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Your Source For Nonfiction Sales

MB Blogs: 09.28.07

Celeb PR's OG Rides Into The Sunset

Contrarian Pitch Leads To Salon Assignment

Capitalizing On Journalism's 'Happy Accidents'

Freelancer Prepares To Take Off With First Book

Newsfeed Update: 09.28.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.28.07

MB Blogs: 09.27.07

Conquer Nature, Collect A Byline

Newsfeed Update: 09.27.07 Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.27.07

MB Blogs: 09.26.07

Lunch At Michael's: Don King, Monica Seles & A Tribute To Joel Siegel

Wise Words From A Décorated Editing Vet

Finance Your Life Through Freelancing

Newsfeed Update: 09.26.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.26.07

MB Blogs: 09.25.07

Spinning The TV News Doors

Your Source For Nonfiction Sales

Monthly Makes Literary Features Take Flight

Newsfeed Update: 09.25.07 Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.25.07

MB Blogs: 09.24.07

Time For New York-Focused Features Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Time Out New York Pitches On Video

Backing Into A Screenplay

Newsfeed Update: 09.24.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.24.07

Selling Film Rights Sets Stage For Novice Novelist's Book Deal

The Subtle Mechanics of Freelancing

MB Blogs: 09.21.07

Business Journos Bounce Around

The Fate Of The College Paper

Agent Advocates For Authors With A Personal Touch

Music to Freelancers' Ears — $2/word

Newsfeed Update: 09.21.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.21.07

MB Blogs: 09.20.07

Make Press Release Writing Pay

Slam-Dunk Your Baller Pitch

Newsfeed Update: 09.20.07

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MB Blogs: 09.19.07

Lunch At Michael's: Barry Diller, Bob Iger & The Literary Lioness Club

BREAKING: Dan Rather Sues CBS For $70 Million

From Humble Beginnings To Your Television Screen

Selling Film Rights Sets Stage For Novice Novelist's Book Deal

Newsfeed Update: 09.19.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.19.07

MB Blogs: 09.18.07

Union Troubles At Dow Jones

Fight For Your Copyright

Publish Family-Friendly Travel Pieces for $2/Word

Newsfeed Update: 09.18.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.18.07

MB Blogs: 09.17.07

The Best Ways To Chase Down Your Freelance Pay

Stay On The Right Side Of Copyright Law

Newsfeed Update: 09.17.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.17.07

Make Your Next Media Hire a Success

Think You Can Pitch Blender?

Setting Your Freelance Rate

MB Blogs: 09.14.07

All Business At Mags And TV

'Wow, I'm Old,' And Other Early J-School Revelations

Take The Trade Mag Money

Newsfeed Update: 09.14.07

Think You Can Pitch Blender?

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.14.07

MB Blogs: 09.13.07

Make Your Next Media Hire a Success

Wanted: Hook-filled Business Features

Newsfeed Update: 09.13.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.13.07

MB Blogs: 09.12.07

BREAKING: Additional If I Did It Writers Revealed

Lunch At Michael's: Presidential Politics and Brian Grazer

From Strategizing Her Magazine Career to Styling The Simpsons

From High-End Restaurant Experience To Exposé

Newsfeed Update: 09.12.07

Think You Can Pitch Blender?

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.12.07

MB Blogs: 09.11.07

Newspaper Doors A-Spinnin'

Step Up To The Plate and Pitch Food Yarns

Setting Your Freelance Rate

Newsfeed Update: 09.11.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.11.07

MB Blogs: 09.10.07

Head Privacy Concerns Off At The Pass

WWD Editor's Inside Insights On Runway Writing

Newsfeed Update: 09.10.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.10.07

Men's Fashion Mag Wants Product-Centric Pitches

Multi-Book Deal in Fashion for New Author

MB Blogs: 09.07.07

Can Another Pair of Editors Pull Portfolio Up?

J-School Confidential: Balancing The Hours

An Aspiring Author's Magic Bullet

Newsfeed Update: 09.07.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.07.07

Spring Into Fashion Mags

Pitch Product-Focused Fashion Fare

Newsfeed Update: 09.06.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.06.07

MB Blogs: 09.05.07

Lunch at Michael's: Brad Grey And Business As Usual

Setting The Fashion World On Edge

Teen Mag Star Lands Multiple YA Books

Newsfeed Update: 09.05.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.05.07

MB Blogs: 09.04.07

Revving Up The Revolving Door

Pitch Leading Stories To Nation's Capitol Mag

Scoring A Byline At Your Dream Pub

Newsfeed Update: 09.04.07

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.04.07

Where Your Pitches Take Flight

From Diddy To A Debut Novel

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