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Our Blog Network: 04.30.10

ABC News Cuts 350+ Jobs; C-Level Changes at Yahoo

Go Hollywood with a Pitch to Los Angeles

Newsfeed Update: 04.30.10

A Nightmare on Elm Street Debate

Shine A Light on Music Industry Trends

Morning Media Newsfeed: 04.30.10

Our Blog Network: 04.29.10

Bring Fresh Perspective to The New York Observer

Newsfeed Update: 04.29.10

iPads and Dating

Bring Irreverent Ideas to these Men's Pubs

Morning Media Newsfeed: 04.29.10

Our Blog Network: 04.28.10

Lunch: Harold Ford, Jr., Ken Starr, and a Slew of Fashionable Folks

Andy Cohen Answers to Bravo's Critics

Alan Richman Digs Into the Craft of Food Writing

Power Up Your Networking Prowess

Newsfeed Update: 04.28.10

Detective Nancy Drew's 80th Birthday

Break Into Business Outlets

Morning Media Newsfeed: 04.28.10

Our Blog Network: 04.27.10

Washington Times Ousts Publisher; MySpace PR Chief Quits

Andy Cohen on Bravo TV's Sexuality: 'We're Bi'

Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Protect Your Brand's Online Presence

Newsfeed Update: 04.27.10

Brendan Brazier on the Art of Fitness Writing

Navigate Healthy Eating for these Mags

Morning Media Newsfeed: 04.27.10

Our Blog Network: 04.26.10

Bravo's Andy Cohen to Reality TV Hopefuls: 'Good Luck'

Event Photos: Blogging for Bucks, Plus Cocktails in Cali and Canada

Newsfeed Update: 04.26.10

William Styron eBooks & Kenneth Cole on YouTube

Toast these Beverage Pubs with Story Ideas

Morning Media Newsfeed: 04.26.10

This Week in mb: Ellies 2010

Our Blog Network: 04.23.10

Politico Staffs Up; Wenner Names Two New Publishers

Ellies 2010: Novel Ideas Reign at these Top Mags

Newsfeed Update: 04.23.10

Scope Out Stories for these Urban Mags

Morning Media Newsfeed: 04.23.10

Our Blog Network: 04.22.10

AllFacebook Covers F8 Summit

Ellies 2010: Land A Byline at Nominated Mags

Newsfeed Update: 04.22.10

Find the Right Environment for Green Pitches

Morning Media Newsfeed: 04.22.10

Our Blog Network 04.21.10

Lunch: Tina Brown, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and Media Mavens Galore!

Kitty Kelley Predicts the End of the Unauthorized Biography

Ellies 2010: So What Do You Do, Josh Jackson, Editor-in-Chief of Paste?

Match Your Manuscript to the Perfect Agency

Newsfeed Update: 04.21.10

Freelance Opportunities Are On the Menu at Food Mags

Listen: Ian Schafer Explains Location Based Tech and Services

Morning Media Newsfeed: 04.21.10

Our Blog Network: 04.20.10

Redbook Selects EIC's Successor; Singer To T?

Kitty Kelley Calls Oprah Herself 'The Biggest Source' for Bio

Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Ellies 2010: Behind the Lens

Newsfeed Update: 04.20.10

Listen: Editors Discuss Validity of iPhone Leak, Bauer Media Contracts

Deliver Fitness Information in a Fresh Way for these Mags

Morning Media Newsfeed: 04.20.10

Our Blog Network: 04.19.10

Kitty Kelley Says Bio is Not 'A Takedown' of Oprah

Event Photos: Think Mobile Conference

Ellies 2010: Inside the Front of the Book

Newsfeed Update: 04.19.10

Relate to Women with Service Pitches

Morning Media Newsfeed: 04.19.10

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 04.16.10

Forbes Rehires Reporters; In Touch Taps Lee for EIC Role

Shape A Pitch For Women's Health

Newsfeed Update: 04.16.10

Mediabistro Graduate Jonathan Woods on His New Short Story Collection

Make A Date with Relationship Outlets

Morning Media Newsfeed: 04.16.10

Our Blog Network: 04.15.10

Lend A Fresh Voice to The Root

Newsfeed Update: 04.15.10

Mark Doty on Poetry in a Digital Age

Ink A Story About the Craft of Writing

Morning Media Newsfeed: 04.15.10

Our Blog Network: 04.14.10

Lunch: Soledad O'Brien Talks Helping Haiti's Children

Baratunde Thurston: 'I Don't Know That Media Companies Need To Be Saved'

