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This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 10.30.09

Time Inc. Braces for Layoffs; WSJ Closes Boston Bureau

Reach Women with Inspiring and Helpful Features

Newsfeed Update: 10.30.09

Send Your Story Soaring at In-Flight Pubs

Listen: Walmart's Literary Price Wars

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.30.09

Our Blog Network: 10.29.09

Breaking: Media General Plans To Consolidate, Cut Jobs

Journey to Jersey for Diverse Freelance Gigs

Newsfeed Update: 10.29.09

Engineer A Pitch for Tech Books

Listen: Fictionaut and Social Networking for Writers

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.29.09

Our Blog Network: 10.28.09

Lunch: Charlie Rose, Dan Abrams & The Rain-Soaked Usual Suspects

Breaking: Fox News and White House Call A "Truce"

Anchor and Advocate Speaks Out about Spanish-Language News

Retool Your Job Search with Social Media Tools

Newsfeed Update: 10.29.09

Plot an Entertainment Piece for these Outlets

Listen: Sarah Palin's Memoir Payday

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.28.09

Our Blog Network: 10.27.09

Newspaper Circ. Slips; Pink Slips Coming to Forbes

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising" Halloween Extravaganza

Starcom MediaVest Group's Spark SMG at Center of Suzuki Scam Ads

Leap From Magazine Essay to Published Memoir

Newsfeed Update: 10.27.09

Serve Readers A Helpful Freelance Feature

Listen: How to Build a Literary Website

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.27.09

Our Blog Network: 10.26.09

Breaking: More Layoffs Hit Forbes

Event Photos: UGCX Conference in New York

Take Advantage of Tech Tools to Stay in Touch

Newsfeed Update: 10.26.09

Pitch for the Writing World

Listen: Bill Keller's Apple Tablet Slip?

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.26.09

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 10.23.09

Less Fortune To Go Around: Mag Reduces Frequency, Bodes Company Cuts

Score Points at Tennis with Service Pitches

Newsfeed Update: 10.23.09

Increase Your Freelance Frequency at these Outlets

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.23.09

Our Blog Network: 10.22.09

Motor to Milwaukee for Freelance Gigs

Newsfeed Update: 10.22.09

Listen: BuzzFeed Viral Marketing Editor/ThisIsWhyYou'reFat co-Creator Jessica Amason on Social Media and Advertising

Sharpen Your Mind with Psych Pitches

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.22.09

Our Blog Network: 10.21.09

Lunch: A Smiling Anna Wintour, Hungry Brian Williams, & A Tasty Mogul Stew

Daily Show Producer Takes Funny Business to the Page

Target A Niche Writing Career

Newsfeed Update: 10.21.09

Listen: CNN's Don Lemon Explains iReport, Twitter and User Generated Content

Make Up a Saleable Beauty Pitch

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.21.09

Our Blog Network: 10.20.09

Ben Huh @UGCX: Don't Get in the Way of What Users Want

Tough Times: Cuts Come to NYT, Persist at Condé

Phil Bronstein: Did NYT Bay Area Edition "Borrow" from SF Chron?

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Tap Into Suburban Mags for Freelance Gigs

Newsfeed Update: 10.20.09

Listen: Yes Men Stunts the US Chamber of Commerce, Times to Lay Off 100

Explore Fresh Takes on Fitness for these Mags

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.20.09

Our Blog Network: 10.19.09

Breaking: NY Times Cuts 100 Newsroom Positions

Event Photos: PRNewser Cocktail Party in New York

Position Yourself as a Prime Candidate or Company with SEO

Newsfeed Update: 10.19.09

Take a Spin Around the World for Travel Mags

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.19.09

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 10.16.09

NYT Holds Onto Globe; Condé Carries Out More Cuts

Go Hollywood with Entertainment Pitches

Newsfeed Update: 10.16.09

Adopt these Best Practices for a Viral Web Product

Listen: Atlantic Publisher Jay Lauf Plays Offense With His Content

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.16.09

Our Blog Network: 10.15.09

Hook Up a Freelance Gig at

Newsfeed Update: 10.15.09

Ramp Up Your Social Media Revenue Strategy

Listen: Interview With The Most Interesting Travel Writer

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.15.09

Our Blog Network: 10.14.09

Lunch: What Recession? Michael's Keeps Buzzing with Walter Isaacson, John Sykes & The Gang

