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Secure A Byline In This Beantown Glossy

Mad Men & Google on the Menu

Newsfeed Update: 3.31.11

Paddle Your Way Into Canoe & Kayak

Morning Media Newsfeed 03.31.11

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Rachel Uchitel Creates A Stir at Michael's

How Dylan Ratigan Went From Garage Jockey To Financial News Expert

Boost Your Value With Web Skills

Newsfeed Update: 3.30.11

GMA Shakup & Baseball Dream Job on the Menu

Nab An Assignment In Niche Mags

Morning Media Newsfeed 03.30.11

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Time Warner Loses Exec To Facebook; Jack Dorsey Returns To Twitter

Is Dylan Ratigan The Next Glenn Beck (Without The Apocalypse Talk)?

Create A Compelling Cover Letter

Newsfeed Update: 3.29.11

Perez Hilton & GE on the Menu

Master Mommy Speak In Parenting Pubs

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Dylan Ratigan's Politics: 'I Skew Toward Stay Out Of My Bedroom And Stay Out Of My Bank Account'

Event Photos: Cocktail Party In Toronto

Showcase Your Client In Men's Health

Newsfeed Update: 03.28.11

The Atavist on the Menu

Write A Pitch That Takes Off In Airline Pubs

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Set Your Sights On Monocle

Morning Media Newsfeed 03.27.11

This Week in mb Features

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McKinsey & Co. Returns To Conde Nast; Google Launches Mag

Claim Your Stake In Philadelphia

Newsfeed Update: 03.25.11

Gotham Bookwriters on the Menu

Score A Home Run At

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Reel In Redbook Readers

Burger King & Self-Publishing on the Menu

Newsfeed Update: 03.24.11

Cover Oregon's Cultural Capital

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Ina Garten, Joanna Coles And The Fashion Flock

Deep Focus CEO Ian Schafer On The Myth of Viral Strategy

Matt LeMay Talks The Business Of

Rise Up The Ranks

Newsfeed Update: 03.23.11

Google Books Settlement on the Menu

Assemble A Freelance Gig In Design Outlets

Morning Media Newsfeed 03.23.11

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HuffPo Lands Another NYT Journo; GQ Bulks Up Staff

Deep Focus CEO Ian Schafer: 'We're Hiring Creatives At Every Level'

It's Not You, It's Your Resume

Newsfeed Update: 03.22.11

Libya & Amazon on the Menu

Write A Juicy Pitch For Black Entertainment Pubs

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Deep Focus CEO Ian Schafer: 'We Struck Gold' With Mad Men Yourself

Event Photos: Startups Cocktail Party In NY

Sell Offbeat Nonfiction To This Lit Agency

Newsfeed Update: 03.21.11

Facebook & Google Books Meet Online

Pitch These Widely-Read Pubs

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Get On The L Train

This week in mbFeatures

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WaPo Writer Joins White House Staff; Industry Reacts To NYT Paywall

Satisfy The Sophisticated Set At Uptown

Newsfeed Update: 03.18.11

Kirkus Reviews on the Menu

Cruise Your Way Into Afar

Morning Media Newsfeed 03.18.11

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The New York Times Announces Paywall

Score With This Guys' Guide

GroupMe & Paywalls on the Menu

Newsfeed Update: 03.17.11

Tour Texas For This Travel Mag

Morning Media Newsfeed 03.17.11

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Separate Tables For Jann Wenner And Neal Boulton

StumbleUpon CEO on the Future of Social Networks

Tweet With Care

Newsfeed Update: 03.16.11

Glenn Beck's Future on the Menu

Create Chemistry With The Editors Of These Mags

Morning Media Newsfeed 03.16.11

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Biz Stone Joins HuffPo; Facebook Poaches Google

StumbleUpon Offers Alternative To Banner Ads

Bring Your Voice To KFI-AM

Newsfeed Update: 03.15.11

Journalists in Japan

Serve Up Service Stories For Busy Moms

Morning Media Newsfeed 03.15.11

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StumbleUpon CEO: 'We Refer Almost As Much Traffic As Facebook'

Event Photos: Cocktail Party In Philadelphia

Pitch Pop Culture Queries To This Agency

SXSW on the Menu

Newsfeed Update: 03.14.11

Cover The Best Of The Midwest

Morning Media Newsfeed 03.14.11

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Morning Media Newsfeed 03.13.11

Introducing The Sunday Morning Media Newsfeed

This Week in mb Features

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NPR CEO Is Out; Massive Layoffs At AOL

Win Over The Editors At Westchester Magazine

Newsfeed Update: 03.11.11

Newsfeed Update: 03.11.11

Andrew Kessler & His Martian Summer

Invest Your Energy In Money Mags

Morning Media Newsfeed 03.11.11

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Spin Coverage In This Windy City Weekly

SxSW & Storytellers on the Menu

Newsfeed Update: 03.10.11

Grow Your Freelance Career In Environmental Mags

Morning Media Newsfeed 03.10.11

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Charlie Rose, Bonnie Fuller And The Ex-Mr. Star Jones

Tucker Carlson: 'I personally think most nightly news programs are terrible.'

Brandon Holley On Her Lucky Gig

Score A Star-Studded Assignment

Future of NPR on the Menu

Newsfeed Update: 03.09.11

Taste Sweet Success In Culinary Titles

Morning Media Newsfeed 03.09.11

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Arianna Staffs Up HuffPo/AOL; Tina Brown's Newsweek Debuts

Tucker Carlson: Live TV Is Like Crack

Newsfeed Update: 03.08.11

Facebook Video Rentals on the Menu

Morning Media Newsfeed 03.08.11

mbTweets: 03.07.11

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Carlson on Olbermann: 'I never cheer when anybody gets fired, having been fired, publicly, at least once.'

Event Photos: Cocktail Parties In Boston and Detroit

WTF is Quora?

Newsfeed Update: 03.07.11

Darin Strauss on the Menu

Engender A Byline In Feminist Titles

Morning Media Newsfeed 03.07.11

This Week in mb

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NYT Editors Leave For Bloomberg; Essence Scores New EIC

Bring Breaking Artists To The Fader

Newsfeed Update: 03.04.11

Self-Publishing on the Menu

Aim For Affluent African-Americans

Morning Media Newsfeed 03.04.11

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Build Buzz For Your Client In The FADER

Newsfeed Update: 03.03.11

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Nail Down An Assignment In Southern Lifestyle Pubs

Morning Media Newsfeed 03.03.11

mbtweets 3.2.11

Our Blog Network: 03.02.11

Blake Lively, Charlie Rose And An Ex-Caped Crusader

Apple Launches iPad 2

Johnny Temple: 'You Can't Keep All Your Eggs in One Basket'

Flex Your Writing Muscles In Self

Know Your Work's Worth

Newsfeed Update: 03.02.11

iPad 2 on the Menu

Pitch Public Interest Outlets

Morning Media Newsfeed 03.02.11

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NY Times Poaches; Dan Abrams Jumps From NBC To ABC

Johnny Temple: 'Authors Don't Need Agents To Submit To Us'

Submit A Standout Pitch To Mendel Media Group

Newsfeed Update: 03.01.11

Charlie Sheen's PR Meltdown

Create Culture Queries With An Offbeat Spin

Morning Media Newsfeed 03.01.11

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