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The Early Show Cleans House; Branson Takes on Murdoch

Electric Lit's Andy Hunter on iPad Publishing Strategies

Find the Perfect Home for Your Personal Essay

Newsfeed Update: 11.30.10

PR Debate & God's Book Deal on the Menu

Pen A Luxury Lifestyle Feature

Morning Media Newsfeed 11.30.10

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The Future of the Literary Journal

Wrote the Next Twilight? Redhammer Wants You

Newsfeed Update: 11.29.10

OR Books on the Menu

Sketch a Pitch for these Creative Outlets

Morning Media Newsfeed 11.29.10

This Week in mb

Learn What It Takes To Launch A Digital Media Project

Add Unique Voice to a Pop Culture Story

Expand Your eBook Marketing Reach

Sell 'Healthy How-To' Stories

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James Patterson: 'I Write Books People Want To Read'

Conquer Your Quest for a Lit Agent

Newsfeed Update: 11.24.10

Bristol Palin & The Daily on the Menu

Touch On Newsy Trends for these East Coast Titles

Morning Media Newsfeed 11.24.10

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New EIC at Men's Journal; ABC News Shuffles Staffers

Get Personal For National Publications

Newsfeed Update: 11.23.10

Literary Agents & Film Club on the Menu

Craft Creative Home Pitches for these Books

Morning Media Newsfeed 11.23.10

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Event Photos: Book Club Party in NY, Cocktails in Miami and Austin

Reach Upscale Women With the Right PR Pitch

Newsfeed Update: 11.22.10

Sarah Palin Memoir Leak on the Menu

Raise Parenting Problems and Solutions for Mom Mags

Morning Media Newsfeed 11.22.10

This Week in mb

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Murdoch Staffs up The Daily; ABC, WaPo Lose Vets

Get A Taste Of Fame With An Innovative Foodie Story

Newsfeed Update: 11.19.10

How a Podcast Grew into an International Media Company

Cash In on Financial Writing Opportunities

Morning Media Newsfeed 11.19.10

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Craving a Byline?

Newsfeed Update: 11.18.10

Nonprofit Outreach Tips Pay Off

So You Want to Publish an eBook?

Morning Media Newsfeed 11.18.10

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Bill Weir on Brett Favre: 'If you think he's wild and crazy now, imagine when he was 24'

Top Chef's Gail Simmons Tastes Sweet Success in Food Media

Be Seen on The Job Hunting Scene

Newsfeed Update: 11.17.10

Dan Rather & on the Menu

Get A Healthy Byline at Women's Pubs

Morning Media Newsfeed 11.17.10

mbtweets: 11.16.10

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More Turnover at Tribune Co.; Politico Pro Unveiled

Bill Weir: From 'Smart Ass' Sports Guy to ABC News Anchor

CSI Creator Sees The Future In eBooks

Newsfeed Update: 11.16.10

Chelsea Handler, Sarah Palin & PR Headlines

Drum Up Freelance Gigs At Music Books

Morning Media Newsfeed 11.16.10

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ABC News 'Getting Leaner & Meaner by Necessity'

Event Photos: Trivia Night in NY, Cocktails in Toronto and LA

Newshounds Wanted at WCBS Radio

Newsfeed Update: 11.15.10 and Censorship

Bring Locals To Life At Regional Pubs

Morning Media Newsfeed: 11.15.10

This Week in mb

mbtweets: 11.12.10

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The Newsweek Daily Beast Co. Is Here; Rachael Ray Gets EIC

Bring Your Voice to Latina's Pages

Newsfeed Update: 11.12.10

Fiction Factory on the Menu

Provide Tech and Business Intel for these Books

Morning Media Newsfeed: 11.12.10

mbtweets: 11.11.10

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Harness the Next Wave in Web Technology

Newsfeed Update: 11.11.10

Lou Dobbs Joins Fox Business Network

Tailor Service Ideas for Upscale

Morning Media Newsfeed: 11.11.10

mbtweets: 11.10.10

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Joe Torre, Joan Collins and a Mogul Mashup

'The PBS Newshour Has an Audience that is Larger than Anything You See in the Cable News Universe'

Don't Call it a Content Farm: The EIC of Aol's Patch Speaks Out

Channel Your Media Skills into an Original Web Show

Newsfeed Update: 11.10.10

Electric Publisher & the iPad

Gain A Natural Edge at Conservation Mags

Morning Media Newsfeed: 11.10.10

mbtweets: 11.09.10

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Salon Swaps EICs; Conan, Olbermann Return to TV

Simon Marks on 'Doing More with Less'

How To Become Invaluable To Your Employer

Newsfeed Update: 11.09.10

The Walking Dead on the Menu

Serve Up Relatable Service Pieces for these Teen Mags

Morning Media Newsfeed: 11.09.10

mbtweets: 11.08.10

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Are the Nets Doing Enough to Cover Foreign News?

Event Photos: Cocktail Parties in Boston, San Fran

Talbot Fortune Agency Favors Fresh, Bold Authors

Newsfeed Update: 11.08.10

U.S. News & World Report on the Menu

Score a Feature at Major Men's Mags

Morning Media Newsfeed: 11.08.10

This Week in mb

mbtweets: 11.05.10

Our Blog Network: 11.05.10

U.S. News & World Report Shutters Print Ed.; MSNBC Suspends Olbermann

Breaking: Keith Olbermann Suspended from MSNBC Indefinitely after Contributing to Democratic Candidates

Pitch Personality-Driven Pieces to Pregnancy

Newsfeed Update: 11.05.10

Social Media Tips from Maribeth Kuzmeski

Target the Front-of-Book at these Regional Mags

Morning Media Newsfeed: 11.05.10

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Newsfeed Update: 11.04.10

Fundraising Tips for Start-Ups

Family Circle Seeks 'Fabulous, Timely' Ideas

Morning Media Newsfeed: 11.04.10

mbtweets: 11.03.10

Our Blog Network: 11.03.10

Doris Kearns Goodwin, Bo Dietl and The Post-Election Posse

How To Create a Magazine iPad App

Janet Evanovich on Finding Bestseller Success

Craft Web Copy that Packs a Punch

Newsfeed Update: 11.03.10

Coverage of the Election Coverage

Find the Right Ingredients for a Food Pitch

Morning Media Newsfeed: 11.03.10

mbtweets: 11.02.10

Our Blog Network: 11.02.10

American Media To File for Ch. 11; Citysearch Shuts Down Editorial Ops

ScrollMotion's John Lema Brings Esquire to The iPad

First on FBDC: Ex-TWT Correspondent Joseph Curl's Secret Gig at Drudge Report

Newsfeed Update: 11.02.10

Election Day & Sponsored Tweets

Pitch Idea-Driven Pieces to these Outlets

Morning Media Newsfeed: 11.02.10

mbtweets: 11.01.10

Our Blog Network: 11.01.10

Zinio's Doug Carlson on the Future of Magazine Publishing

Event Photos: Freemium Summit East

Reel in a Radio Gig at WNYC

Newsfeed Update: 11.01.10

Writing Advice from Novelist Julia Glass

Capture Southern Stories for these Books

Morning Media Newsfeed: 11.01.10

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