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MB Blogs: 07.31.07

The Left Coast Shuffle Continues

Release Me: 07.31.07

Agency Spy: 07.31.07

Civil Rights Torchbearer After Pitches To Entice Gen X

Newsfeed Update: 07.31.07

Murdoch Buys Dow Jones

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.31.07

MB Blogs: 07.30.07

Agency Spy: 07.30.07

Release Me: 07.30.07

Learning In The Contract Department

Give Your Writing Chops A Workout

Newsfeed Update: 07.30.07

Spots For Your Q&A

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.30.07

How To Avoid A Libel Lawsuit

These Mags Need Your News

Hey, How'd You Nail That Promotion So Quickly?

Spots For Your Q&A

MB Blogs: 07.27.07

A New Owner For AMI?

Agency Spy: 07.27.07

Release Me: 07.27.07

A Mag That's Worth Your Time

Newsfeed Update: 07.27.07

Make Pitching These Mags Your Business

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.27.07

Whoopi To View

MB Blogs: 07.26.07

Agency Spy: 07.26.07

Release Me: 07.26.07

Ample Space To Vent In This Mag

Newsfeed Update: 07.26.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.26.07

MB Blogs: 07.25.07

Lunch At Michael's: Ken Sunshine — Lindsay's Woes Are 'Beyond PR Issues'

Agency Spy: 07.25.07

Release Me: 07.25.07

Vanity Fair's Not-So-Secret Weapon

Hey, How'd You Nail That Promotion So Quickly?

Newsfeed Update: 07.25.07

Wanted: Your Travel Feature

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.25.07

MB Blogs: 07.24.07

Has The Journal Exodus Begun In Earnest?

Release Me: 07.24.07

Agency Spy: 07.24.07

How To Avoid A Libel Lawsuit

A Home For Your Intellectual Essays

Newsfeed Update: 07.24.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.24.07

MB Blogs: 07.23.07

Release Me: 07.23.07

Esquire Pitches On Video

Rejuvenated Men's Mag Needs Your Great Writing

Newsfeed Update: 07.23.07

Make Pitching These Mags Your Business

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.23.07

Pitch Your Personal Essays Here

MBToolBox: Knowledge Is Power

MB Blogs: 07.20.07

TVNewser Says Goodbye

Move Over Murdoch, Marie Claire's Making News

Agency Spy: 07.20.07

Release Me: 07.20.07

Step-By-Step To A Slam Dunk Pitch

Watch Your Parenting Article Grow Up

Newsfeed Update: 07.20.07

Don't Baby Your Pitch To These Pubs

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.20.07

MB Blogs: 07.19.07

Liz Claman Leaves CNBC

Agency Spy: 07.19.07

Release Me: 07.19.07

Tee Up Your Favorite Pitch And Swing Away

'D*ck in a Box,' Sopranos Lead Emmy Noms

Newsfeed Update: 07.19.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.19.07

MB Blogs: 07.18.07

Lunch At Michael's: Kathie Lee Gifford & The Usual Suspects

Agency Spy: 07.18.07

Release Me: 07.18.07

Tony Ortega Talks Back

Agent Helps Secure Deal And Beyond

Newsfeed Update: 07.18.07

Pitch Your Personal Essays Here Merges With Jupitermedia: a marriage of minds & media resources

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.18.07

Breaking: Sold for $23M

The Dow Jones Noose Tightens

MB Blogs: 07.17.07

Agency Spy: 07.17.07

Release Me: 07.17.07

Teen Mag Eds Tell All

Delight Editors With Stories For Cable Lovers

Newsfeed Update: 07.17.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.17.07

MB Blogs: 07.16.07

Agency Spy: 07.16.07

Release Me: 07.16.07

Editors Feast On Family-Focused Features

Newfeed Update: 07.16.07

Don't Baby Your Pitch To The Pubs

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.16.07


Pitch Shelter Titles With Room for Your Byline

TV Insider Nails Newsworthy Book Deal

MB Blogs: 07.13.07

Small Publishers Vibe With Leadership Changes

Release Me: 07.13.07

Agency Spy: 07.13.07

Conrad Black Guilty of Fraud

Editors Eat Up Your Healthy-Living Pitches

Newsfeed Update: 07.13.07

Never The Wrong Time To Pitch A Women's Magazine

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.13.07

MB Blogs: 07.12.07

Agency Spy: 07.12.07

Release Me: 07.12.07

Spread Your Writing Wings And Pitch This Airline Mag

Newsfeed Update: 07.12.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.12.07

MB Blogs: 07.11.07

Lunch At Michael's: Joan Rivers, Deepak Chopra & The Today Show Gang

Release Me: 07.11.07

Agency Spy: 07.11.07

The 2007 FishbowlDC Hottest Media Types Contest

Tina Brown's Renaissance

TV Insider Nails Newsworthy Book Deal

Newsfeed Update: 07.11.07

Pitch Shelter Titles With Room for Your Byline

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.11.07

MB Blogs: 07.10.07

Jane Waves Goodbye, Cocktail Weekly Drowns

Release Me: 07.10.07

Agency Spy: 07.10.07

Make Writing For This Mag Your Business

Newsfeed Update: 07.10.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.10.07

MB Blogs: 07.09.07

Release Me: 07.09.07

Agency Spy: 07.09.07

Make Your Blog Work For You

Jane Folds

It's Real Simple: Make $2/Word At This Service Mag

Newsfeed Update: 07.09.07

Never The Wrong Time To Pitch A Women's Magazine

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.09.07

Tap Into Your Patriotic Streak

MB Blogs: 07.06.07

Honda's Misleading Advertising Claims

Is Murdoch The New Master At Dow Jones?

Release Me: 07.06.07

Up For Discussion: No Chemistry With New Boss

Sell Your Best Bay Area Story

UPDATE: Murdoch Buys Dow Jones

Newsfeed Update: 07.06.07

Reach Readers Who Want A Summertime Six-Pack

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.06.07

MB Blogs: 07.05.07

Release Me: 07.05.07

Keep the Freelance Work Coming

Expand Your Writing Horizons

Newsfeed Update: 07.05.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.05.07

MB Blogs: 07.03.07

Release Me: 07.03.07

Editors Drink Up Your Beverage Story

Newsfeed Update: 07.03.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.03.07

MB Blogs: 07.02.07

Release Me: 07.02.07

Plenty Of Opportunity For Eco-Friendly Features

Newsfeed Update: 07.02.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.02.07

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