Consumer Reports Editorial Director on Getting Readers to Pay for Content Online

If You Build Community, Revenue Will Follow

Newsfeed Update: 04.14.10

Susannah Charleson Writes about Her Search & Rescue Dog

Revitalize Evergreen Topics for these Books

Morning Media Newsfeed: 04.14.10

Our Blog Network: 04.13.10

Conan Joins TBS; Random House Consolidates

The Onion's Baratunde Thurston On Why Media Pros Should Diversify

Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

The Best Twitter Apps for Media Pros

Newsfeed Update: 04.13.10

Bellevue Literary Press Author Wins Pulitzer Prize

Compete for a Byline at these Active Mags

Morning Media Newsfeed: 04.13.10

Our Blog Network: 04.12.10

The Onion's Baratunde Thurston on the Key to Writing a Catchy Headline

One Minute Mentor: Pink Slip Protocol

Newsfeed Update: 04.12.10

Menu Guest Danny Kofke Lands on the 700 Club

Provide Parenting and Family Advice for these Books

Morning Media Newsfeed: 04.12.10

Indie Publishers Share Digital Strategy

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 04.09.10

Meredith Cuts 20 Jobs; Redbook Needs an EIC

Plan A Health Pitch for Prevention

Newsfeed Update: 04.09.10

Book and Magazine Design for Dummies

Head South for Freelance Opportunities

Morning Media Newsfeed: 04.09.10

Our Blog Network: 04.08.10

ThinkMobile: Experts Reveal How Media Companies Can Mobilize

Put Your Best Pitch Forward at Better Homes and Gardens

Newsfeed Update: 04.08.10

Listen: Tiger Woods' Controversial Nike Ad

Offer Women Solutions for a Balanced Lifestyle

Morning Media Newsfeed: 04.08.10

Our Blog Network: 04.07.10

Lunch: Tom Brokaw, Charlie Rose, and John Sykes Stop By

Kate White: From Cosmopolitan EIC to Bestselling Author

New Media Leader Sree Sreenivasan Talks 'Tra-Digital' Journalism

Make Your Mark as a Mainstream Travel or Food Writer

Newsfeed Update: 04.07.10

Listen: How to Get Your Master's Degree in Vampire Lit

Burst Onto the Local Scene with Lifestyle Pitches

Morning Media Newsfeed: 04.07.10

Our Blog Network: 04.06.10

Hearst Replaces Three EICs; New CEO Takes Over at Digg

Kate White of Cosmo Says Women Need to 'Break the Rules'

Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Find A Home for Your Nonfiction with this Journo-Friendly Agent

Newsfeed Update: 04.06.10

Morning Media Newsfeed: 04.06.10

Our Blog Network: 04.05.10

Kate White on Why Cosmopolitan Doesn't Need a Reality Show

Event Photos: Freemium Summit and TVNewser Party

Publicists, Connect with People for Pop Culture Pickups

Newsfeed Update: 04.05.10

Listen: Apple iPad and Its Impact on Independent Booksellers

Get Centered with a Health Story

Morning Media Newsfeed: 04.05.10

How Was Your iPad-urday?

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 04.02.10

Condé Adds to Vogue, GQ; W Loses Two

Sketch Out a Pitch to Match Nylon's Aesthetic

Newsfeed Update: 04.02.10

Listen: iPad Madness

Make A Statement at Style Books

Morning Media Newsfeed: 04.02.10

Our Blog Network: 04.01.10

Pre-iPad Panic: Amazon, Publishers Scramble to Strike eBook Agreements

Stake Out MediaTakeOut for Your Celeb Clients

Newsfeed Update: 04.01.10

Listen: Amazon and Publishers Negotiate

Experiment with a Pitch to Science Pubs

Morning Media Newsfeed: 04.01.10

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