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Best of 2009: So What Do You Do, Hoda Kotb, Co-Anchor, The Today Show?

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Best of 2009: How To Pitch: Glamour

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Today's Ann Curry: 'I Want to Be a Journalist that Meets the Needs of This Time'

Best of 2009: Follow The Money: Are There Any Jobs Out There?

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The Top Media Stories of 2009

Best of 2009: How To Pitch: Slate

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NPR Poaches for Local Project; Bloomberg Revamps Division

Best of 2009: Hey, How'd You Cook Up A Book and Film Deal From Your Blog, Julie Powell?

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Listen: The Best Movies of 2009

Best of 2009: How To Pitch: O: The Oprah Magazine

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Best of 2009: Pitching Personal Essay Markets

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The Year in Publishing and Advertising

Best of 2009: How To Pitch: Marie Claire

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This Week in mb

A New Decade, A New Wealth of Opportunities

Unwrap a Byline at Fashion and Luxury Pubs

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Happy Holidays From Our Family To Yours!

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Pitch Pieces with Positive Attitude for AARP

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Media Beat: Jay Lauf Reflects on His Biggest Mistake

Onion Editor Gets Real about Fake News

Find Human Interest Freelance Gigs

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Illuminate the Issues for these Biz and Culture Mags

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Our Blog Network: 12.22.09

LAT's Book Section Thins; NYO Shuffles Politics Desk

Media Beat: Jay Lauf on The Atlantic's Ideal Writer

Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising" Holiday Extravaganza

Craft, Curate, and Communicate with Widgets

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Media Beat: Jay Lauf: 'Now Is the Time to Maintain The Morale of Your Team'

Event Photos: eBook Summit in New York

Food Industry Editors Share Tricks of the Trades

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Morning Media Menu Classic: CBS Early Show Weather Anchor Dave Price

Take A Vacation from Typical Travel Stories

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This Week in mb

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WaPo and NYT Rejigger, Trim Newsrooms

Twitter Hacked by Pro-Iranian Group

Showcase Emerging Trends in the Black Community for Ebony

Newsfeed Update: 12.18.09

Tone Your Fitness Pitch for Women's Health Mags

Listen: Gift Ideas from

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Breaking: Doner Advertising Sold, CEO Steps Down

Cycle to a Byline at Bike

Newsfeed Update: 12.17.09

Progress Your Portfolio with Positive Pitches

Audiobook News and Gift Ideas

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Lunch: Michael Douglas Turns Heads; Rudy & Judy Giuliani Go Low Profile

eBook Summit: Digital Publishing Leaders Rant, Rave, and Predict

Media Beat: Dan Rather on Dan Rather

Lisa Ling Reveals How Her Sister's Imprisonment Impacted Her Career

Get Your Independent Magazine Off the Ground

Newsfeed Update: 12.16.09

Listen: The Future of Global Reading

Reach New Moms with Advice-Driven Stories

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Editor Swap: Changes at WSJ, Martha Stewart and More

Media Beat: Dan Rather Spent 'More Than 2 Million' on CBS Lawsuit

Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Pull Off A Press-Perfect Launch Event

Newsfeed Update: 12.15.09

Nab a Byline at Local Outlets

Listen: Who Says Religion Is Boring?

eBook Summit: Digital Publishing Experts Converge in NY

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Media Beat: Dan Rather Discusses Change in TV News and Journalism

Event Photos: Social Media and the Customer Panel in New York

Translate A Mag Writing Career into Book Deals and Dollars

Newsfeed Update: 12.14.09

Listen: How to Handle a PR Disaster

Weigh In with Culture-Centric Pitches

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This Week in mb

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Nielsen Sells Eight Pubs; Tribune Co. Shuffles Execs

Capitalize on Writing Opportunities at Washingtonian

Newsfeed Update: 12.11.09

Explore the Outdoors for an Energetic Feature

Listen: The Future of the Book Review

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.11.09

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It Takes a Village of Contributors to Power this Women's Site

Newsfeed Update: 12.10.09

Listen: H.P. Lovecraft Month at

Empower Women with Pitches to these Pubs

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Our Blog Network: 12.09.09

Lunch: Jeffrey Toobin, Hugh Dancy & An '80s-Inspired Cornelia Guest

MediaBeat: Nick Law on Why Traditional Agencies Need to Start From the Ground Up in Digital

Google's eBook Expert Opens Up about Lawsuit, Publishing Plans

Cater to Your Audience with Social Media Strategies

Newsfeed Update: 12.09.09

Listen: All Things Digital with Peter Kafka

Put Your Mind to Pitching Psych and Health Pubs

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.09.09

Our Blog Network: 12.08.09

NYT Buyout List Emerges; Cuts to Come

MediaBeat: Nick Law on 2010 Trends

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Freelance Without Borders at Spanish-Language Pubs

Newsfeed Update: 12.08.09

Use Wit and Originality to Score at Men's Mags

Listen: Literary Agent Confidential

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Our Blog Network: 12.07.09

Introducing eBookNewser

MediaBeat: R/GA CCO Nick Law on the Lessons of 2009

Event Photos: Gets in the Holiday Spirit

Carve Out a Full-Time Food Blogging Career

Meet eBookNewser and's Newest Blogger

Newsfeed Update: 12.07.09

Tap Into Midwestern Roots at these Pubs

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This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 12.04.09

Adventure Ends at Nat Geo; GMA Courts George

Experiment with Pitches to Popular Science

Newsfeed Update: 12.04.09

Listen: Literary Journal Meets Twitter

Lend Savvy Advice to these Ladies' Mags

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Get Freelance Gigs Flowing at Canoe & Kayak

Newsfeed Update: 12.03.09

Go Global with Culture-Centric Pitches

Listen: Mediaite Troubleshoots Comcast NBCU Deal

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Lunch: Jermaine Jackson Stops By Michael's

Media Beat: Ken Auletta Says Condé Missed Opportunity to "Plant Their Flag" Online

AOL Media Pres. Ushers Brand, Content into New Era

Grow New Media Relationships and Stay Connected

Newsfeed Update: 12.02.09

Make Over Your Portfolio with Beauty Pitches

Listen: PC Mag Editor Rates Digital Readers

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.02.09

Our Blog Network: 12.01.09

Giant Falls; RBI Unloads Three Trade Mags

Media Beat: Ken Auletta Is a Business, Man.

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Build Bestseller Buzz for Your Book Online

Newsfeed Update: 12.01.09

Listen: Founder on Parenting Media

Jet to a Byline at Travel Mags

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.01.09

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