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Our Blog Network: 03.31.09

HuffPo Hires Investigative Team; NYT Kills 'City' Section

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Helping Journalists Connect Elevates Entrepreneur to Success Story

Newsfeed Update: 03.31.09

Cultivate A Quality Freelance Pitch

Listen: CBS' Russ Mitchell on the Menu

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.31.09

Our Blog Network: 03.30.09

The Press List: April Events Tomfoolery

Get Published With Pros' Pitching Tips

Newsfeed Update: 03.30.09

Pitch Inside Scoop To Stack Up Clips

Listen: NYT's Stelter on Glenn Beck

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.30.09

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 03.27.09

Tough Times Lead to Layoffs, Pay Cuts at Papers

Pitch Features With A Twist Tailored To Girls

Newsfeed Update: 03.27.09

Lasso A Byline At These Southern Mags

Listen: What We Learned This Week and More

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.27.09

Our Blog Network: 03.26.09

Write For Women At This Independent Title

Newsfeed Update: 03.26.09

Paint The Town Red With A Colorful Pitch

Listen: CNN's Jack Cafferty on the Menu

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.26.09

Our Blog Network: 03.25.09

Lunch: Bill Bradley, Norman Pearlstine & The Media Mavens

Media Vet Presses On With Multi-Platform Coverage

Turn Over A New Leaf In Your Media Career

Newsfeed Update: 03.25.09

Send Picture-Perfect Pitches To These Pubs

Listen: Observer's Felix Gillette on Obama's Newspaper Snub

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.25.09

Our Blog Network: 03.24.09

Paper Cuts Persist With Layoffs, Furloughs

AgencySpy Covers 'Most Valuable Retail Brand' Awards at GlobalShop

Make Your Bestseller Dreams A Reality

Newsfeed Update: 03.24.09

Online Opportunities Abound At These Pubs

Listen: Financial Menu with Clusterstock's John Carney

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.24.09

Our Blog Network: 03.23.09

The Press List: Party Perk-Ups For Job Seekers and Recession-Weary Warriors

Liveblogging the 'Most Valuable Retail Brand' Awards

Identify Your Perfect Profession With Personality Assessment

Newsfeed Update: 03.23.09

Pitch Service Pieces With A Sunny Outlook

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.23.09

Web Ad Firms Bet On Phones Getting More PC-Like

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 03.20.09

Conde On Thin Ice: More Layoffs, Shrinking Mags, Pension Freezes

Trek To This Title For Freelance Features

Newsfeed Update: 03.20.09

Outfit Yourself For A Byline At These Glossies

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.20.09

Our Blog Network: 03.19.09

Generate Freelance Gigs At This Parent Pub Family

Newsfeed Update: 03.19.09

Cater To These Editors With Feature Packages

Listen: Dateline NBC's Chris Hansen Talks Crisis

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.19.09

Our Blog Network: 03.18.09

Lunch: Dishing With The Usual Suspects

Style Guru Takes The Fashion Show Beyond The Runway

Head In A Positive Direction With These Career Strategies

Newsfeed Update: 03.18.09

Writers, Win A Byline At These Sports Mags

Listen: Bracket Talk With Deadspin's AJ Daulerio

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.18.09

Our Blog Network: 03.17.09

Seattle P-I Prints Final Edition, Moves To Web

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Spin Off Print Skills For Success in a Shifting Media World

Newsfeed Update: 03.17.09

Discover A Byline At These Travel Mags

Listen: "Menu" Broadcasts From CNN's American Morning

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.17.09

Our Blog Network: 03.16.09

The Press List: Spring Forward with Media Festivities

Power Your Media Career To The Next Professional Level

Newsfeed Update: 03.16.09

Sketch An Artful Pitch For These Aesthetic Mags

Listen: ABC's Terry McCarthy Talks Foreign Reporting on the Menu

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.16.09

TV News Searches for Clear Net Strategy

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 03.13.09

Magazines Lose Best Life

Party Photos: TVNewser Summit in New York

Voice Your Point Of View At This Storied Pub

Newsfeed Update: 03.13.09

Pitch Engaging Stories To These Bridal Pubs

Listen: What We Learned on This Busy Week

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.13.09

Our Blog Network: 03.12.09

New Parenting Book Is Fit For Freelance Pitches

Newsfeed Update: 03.12.09

Break In With A Knockout News Story

Listen: HLN's Jane Velez-Mitchell Talks "Issues"

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.12.09

Our Blog Network: 03.11.09

Lunch: Liz Smith, Frank Langella & A Bevy of Social Swans

Breaking: Rodale Shutters Best Life

Newspaper Jack-of-All-Trades Treats Social Media As 'Serious Journalism Tool'

Sharpen Your Freelance Skills To Stay Competitive

Newsfeed Update: 03.11.09

Get Personal With These Female-Friendly Pubs

Listen: ABC's Chris Cuomo Talks About the "Big" Week

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.11.09

Our Blog Network: 03.10.09

Calif. Newspaper Staffers Vote To Take Pay Cuts, Limit Layoffs

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Agency Seeks Authors To Tell Encouraging Stories

Newsfeed Update: 03.10.09

Pitch These Mags For A Positive Trend In Your Portfolio

Listen: Chris Ariens Live From the Summit

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.10.09

Our Blog Network: 03.09.09

The Press List: TVNewsers to Converge on Summit

Power Your PR Pitch With Journalistic Tactics

Newsfeed Update: 03.09.09

Ace A Byline With Engaging, Insightful Pitches

Listen: NBC's Jim Long Talks New Media

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.09.09

Facebook Takes A Page From Twitter's Playbook

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 03.06.09

Second Life For Some Seattle P-I Staffers?

Soar To A Byline At This Nature Lover's Mag

Newsfeed Update: 03.06.09

Have A Juicy Idea? These Pubs Are Ripe For Pitches

Listen: Tammy Haddad on the Menu

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.06.09

Our Blog Network: 03.05.09

Breaking: CNN's D.L. Hughley To End Run

High-Grade Freelancers Wanted For Upscale Features

Newsfeed Update: 03.05.09

Pitch Music Stories For Any Palate

Listen: ABC's Rick Klein on New Media

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.05.09

Our Blog Network: 03.04.09

Lunch: A Heaping Helping of The Usual Suspects

Fox Business Anchor and VP Gauges Future of TV News

Writers, Branch Out With A New Medium

Newsfeed Update: 03.04.09

Pique Editors' Curiosity With Q&A Pitches

Listen: Morning Joe's Joe and Mika

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.04.09

Our Blog Network: 03.03.09

Hachette, Rodale Restructure To Stay In The Black

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Get Media Bookings By Building On-Camera and Public Speaking Expertise

Newsfeed Update: 03.03.09

Freelance-Friendly Mags Seek Eco-Friendly Features

Listen: Hosts of the Rotten Tomatoes Show

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.03.09

Our Blog Network: 03.02.09

Draw In Consumers With A Digital Platform

Blizzard of Media Events

Train For Sports Writing

Newsfeed Update: 03.02.09

Raise Your Glass And Your Profile With Watering Hole Reviews

Listen: CBS' Jeff Glor on Covering the Buffalo Crash

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.02.09

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