Web Site CEO Invests In Reader-Generated Content

Act on Interactive PR and Marketing Opportunities

Newsfeed Update: 10.14.09

Get Personal for Parenting Pubs

Listen: BusinessWeek Sold, Condé's Ad Pages Sunk, MySpace Devalued

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.14.09

Our Blog Network: 10.13.09

Breaking: Bloomberg Acquires BusinessWeek

Fox Targets CNN Talent; Execs Jump Ship From Yahoo

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

First-Time Travel Author Navigates Three-Book Deal

Newsfeed Update: 10.13.09

Fuel Your Brand with Social Media Savvy

Listen: Building a Netflix for Books

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.13.09

Our Blog Network: 10.12.09

Draw In Users with a Vibrant Online Community

Newsfeed Update: 10.12.09

Add Lifestyle Clips to Your Portfolio

Listen: Granta Editor on "The Tyranny of E-mail"

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.12.09

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 10.09.09

Bonnier Corners Parenting Market; Condé Sheds More Staff

Event Photos: Dessert & Discourse, and Of Course, Cocktails

Brew Freelance Story Ideas for Draft

Newsfeed Update: 10.09.09

Look to these Stylish Mags for Fashion Bylines

Listen: FishbowlNY on the Condé Nast Fallout

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.09.09

Our Blog Network: 10.08.09

Celebrate Local Food at Edible Queens

Newsfeed Update: 10.08.09

Choreograph A Pitch for Arts Sections

Listen: PR Industry Confidential

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.08.09

Our Blog Network: 10.07.09

Lunch: Joan Collins Holds Court at Table One, Plus Barbara Walters & Vernon Jordan

'Newsosaur' Gives Newspapers A New Media Reality-Check

Gear Up for Web Writing Gigs

Newsfeed Update: 10.07.09

Fuel Your Portfolio With Fresh Fitness Pitches

Listen: CBS' Dave Price Travels U.S. on $50

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.07.09

Our Blog Network: 10.06.09

180 Staffers Out in Condé Closures

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Community Papers Weather Volatile Media Climate

Newsfeed Update: 10.06.09

Slate Your Byline at Online Destinations

Listen: Meet Worldfocus Anchor Daljit Dhaliwal

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.06.09

Our Blog Network: 10.05.09

BayNewser @ ONA '09: Embrace Failure, Mistakes Lead to Success

Event Photos: TVNewser Party in New York

Digital Star Shira Lazar: 'It's Important to Put a Face to an Avatar'

Newsfeed Update: 10.05.09

Share Global Dispatches with these Travel Mags

Longtime New Yorker Writer on Journalism's Future

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.05.09

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 10.02.09

Publishers, Presidents and CEOs Vanish From Mastheads

BayNewser @ ONA '09: Twitter CEO Talks Shop

Breaking: CBS Employee Halderman Charged in Letterman Extortion Plot

Pack Pitches with Advice and Wit for Girlfriend Getaways

Newsfeed Update: 10.02.09

Propose A Story For These Relationship Outlets

Listen: Reading Dick Cheney's FBI Reports

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.02.09

Our Blog Network: 10.01.09

Become a WeightWatchers (Freelance) Success Story

Newsfeed Update: 10.01.09

NBCU's Jeff Zucker Responds to Comcast Rumors

Deliver One-Of-A-Kind Pitches to these Area Mags

Listen: The Future of Fantasy

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.01.09

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