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MB Blogs: 02.28.07

Lunch at Michael's: Is Dave Zinczenko Ready For Prime Time?

Seven Things I Learned About Freelancing by Being an Editor-in-Chief

Novice Authors Needing Agents, Take Note

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MB Blogs: 02.27.07

Wolfes And Layoffs And Portfolios, Oh My!

Finance Your Awful Film: Get Investors to Hear Hollywood's Call

Get Paid for Family-Focused Articles And Ideas

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The Morning Newsfeed: 02.27.07

MB Blogs: 02.26.07

Woodruff: 'I Saw My Body Floating'

NBC Co-Anchor Campbell Brown on Covering Presidents and More

Monday Morning Meta Media Mashup

Eco-Friendly Publisher Seeks Humor, Short Fiction

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The Morning Newsfeed: 02.26.07

Media Guide To The Oscars

Former Regan Staffer's Debut Novel Recalls the Devil You Know

MB Blogs: 02.23.07

Media Guide To The Oscars

Real Simple To Get Hired or Promoted Today

Up For Discussion: How to connect with expert sources?

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Reviewing Good Like A Rock Record

Pitch Outside Your Comfort Zone

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MB Blogs: 02.22.07

Washington Post's Ernesto Londono: The FishbowlDC Interview

Turn Small-Time Stories Into Big-Deal Bylines

Unique Angles on Religion Sought by Spirituality-Centric Site

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MB Blogs: 02.21.07

Lunch at Michael's: Teddy, Liz & The Gang

Tony Snow Meets The Press

Former Regan Staffer's Debut Novel Recalls the Devil You Know

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MB Blogs: 02.20.07

Louise MacBain Snags WSJ Vet

Steve Shepard Trades Business for School

Write Your Way Into This Pub For Wordsmiths

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Watch Best Life Pitches on Video, Then Vote!

The Week In Media Video

Anatomy of a Turnaround: Hook Brings Pitch Back to Life

MB Blogs: 02.16.07

Maximizing The Profits; Dennis To Sell Pubs

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Up For Discussion: Moving to a lower job title?

Spin Your Favorite Band Into A Slick Byline

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MB Blogs: 02.15.07

Lunch at Michael's: Valentine's Day Hangover

Dennis Puts Maxim, Blender, Stuff On Block

Best Place to Pitch? The FOB, Of Course

Watch Best Life Pitches on Video, Then Vote!

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MB Blogs: 02.14.07

Tango Shows Plenty of Freelance Love

Anatomy of a Turnaround: Hook Brings Pitch Back to Life

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MB Blogs: 02.13.07

Newest Star Editor

250 Shown The Door As MTV Purges Its Ranks

Why MoDo Hates Popular Women

From Awful Film Idea to Big-Screen Bad Movie

Not A Parent? Not a Problem! Pitch Away...

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MB Blogs: 02.12.07

Hearst President Puts Company in the 'Black'

Pitch Ways to Help Women Stay Healthy

Monday Morning Meta Media Mashup

Newsfeed Update: 02.12.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 02.12.07

Digging Auto Design In Chicago

Trey On Drugs

How to Pitch: Jane and Elle

MB Blogs: 02.09.07

Good Sports Accept Buyout at Illustrated

Up For Discussion: The Most Grueling Job in Media?

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Major Fashion Glossy Says 'Elle'-o to Freelancers

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MB Blogs: 02.08.07

Lunch at Michael's: Al Roker Bear Hugs Steve Millington

GM Chairman: Super Bowl 'Suicide' Ad Could've 'Ended A Little Better'

Regan Loses Focus, Aspiring Author Loses Book Deal

Make Lord Baltimore Proud: Pitch on His City

Newsfeed Update: 02.08.07

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MB Blogs: 02.07.07

Maria Who? Meet Your New 'Money Honey': Becky Quick

People, Pieces, Ideas Invited by Jane

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MB Blogs: 02.06.07

Zucker's 'Wright' of Way at NBC

Seeking Freelancers Who Hail From All Four Ordinals

New Media in Fashion as Bloggers' Access Increases

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MB Blogs: 02.05.07

Pitch Anything From Anacondas To Zebras

Monday Morning Meta Media Mashup

Candy Crowley's Heroes

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Sunday Show Preview: Edwards, McCain and Marino

New Dad Book Deal Today, Big Screen Tomorrow?

MB Blogs: 02.02.07

Kaminsky in, Foster Out at Men's Journal

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The Pub For Movie Buffs Needs Writers From Far Afield

Ryder, Lapham Awarded For Lifetime Achievements

Either, Or? It's Neither

Up For Discussion: How To Earn More — Trade Pubs? What Else?

Poll Update: Who's The Hottest 'Money Honey'?

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MB Blogs: 02.01.07

Pitch Your Way Back to School

So, What Do You Read, Matt Holzman?

Publishers' Dilemma: The Book World Confronts The Digital Age

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