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Tensions at Condé as Smith Suddenly Exits

Home In on Health and Wellness for Heart & Soul

Newsfeed Update: 10.29.10

Lessons from FailCon 2010

Break into Biz Mags with Newsy Ideas

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Sound Off on Parenting for Babble

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Best Halloween Horror Movies

Shape Tech Stories for the Web

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PR Pro Michael Levine on Social Media: 'It's Very Hard to Talk to People When They're Drunk'

Donna Brazile: No More 'Hyper-Partisan Political Pundits'

Try a New Approach to Book Marketing

Newsfeed Update: 10.27.10

Mythbusters' Kari Byron on the Menu

Take A Trip to a Travel Assignment

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Digg Slashes 37 Percent of Staff; Food Network Mag Bolsters Marketing Team

Entertainment PR Vet Michael Levine: 'Become a Media Slut'

Craft a Superlative PR Pitch for Latina

Newsfeed Update: 10.26.10

Paparazzi Management Strategies

Advance the Conversation at these Analytic Mags

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Michael Levine: 'The Landscape for the Entertainment Paparazzi World Has Been Increasingly Dangerous'

Event Photos: Cocktail Party in D.C.

Why You Didn't Get Promoted

Newsfeed Update: 10.25.10

Amazon eBook Lending on the Menu

Compete for a Fitness Byline

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This Week in mb

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Fox News Scoops Juan Williams; Investment Group Eyes Boston Globe

Pen Reliable, Positive Service Pieces for Parents

Newsfeed Update: 10.22.10

Is the Venture Capital Pie Shrinking?

Trek to a Travel Feature Assignment

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Get Creative with a Nonfiction Proposal for this Lit Agent

Add Style Bylines to Your Collection at

Newsfeed Update: 10.21.10

Mad Men of the 21st Century

These Outlets Seek Tech Support -- No, Not That Kind

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Desiree Rogers, Kathie Lee Gifford & The Millionaire Matchmaker Meltdown

Cheezburger Network CEO Ben Huh's Career Advice for Entrepreneurs

HootSuite CEO: 'We Just Couldn't Find [a Tool], So We Decided to Start Building One'

Learn the Business of Being Funny Online

Newsfeed Update: 10.20.10

The Most Popular Newspaper on Twitter

Pitch Fashion and Culture Pieces to these Outlets

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Editor & Publisher Fires Editors; NYT Launching Texas Edition

Ben Huh: 'Users Have Far More Control Over the Business than What We Were Used To'

8 Ways To Land A Job Using LinkedIn

Newsfeed Update: 10.19.10

Cutting Employees: PR Disaster or PR Strategy?

Get Laughs and a Byline with Humor Pitches

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Ben Huh on Growing the Cheezburger Network: 'We're Looking for that Nugget of Passion'

Amanda Hesser Dishes on Food52's Collaborative Cookbook

Newsfeed Update: 10.18.10

Jake Tapper Book Deal on the Menu

Pour A Passion for Beer and Wine Into Your Pitch

Morning Media Newsfeed: 10.18.10

This Week in mb

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Our Blog Roundup: 10.15.10

Tribune Exec Suspended; Is AOL Buying Yahoo?

Exercise Your Creativity to Freelance for Fitness

Newsfeed Update: 10.15.10

Will the Facebook I.P.O. Help Gawker?

Tap Into Trends Teens Care About for these Mags

Morning Media Newsfeed: 10.15.10

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Hook this Agent with a Standout Nonfiction Query

Demystify DIY for Fresh Home

Newsfeed Update: 10.14.10

National Book Award Finalists on the Menu

Pair Your Relationship Pitch with These Pubs

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Our Blog Network: 10.13.10

Isaac Mizrahi, Twilight's Kellan Lutz & A Manhattan Madri Gras

Jonathan Ames Brings 'Jonathan Ames' to HBO's Bored to Death

Stacy London Talks Style, TV, and the Future of Fashion Mags

Step Into a Fashion PR Career

Newsfeed Update: 10.13.10

Chilean Miners, The Gap & Booker Prize on the Menu

Make Your Health Story a Fit at these Books

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Forbes Poaches New Crop of Writers; Laura Ling Lands E! Show

Bored to Death Creator Jonathan Ames Gives Screenwriting Tips

Create an Arsenal of Measurement Tools for Your PR Clients

Newsfeed Update: 10.12.10

Man Booker Prize PR Advice

Start a Freelance Relationship at National Women's Mags

Morning Media Newsfeed: 10.12.10

mb Tweets: 10.11.10

Bored to Death's Jonathan Ames on Sex, Insecurity and... Boxing?

Our Blog Network: 10.11.10

Event Photos: Social Ad Summit, 'Making the Leap with AOL: Print to Digital' Party

Glean Pitching Tips from this Winning Proposal

Newsfeed Update: 10.11.10

Comic Con on the Menu

Jet To A Travel Byline

Morning Media Newsfeed: 10.11.10

Mediabistro @ New York Comic Con

This Week in mb

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Philadelphia Inquirer Gets New Exec Ed.; Richard Johnson Leaves 'Page Six'

Raise Some Hell for Mother Jones

Newsfeed Update: 10.08.10

The Future of the Short Story

Hook these Editors with Humor Pitches

Morning Media Newsfeed: 10.08.10

mbtweets: 10.07.10

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Outgoing? Smart? Talented? Pitch this Agent

Pitch Eco and Kid-Friendly Features to this Parenting Mag

Newsfeed Update: 10.07.10

Mario Vargas Llosa Wins the Nobel Prize

Make Your Pitch Pop at these Outlets

Morning Media Newsfeed: 10.07.10

mbtweets: 10.06.10

Our Blog Network: 10.06.10

Vernon Jordan, Paul Shaffer and Richard Belzer Grab a Bite at Michael's

Rick Sanchez: 'It's All About Transparency. It's All About Being Real'

Meet Justin Osofsky, The Face of Facebook's Media Partnerships

Add Polish To Your Public Presence

Newsfeed Update: 10.06.10

HuffPo & MSNBC on the Menu

Break Into these Mags with Incredible Service Ideas

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Our Blog Network: 10.5.10

OBN Template

Twitter Names New CEO; Daily Beast Poaches WaPo's Kurtz

Rick Sanchez: "There Was A Lot of Concern at CNN about 'What Was I Doing?'"

The Budget Fashionista: From Hobby to Respected Resource

Newsfeed Update: 10.05.10

Twitter & Jonathan Franzen's Glasses on the Menu

Reach Real Women at these Outlets

Morning Media Newsfeed: 10.05.10

mbtweets: 10.04.10

Our Blog Network: 10.04.10

Rick Sanchez: "Hold the Viewers' Attention, Get them on the Edge of their Seats"

Event Photos:, Miami Ad School and Advertising Week's Party in NY

NY Station Wants Strong Storytellers to Stand Up to the Competition

Newsfeed Update: 10.04.10

Rick Sanchez Out at CNN

Pen Music Reviews at these Outlets

Morning Media Newsfeed: 10.04.10

This Week in mb

mbtweets: 10.01.10

Our Blog Network: 10.01.10

NYT Mag Names Editor; Reichl Rebounds with Book Deal

Put Your Creativity into Overdrive for Lexus

Newsfeed Update: 10.01.10

Designing a Sponsored Book Tour

Nab a Nonstop Trip to a Travel Byline

Morning Media Newsfeed: 10.01.10

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