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Best of 2010: The First Rule of Web Writing: There Are No Rules

Best of 2010: How To Pitch: Ladies' Home Journal

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Best of 2010: Prep Yourself for a Tasty Career Twist

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Writing Communities on the Menu

Best of 2010: How To Pitch: Self

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Marissa Mayer on How to Get a Job at Google

Best of 2010: So What Do You Do, Jennifer Weiner, Bestselling Novelist?

Best of 2010: Get Your Resume On Hiring Managers' Radar

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Top Publishing Stories of 2010

Best of 2010: How To Pitch: Slate

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This Year's Top 5 Media Departures; Time Inc. Shuffles Execs

Best of 2010: Are You Sabotaging Your Job Search?

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Top 5 PR News Stories of 2010

Best of 2010: How To Pitch: Marie Claire

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Best of 2010: Young Turks Founder on Building a Grassroots Web TV Network

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Top 5 Advertising Headlines of 2010

Best of 2010: How To Pitch: O: The Oprah Magazine

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This Week in mb

Make The Grade Pitching Children's Mags

Cover Classic Mom Material with a Twist

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Uncover the Best of the Northwest for This Pub

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What Journalists & Writers Need to Know about Kickstarter

Brainstorm A Think Piece for These Mags

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Thrillist's Lerer: NY 'Becoming a More Viable Place' For Tech Start-Ups

Power Up Your Networking Prowess

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Write about West Coast Living for these Mags

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New York vs. New York Times Magazine; Facebook vs. Google

Thrillist's Ben Lerer Gives Us the Scoop on Thrillist Rewards

How To Research a Potential Employer

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Do You Want Ads in Your eBooks?

Sell Smart, Savvy Lifestyle Stories

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Thrillist's Ben Lerer: Guys Like 'All the Things You Would Assume'

Event Photos: eBook Summit and DC Cocktail Party

Imagine Yourself The Next J.K. Rowling

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Top 5 TV News Stories of 2010

Hit the Right Notes at Entertainment Outlets

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Bloomberg, 'NewsBeast' Build Arsenals; WaPo Loses Top Critics

Reach the 'Diva on a Dime' at Essence

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Broadcastr & Kickstarter on the Menu

Make A Date with Relationship Outlets

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Pitch A Tropical Getaway

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Twitter's Billions on the Menu

Target Trendsetters with Unique Lifestyle Pitches

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Eliot Spitzer Dishes It Out, Jeff Zucker Takes It In

Ariel Foxman on InStyle's Digital (and iPad) Strategy

Emil Wilbekin Brings Black Women's Essence Online

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The Most Important Public Health Stories of 2010

Increase Your Freelance Frequency at these Outlets

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Townsquare Media Drains AOL; Conde Seeks Digital Acquisitions

InStyle's Ariel Foxman: Give Clear Direction and Let Your Staffers Shine

Go Viral With The Perfect Essay For These Pubs

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eBook Summit & on the Menu

Target Teen Audiences (and their Parents) with Pitches

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Ariel Foxman Celebrates the 200th Issue of InStyle

Event Photos: Cocktail Party in Seattle

Mea Culpa: 5 Tips for Issuing a Public Apology

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Paul Vidich Introduces Storyville

Forecast Tech Trends for these Outlets

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This Week in mb

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Time Inc. Promotes Execs; Newspapers Rethink Social Media Jobs

For Freelancers, This Mag is Poetry in Motion

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Morning Joe Co-Host's Book Deal on the Menu

Break Into Family Mags With A Unique Approach to Service Content

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Pitch This Feature Well

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The Walking Dead & BookScan on the Menu

Score City Mag Clips

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Lara Spencer, John Sykes & Dr. Ruth Ring in the Holidays

Andrew Ross Sorkin of The New York Times: 'Persistence over talent wins every day'

If You Build Community, Revenue Will Follow

Newsfeed Update: 12.08.10

Kickstarter Advice for Writers & Journalists

Show Your Witty Side for these Men's Outlets

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The New Yorker Poaches The Times; Another AOL Spin-off?

The New York Times' Andrew Ross Sorkin Answers His Critics

Draw From Personal Experience to Get Published

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Figment & Young Adult Writers on the Menu

Experiment with Science Pitches for these Outlets

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Andrew Ross Sorkin on Launching and Growing The New York Times Dealbook

Event Photos: Social Gaming Summit in New York

Here's All You Need For a Perfect PR Pitch

Newsfeed Update: 12.06.10

The PR Team Behind Qatar's World Cup Bid

Outfit Your Next Style Pitch For These Mags

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This Week in mb

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IAC Gets a New Leader; Elle, Woman's Day Up for Sale

Write For Women at This Independent Title

Newsfeed Update: 12.03.10

Ben Sherwood to Lead ABC News

Startups & eBooks on the Menu

Design A Pitch for Home Magazines

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Bitch Supports Feminists and Freelancers

Newsfeed Update: 12.02.10

Social Game Ads on the Menu

Find the Right Budget and Price Point for Your eBook

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Joel Klein, Diana Taylor and the December Diehards

Electric Lit's Andy Hunter on How To Find Readers on Twitter

Wattpad's Nina Lassam Talks eBook Publishing, Marketing

Improve Your Freelance Life

Newsfeed Update: 12.01.10

The Early Show Shakeup on the Menu

Serve Superior Sports Content to these Outlets

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