs: 01.18.07

Time Inc. Update: 289 Cuts; Bureaus Shuttered

Plant Story Seeds in Garden State Monthly

Newsfeed Update: 01.18.07

Art Buchwald Dies at 81

The Morning Newsfeed: 01.18.07

Lunch at Michael's: Gay Talese, John Huey and The Guys

MB Blogs: 01.17.07

BREAKING: Bye-bye, ReganBooks

Design Writing for Designers

Aggressively Seeking Pulp Books to Publish

Newsfeed Update: 01.17.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 01.17.07

Photo Caption Contest: Place Your Vote!

MB Blogs: 01.16.07

More Layoffs Looming -- Is Doubledown the New Best Bet?

The Place To Pitch Those Crazy College Stories

How Ken Auletta Does It

Newsfeed Update: 01.16.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 01.16.07

Mix Your Way Into The Editors' Hearts

Cathie Black Gives State Of Hearst Address

MB Blogs: 01.12.07

Time For More Cuts

Look For Complex Angles On Simple Stories

Test Yourself

Newsfeed Update: 01.12.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 01.12.07

MB Blogs: 01.11.07

Seeking Stories, Not Greeting Cards

Breaking Into 'Mobile Journalism'

Newsfeed Update: 01.11.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 01.11.07

MB Blogs: 01.10.07

Lunch at Michael's: Kareem Abdul-Jabaar Scrapes The Ceiling

Up For Discussion: Journalism From Inside a Car

African American-Focused Business Bible Seeks Stories

Cursing, Gum... The List of Interviewing No-No's Goes On

Newsfeed Update: 01.10.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 01.10.07

MB Blogs: 01.09.07

Did 'Tormentor' Huey Drive Safian Switch to Fast Company?

Tie Knot Between Wedding Trends And Your Pitches

Breaking: New Apple Products Revealed

Robin Givhan: The FishbowlDC Interview

First-Person and Foremost: Sell Your Personal Essays

Newsfeed Update: 01.09.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 01.09.07

MB Blogs: 01.08.07

Arnold Schwarzenegger Caption Contest Winner

Distill Foreign Topics Into Comprehensive Prose

NYC Gossip Authority Raises Voice in New Book

Newsfeed Update: 01.08.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 01.08.07

Big Apple Weekly Wants Scoop For Savvy Readers

MB Blogs: 01.05.07

Time Up For 150 Employees?

Washington Post's Tom Sietsema: The Fishbowl DC Interview

Pitch Stuff That's Maxim, With a Twist

Test Yourself

Newsfeed Update: 01.05.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 01.05.07

MB Blogs: 01.04.07

Bust Out Of The Women's Mag Template

What You Really Think About The Resized Wall Street Journal

Big Apple Weekly Wants Scoop For Savvy Readers

Newsfeed Update: 01.04.06

The Morning Newsfeed: 01.04.07

MB Blogs: 01.03.07

Lunch at Michael's: Erica Jong, Trump Jr. And Rocky Balboa's Uber-Producer

Think YOU Can Pitch Best Life?

Cure Checkbook Woes With Well-Framed Pitches

Seventeen's New Atoosa: Ann Shoket

An Oral History of Lunch at Michael's

Newsfeed Update: 01.03.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 01.03.07

MB Blogs: 01.02.07

Selling Ziff Davis For Parts

Ex-Us Weekly Staffer's Site Looks To Beat Bloggers To The Punch

This Agent Wants Your 'Engaging Voice' and 'Original' Book Idea

Karen Grigsby Bates Dishes

Newsfeed Update: 01.02.07

Revolving Door Back Up and Running!

The Morning Newsfeed: 01.02.07

A New Year's Letter from Laurel

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