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Negotiate an Assignment at Foreign Policy

Newsfeed Update: 09.30.10

Nobel Prizes & Pranks on the Menu

Say 'Yum' and 'Om' for these Wellness Mags

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Mogul Mania with Jack Welch & David Geffen

Deutsch CEO Linda Sawyer: Winning Volkswagen is 'Just a Dream'

Slate Editor David Plotz: 'Respect No Sacred Cows'

Ace A Nonfiction Book Proposal

Newsfeed Update: 09.29.10

iPad Readers on the Menu

Pitch Under-The-Radar Profiles to these Music Outlets

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AOL Acquires TechCrunch; Roster of NY Media Reporters Shifts

Deutsch CEO Linda Sawyer: Advertising Is an 'Industry Under Siege'

Online Activism: 'Facebook is Never Going to Save the World, but Maybe People Will'

Newsfeed Update: 09.28.10

Get Your Stories on Dating and Relationships Published

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Deutsch CEO Linda Sawyer on Getting There and Her Leadership Style

Event Photos: Cocktails in Chicago, Seattle, and Atlanta

Filmmakers Harness 'Hell-Raising Energy' for Social Change

Newsfeed Update: 09.27.10

How to Target Book Clubs

Plate a Food Pitch for these Mags

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This Week in mb

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Top Execs Out at CNN, NBC; Architectural Digest Rebuilds

Plugged In to Tech News? Pitch

Breaking: Jeff Zucker to Leave NBCU Once Comcast Closes Deal

Newsfeed Update: 09.24.10

Sell Solid Feature Ideas to Men's Mags

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Pitch Ambitious, Forward-Looking Features to Technology Review

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Talking Startups on the Morning Media Menu

Cover The Life Aquatic for these Travel Outlets

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Terry McMillan's Advice to Young Authors: 'Focus on Your Stories, Not the Fame'

Renee Fleming, Harold Ford Jr & The Social Swells

Starbucks Digital VP Serves Premium Content with Your Premium Roast

Quickly Master Multimedia Delivery

Newsfeed Update: 09.22.10

New Media and Old Media on the Morning Media Menu

Women's Mags Seek Smart, Witty Writers

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Bon Appétit Moves to NY; YouTube Appoints Two Execs

Terry McMillan Puts the 'Ugliness' of Divorce Behind Her

11 Must-Have Smartphone Apps for Media Pros on the Move

Newsfeed Update: 09.21.10

PRNewser Editor Tonya Garcia on the Morning Media Menu

Test Your Science Story Pitches

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Terry McMillan: From Waiting to Exhale to Getting to Happy

Event Photos: Cocktail Parties in Austin, L.A.

Make Your PR Pitch a Match for Mashable

Newsfeed Update: 09.20.10

Monday Morning on the Menu: New Baby Edition

These Travel Mags Seek Globetrotting Scribes

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This Week in mb

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Miami Herald Cuts 49 Jobs; Could Daily Beast Merge with Newsweek?

Reach Fashion-Forward Girls at Teen Vogue

Newsfeed Update: 09.17.10

Rebecca Traister on the Menu

Let Your Feature Ideas Take Off at In-Flight Mags

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New Mag Juicy is Ripe for Freelance Talent

Newsfeed Update: 09.16.10

Bill O'Reilly & Jon Stewart Share on the Menu

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Elle's Robbie Myers: 'Good Fashion Reporters are Gold To Me'

Gossip Girl Costume Designer Talks Trendsetting on TV

Change Up Your Career Path with these Pointers

Newsfeed Update: 09.15.10

Oprah Winfrey Rumors on the Menu

Pitch Inventive Pieces to these Business Pubs

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NYT's Local Experiment; Hollywood Reporter Goes Weekly

Elle's Robbie Myers: 'Project Runway Raised Our Profile'

Get Front Row PR Placement on

Newsfeed Update: 09.14.10

Barack Obama's Book for Kids on the Menu

Serve Superior Sports Content to these Mags

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Robbie Myers Brings Fashion Week to

So You Wanna Work in Fashion PR?

Newsfeed Update: 09.13.10

Sarah Silverman & Hollywood Reporter on the Menu

Home In On Service Ideas for Women's Mags

Morning Media Newsfeed: 09.13.10

This Week in mb

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Five Out at Town & Country; New Lucky Star

UnBeige's Top 10 Ways to Fete Fashion's Night Out

Parade Into this Weekly's Pages for $3 Per Word

Newsfeed Update: 09.10.10

Sketch a Pitch for these Creative Outlets

Morning Media Newsfeed: 09.10.10

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Skewer, Provoke, and Mock for Mad

Newsfeed Update: 09.09.10

Piers Morgan & Google Instant on the Menu

Write Features for Modern Families

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Chris Matthews Stops by Michael's

Shit My Dad Says Author: From Funny Tweets to Full-Fledged Comedy Career

Get a Primer on Pitching to Top Publications

Newsfeed Update: 09.08.10

Parker Spitzer on the Menu

Morning Media Newsfeed: 09.08.10

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ABC News Pres. Resigns; Ex-Domino Staffers Resurface at WSJ

Work Wit and Humor into Your Web Presence

Newsfeed Update: 09.07.10

ABC News Resignation on the Menu

Morning Media Newsfeed: 09.07.10

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Publicists, Boost Your Chances of Getting Picked Up

Send A Spirited Pitch to these Beverage Books

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 09.03.10

Event Photos: Startup Party in NY; Cocktails in Miami

Coast to a Feature Byline at Coastal Living

Newsfeed Update: 09.03.10

Break Into these Californian City Mags

Morning Media Newsfeed: 09.03.10

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Rock Your Story Pitch to Spin

Newsfeed Update: 09.02.10

Apple & Groupon on the Menu

Cover the Best of the Midwest for these Pubs

Morning Media Newsfeed: 09.02.10

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Hearst's Chris Wilkes: iPad is a 'Gateway' to Selling Digital Content

Atlantic Digital's Bob Cohn: 'Surrender to the Chaos' of the Web

Retool Your Job Search Approach

Newsfeed Update: 09.01.10

Iraq War, Twitter & Babies on the Menu

Target Multitasking Moms with a Service Pitch

Morning Media Newsfeed: 09.01.10

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