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Hearst Closes Lagardere Deal; The Daily Loses Staffers

Reporter Talks Covering Corruption

Newsfeed Update: 05.31.11

HuffPo Lawsuit Response on the Menu

Pitch Your Prose To Literary Mags

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Increase Your Net Worth At This Business Pub

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Staffers Flee HuffPo; Ed Schultz Suspended

Land On The Pages Of This Destination Pub

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Lunch Hour on the Menu

Toast These Beverage Pubs With Story Ideas

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Help Your Client Take Off In This Travel Mag

Sears Agency Shift on the Menu

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Nab A Byline In Tri-State Pubs

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Barbara Walters and Vernon Jordan Make Appearances; NBC's David Corvo Serves Up TV Dish

Columbia Pictures VP Devon Franklin Talks Netflix, Social Media

Celebrated Crossword Creator On Her Way With Words

Improve Your PR Strategies

Newsfeed Update: 05.25.11

Oprah Winfrey's Legacy on the Menu

These Family Mags Value Strong Freelance Pitches

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NYT Hires Op-Ed Columnist; Scores Editor

Columbia Pictures VP Devon Franklin: 'If You Write a Good Script, We'll Find It'

5 Things You Need to Know This Week: A Very Special Audience Giveaway

White House Online Response on the Menu

Deliver Smart Pitches About Money

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Lend Savvy Advice To Ladies' Mags

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Jumping The Broom Production VP Brings Spirituality to Hollywood

Event Photos: Book Club Party and Cocktail Parties In Detroit, Toronto

Land A Job With Help From Headhunters

Newsfeed Update: 05.23.11

Introducing Booklr

Uncover The Best Of The Northwest

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Invest Your PR Efforts In SmartMoney

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Dick Ebersol Out At NBC; Staff Changes At Morning Joe

Accessible Lifestyle Pitches Win At This Mag

Syria & New Arab Revolt

Newsfeed Update: 05.20.11

Offer Up Fresh Fitness Ideas

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Nab Coverage For Your Client In Rachael Ray's Pub

CLIO Awards on the Menu

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Connect With Tech Outlets

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Tom Brokaw, Trudie Styler, Joan Rivers & Happy Birthday, Jon Meacham!

Introducing 5 Things You Need to Know This Week

Master Mobile Platforms

Newsfeed Update: 05.18.11

Lock In An Assignment At L.A. Mags

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Staff Changes At NYO; Carol Smith In At Hearst

Figure Out If Foursquare Fits Your Client

Newsfeed Update: 05.17.11

Donald Trump's Future on the Menu

Make In-Flight Mags Your Next Freelance Destination

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Event Photos: Cocktail Parties In Austin And Portland

Newsfeed Update: 05.16.11

Figment Lands $1 Million Investment

Get Some Southern Hospitality From This Pub

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Long-Form Stories Are Wanted At This Literary Pub

This Week in mbFeatures

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Drudge Hires Former NYP Staffer; Scott Pelley Scores EP

Pen The Perfect Pitch For Portland

Newsfeed Update: 05.13.11

Facebook's Secret Campaign on the Menu

Pitch Pro-Women Outlets

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Become The Maine PR Source At This Mag

Ad Agency Award Season

Newsfeed Update: 05.12.11

Bring Your Byline To Baby Books

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Kathie Lee Gifford, Marlo Thomas And The Best Seller Brigade

Bill Werde: 'iTunes' Success Does Not Equal Billboard's Detriment'

'Blogging Has Made Entertainment Journalists The Good Guys'

Master Pitching Children's Mags

Newsfeed Update: 05.11.11

Morning Show Shake-Ups on the Menu

Learn The Pitching Policies At These News Mags

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Vieira Leaves Today; John Q. Griffin Departs Time Inc.

Billboard's Bill Werde Takes On Idol, Reality TV

Is Groupon A Good Deal For Your Client?

Newsfeed Update: 05.10.11

Hit Paydirt In Teen Titles

Red Lemonade on the Menu

Morning Media Newsfeed 05.10.11

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Billboard's Bill Werde: 'If You're Gonna Write About Music, You Better Love It'

Filmmaker Uses Technology To Break The Fourth Wall

Newsfeed Update: 05.09.11

A Collection with 80 Co-Authors

Land A Byline In New Jersey Monthly

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Get The Greenlight On An Assignment At Vegetarian Times

This Week in mbFeatures

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OWN CEO Out; WaPo Loses Five Staffers

Break Into This Beantown Book

Newsfeed Update: 05.06.11

The New Arab Revolt on the Menu

Plant Your Byline In Home Design Books

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Swim To Freelance Success At This Fitness Mag

Agency Acquisition on the Menu

Newsfeed Update: 05.05.11

Ship Your Ideas To This Travel Pub

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Joan Collins, Dennis Basso And The Media Mob

Adweek's Michael Wolff: 'The New York Times is a Bore'

Forgo The Traditional Publishing Route

Newsfeed Update: 05.04.11

Presidential Ratings on the Menu

No Pitching Required At This Product Pub

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Yahoo Poaches HuffPo; Staff Shuffles at Today

Adweek's Michael Wolff Talks NYT Paywall, the State of News Corp.

Craft A Compelling Query For This Agency

Newsfeed Update: 05.03.11

Books for Troops on the Menu

Learn The Politics Of Pitching Washingtonian

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Adweek's Michael Wolff: 'We Really Bring Together Buyer and Seller'

Event Photos: Cocktail Parties in New York, D.C. and L.A.

Land Press Placement In Triathlete

Newsfeed Update: 05.02.11

The Atavist on the Menu

Explore The Southwest For This Regional Mag

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Couple Up With This Love Site

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