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Johnny Temple: 'We in the Publishing Business Need to Complain Less'

Event Photos: Cocktail Parties In Miami And San Francisco

Snag A Position ln Social Media

Newsfeed Update: 02.28.11

Neovella on the Menu

Grab A Byline In Girls' Glossies

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This Week in mb

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Anderson Cooper Poaches GMA; Parker Out at Parker Spitzer

Come Out With A Byline In The Advocate

Goldston Named Senior EP of GMA; Condon to be EP of Nightline

Newsfeed Update: 02.25.11

Customer Service Startup on the Menu

Pen A Pitch That Goes Far In Travel Pubs

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Advocate For Your Client In This LGBT Pub

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Top Ad Companies on the Menu

Cash In At Luxury Lifestyle Books

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David Zinczenko, Keith Kelly and The Media Mavens

Chicken Soup Creator Speaks To The Writer's Soul

The Lowdown On Content Farms

Newsfeed Update: 02.23.11

Netflix & CBS on the Menu

Build Relationships With Love Pub Editors

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Twitter Taps MySpace Exec; LA Times Loses Pop Music Critic

Stir Up Coverage For Your Client On

Newsfeed Update: 02.22.11

Botched PR Stunt on the Menu

Make The Cut In Wellness Books

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Fuel Your Freelance Career

Newsfeed Update: 02.21.11

Book A Byline In Girlfriend Getaways

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This Week in mb

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Time Inc. CEO Fired; Bill Simmons Builds Staff For New Site

Close In On A Byline In Dwell

Newsfeed Update: 02.18.11

Bahrain Crackdown on the Menu

Conceive A Stellar Pitch For Parenting Pubs

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Entertain Variety's Editors With Insider Information

Newsfeed Update: 02.17.11

Old Navy & Borders on the Menu

Help Your Byline Take Shape In Exercise Outlets

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It's An A-Lister Buffet! Cate Blanchett, Debra Messing, Star Jones and The Morning Joe Team

The day Jane Velez-Mitchell went to work wearing two different shoes

Dig Into DIY Book Publishing

Set Your Freelance Sights On Salon

Newsfeed Update: 02.16.11

Present A Novel Pitch To These Intellectual Titles

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AdWeek Wages War With NY Observer; Apple Reveals iPad Subscription Model

Jane Velez-Mitchell Is Addicted To Addictions

Make Your Client Feel Right At Home In Dwell

Newsfeed Update: 02.15.11

The Huffington Post & Writers on the Menu

Drop Science In These Pubs

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Jane Velez-Mitchell on leading a life that could have gotten her on TMZ

Newsfeed Update: 02.14.11

21st Century Book Promotion

Make The Pages Of Tourism Titles

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Mediabistro @ Social Media Week

This Week in mb

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Barbara Fairchild Lands a New Gig; Gabriel Sherman to Pen Book About Fox News

Mediabistro @ Social Media Week

Event Photos: Cocktail Party In L.A.

Soar To Freelance Success At Spirit

Newsfeed Update: 02.11.11

Freelancers & Findings on the Menu

Hit The Cultural Notes For These Women's Pubs

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Pen A Paramount Pitch For Angeleno

Newsfeed Update: 02.10.11

Groupon & Super Bowl Ads on the Menu

Coast Your Way To A Byline In These By The Sea Books

Morning Media Newsfeed 02.10.11

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Harvey Weinstein, Evelyn Lauder And A Few Sports Moguls

Smartphones Are the 'Connecting Piece' for Social Media Trends

Cathy Hughes On Growing A Black Broadcasting Empire

Expand Your Job Search With Social Media

Newsfeed Update: 02.09.11

Keith Olbermann & CBS on the Menu

Strike A Chord At These Tech Titles

Morning Media Newsfeed 02.09.11

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AOL Buys HuffPo; Keith Olbermann Joins Current TV

Social Media Week Seeks Innovation With Multi-City Approach

Intrigue This Agent With Eye-Opening Nonfiction

Newsfeed Update: 02.08.11

Amazon Kindle Page Numbers on the Menu

Craft A DIY-Friendly Pitch For These Shelter Pubs

Morning Media Newsfeed 02.08.11

mbtweets 2.7.11

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Toby Daniels: Social Media Week Is a Global Event with a Regional Theme

Event Photos: SportsNewser Cocktail Party In New York

Newsfeed Update: 02.07.11

Reality TV & Lit Mags on the Menu

Launch A Freelance Gig In These Biz Books

Morning Media Newsfeed 02.07.11

This Week in mb

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NY Observer Gains New EIC; HFMUS Staffers Jump Ship

Break Into The Boys' Club At

Newsfeed Update: 02.04.11

Barnes & Noble Teams Up with Groupon

Write For These Regional Weeklies

Morning Media Newsfeed 02.04.11

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Reach Complex's Savvy Male Readers

Newsfeed Update: 02.03.11

B&N New Writer Award Finalist Eric Puchner on the Menu

Land A Byline In These Travel Mags

Morning Media Newsfeed 02.03.11

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The Daily & Egypt on the Menu

Russell Simmons on Producing (and Starring in) Reality Television

Dispatch Culture Commentary For Slate

Shoot To Online Video Stardom

Newsfeed Update: 02.02.11

Get Your Byline In These Teen Titles

Morning Media Newsfeed 02.02.11

mbTweets: 02.1.11

Our Blog Network: 02.01.11 Loses Rob Neyer; Hearst Acquires Lagardere's Magazines

Russell Simmons: 'It's Unbelievable That the News Gets Away with Sensationalizing'

Make Waves For Your Client In ISLANDS

Newsfeed Update: 02.01.11

Egypt Dispatches on the Menu

Pitch Provocative Personal Essays

Morning Media Newsfeed 02.01.11

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