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National Journal, Politico Vie for Talent; Gourmet Returns

Video: AgencySpy's Mad Men Recap

Hearst's Chris Wilkes on 'The App Lab'

Craft a 'Spot-On' Pitch with Tips from this Storyteller

Newsfeed Update: 08.31.10

Random House & Disney on the Menu

Pen A Luxury Lifestyle Feature

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Hearst's Chris Wilkes on Landing a Mobile or Digital Job

Event Photos: Meet The Teachers; Cocktails in Boston and D.C.

Craft A No. 1 Listicle

Newsfeed Update: 08.30.10

21st Century Political Reporter

Spin Smart Service Stories for Women's Outlets

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This Week in mb

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'Radical' Change at USA Today; Tina Brown To Newsweek?

Get a First-Class Feature in Hemispheres

Newsfeed Update: 08.27.10

Sell 'Healthy How-To' Stories

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Size Up Entertainment Trends for XXL

Newsfeed Update: 08.26.10

Netflix & SportsNewser on the Menu

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Evan Smith of Texas Tribune: 'Journalists Deserve a Living Wage'

Seth Godin: 'I've Decided Not to Publish Any More Books in the Traditional Way'

Newsfeed Update: 08.25.10

James Kaelan & the Sponsored Book Tour

Experiment with Science Pitches for these Outlets

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Elle Decor Reorganizes at the Top; Chaos at New York Observer

Evan Smith of Texas Tribune: 'People Assume the Media is Liberal'

Get Your Multimedia Story Ideas Noticed

Newsfeed Update: 08.24.10

Mockingjay & Tumblr on the Menu

Score City Mag Clips

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Video: AgencySpy's Mad Men Recap

Evan Smith's Texas Tribune Brings Old-School Reporting Online

Event Photos:'s Book Club Party in New York

Should You Relocate For Your Career?

Newsfeed Update: 08.23.10

Seth Godin Abandons Traditional Publishing

Join the Cycle of Contributors at Biking Mags

Morning Media Newsfeed: 08.23.10

This Week in mb

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Rachael Ray Loses EIC, Creative Director; Newsweek Star Heads to Time

Funny or Bust

Newsfeed Update: 08.20.10

Writing about Medicine

Cover Classic Mom Material with a Twist

Morning Media Newsfeed: 08.20.10

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Procure a 'Passport' to En Route

Newsfeed Update: 08.19.10

ABC News Correspondent Cynthia McFadden on Science & Storytelling

Morning Media Newsfeed: 08.19.10

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Soledad O'Brien: Digital Tech Correspondent

Nelson George on Becoming a 'Well-Known Force' in Media

Refine Your Online Etiquette

Newsfeed Update: 08.18.10

Book Promotion Tips from Alix Strauss

Check Into Travel Mags with a Creative Point of View

Morning Media Newsfeed: 08.18.10

Our Blog Network: 08.17.10

AOL Plots Patch Expansion; Daily News Gets New CEO

Soledad O'Brien on Her Career, CNN's Primetime Changes

Land a Nonfiction Book Deal

Newsfeed Update: 08.17.10

Ground Zero Mosque: Media Misidentification?

Pitch Authoritative Health Stories to these Mags

Morning Media Newsfeed: 08.17.10

Our Blog Network: 08.16.10

Video: AgencySpy's Mad Men Recap

Soledad O'Brien Says CNN Docs Becoming 'Wider and Broader'

Prep Executives for Pitch-Perfect Public Speaking

Newsfeed Update: 08.16.10

Dating by the Books

Secure A Biz Byline

Morning Media Newsfeed: 08.16.10

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 08.13.10

Min Raids Us For THR; Newsday Starts Hiring Spree

Land an Entry in Men's Journal

Newsfeed Update: 08.13.10

Writers and the Great Depression

Add Unique Voice to a Pop Culture Story

Morning Media Newsfeed: 08.13.10

Our Blog Network: 08.12.10

Couple Real-Life Stories with a Service Angle for The Nest

Newsfeed Update: 08.12.10

David Daley Expands Short Story Website

Invent Strong Service Pitches on Small Businesses

Morning Media Newsfeed: 08.12.10

Our Blog Network: 08.11.10

Lunch: David Carey, Linda Wells & The Power Lunch Diehards

Sarah Ellison Makes Friends and Enemies with War at the Wall Street Journal

Hugh Hefner on Possible Playboy Sale, Plans for Brand

Seeking a Fresh Start? Tips on Taking the Plunge

Newsfeed Update: 08.11.10

Tiger Woods, Ted Stevens, & Amazon on the Menu

Unpack Your Best Travel Tips For These Mags

Morning Media Newsfeed: 08.11.10

Our Blog Network: 08.10.10

Twitter Hires Sales Force; Departures Adds Ad Execs

Sarah Ellison on Writing War at The Wall Street Journal

Turn Up Your TV Career at this Philly Station

Newsfeed Update: 08.10.10

JetBlue Flight Attendant Steven Slater Makes Headlines

Offer Fresh Takes on Science Stories for these Books

Morning Media Newsfeed: 08.10.10

Our Blog Network: 08.09.10

Video: AgencySpy's Mad Men Recap

Sarah Ellison Calls Wall Street Journal Sale 'An Epic Clash of Cultures'

Event Photos: Career Circus in New York

Let's Talk About Sex Articles

Newsfeed Update: 08.09.10

Indie Bookstore Enters Arizona Immigration Law Debate

Forecast Tech Trends for these Outlets

Morning Media Newsfeed: 08.09.10

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 08.06.10

Viacom Vet Joins Conde as CTO; Breaking Media Leads Exit

Enlighten Kids with Fun Pitches for Highlights

Newsfeed Update: 08.06.10

Blair Witch Marketing Strategies

Craft a Unique Design Piece for these Books

Morning Media Newsfeed: 08.06.10

Our Blog Network: 08.05.10

Mediabistro's Career Circus: Reinvention, Resume Tips, and Social Media Advice

Pitch Progressive Pieces to Whole Life Times

Newsfeed Update: 08.05.10

Journalism and Meth

Show Your Witty Side for these Men's Outlets

Morning Media Newsfeed: 08.05.10

Our Blog Network: 08.04.10

Cindi Leive, Larry Hackett & David Zinczenko: Editors Unleashed!

Syfy's Dave Howe Discusses The Network's Digital Strategy

Daily Caller's Tucker Carlson: 'We Want to Succeed -- Bad'

Make The Grade Pitching Children's Mags

Newsfeed Update: 08.04.10

Kathryn Schulz on Pitching a Book Idea

Nab A Byline at a National Women's Glossy

Morning Media Newsfeed: 08.04.10

Our Blog Network: 08.03.10

WaPo Inks Newsweek Sale Deal; b5media's Hiring

Syfy's Dave Howe on The Network's Programming Strategy

Are You Sabotaging Your Job Search?

Newsfeed Update: 08.03.10

Morning Media Newsfeed: 08.03.10

Our Blog Network: 08.02.10

Video: AgencySpy's Mad Men Recap

Syfy's Dave Howe Talks Rebranding a TV Network

10 Tips for Selling an On-Spec Story

Newsfeed Update: 08.02.10

Writing for Video Games

Style a Pitch for these Digital Outlets

Morning Media Newsfeed: 08.02.10

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