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Show Some Love to These Romance Sites

Do Good for Your Client in Ode

Newsfeed Update: 06.30.11

MySpace Sold for $35 Million

Bring Your Voice To Beantown Pubs

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Glenn Close and Damages Cast Celebrate Season Four

Go Local For PR Placement

Google+ on the Menu

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Break Into Hip-Hop Books

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CNN Names Ed Henry's Successor; Pogue in Hot Water... Again

5 Things You Need to Know This Week: Marriage, Michele and Movies

Land a Nonfiction Book Deal

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Reading Rainbow Flash Mob

Serve up Made-to-Order Food Pitches

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Event Photos: Cocktail Party in Chicago

Break into the FOB

Newsfeed Update: 06.27.11 & Travel Writers

Get in the Game at Sports Outlets

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Pen an A+ Pitch for Scholastic Titles

This Week in mbFeatures

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Salon CEO Resigns; AMI Buys OK!

Learn How to Score A Byline at Real Simple

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How Bookstores Can Sell eBooks

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Land Real Simple Real Estate

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Harry Potter eBooks on the Way

Be A Vocal Local for Regional Pubs

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The Facebook Era Author Talks Social Media Marketing

Get Your Client The Cool Stamp Of Approval

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Keith Olbermann's Current TV Ratings

Hook These Editors With Humor Pitches

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CNN Poaches Fox News; Spin Fires EIC

5 Things You Need to Know This Week: Mormon Fever and Keith Olbermann

Book Agency Seeks Quality Queries

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Take Your Features To A New Destination

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Should You Shut Down Your Blog?

Tippr & the Future of Social Deals

Newsfeed Update: 06.20.11

Cover The Hip-Hop Beat For These Mags

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ReadyMade Shutters; WaPo Scores Style Editor

Deliver The Best Of The Midwest

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Mars & Book Promotion

Delve Into A Topic For These Brainy Books

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Land Lifestyle Coverage In Midwest Living

Burger King Hypnosis

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Create Multimedia For These Stylish Sites

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Jon Meacham, Desiree Gruber And A Squadron of Spinmeisters

Page One's Andrew Rossi On Getting A Film To Sundance

Nab A Gig At New York Radio Stations

Newsfeed Update: 06.15.11

Samuel L. Jackson Audiobooks on the Menu

Come Out With A Byline At LGBT Mags

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HuffPo Poaches Vanity Fair; Reuters Lands Editor-At-Large

Andrew Rossi on How NYT Sets The Public Agenda

5 Things You Need to Know This Week: Lesbian Bloggers and Chris Cuomo's Checkbook

Sell Your Commercial Fiction To This Agency

Presidential Facebook Ratings

Newsfeed Update: 06.14.11

Create Green Content For These Mags

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Andrew Rossi Goes Inside The New York Times

Should Publicists Pitch Print Or Digital Media?

Newsfeed Update: 06.13.11

Indie Rock Book Promotion Strategies

Find Your Inner Polemic At These Sites

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Propose Your Pitch To Bridal Guide

This Week in mbFeatures

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New Era Begins At Today; Meredith Promotes Execs

Learn The Recipe For Pitching Cooking Light

Newsfeed Update: 06.10.11

What Journalists Need To Know About the New Arab Revolt

Show Your Global Outlook At These Pubs

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Get In The Mix At Cooking Light

Newsfeed Update: 06.09.11

Storyville on the Menu

Work Out An Assignment At Fitness Outlets

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Rick Fox, Arianna Huffington and a Real Housewife

How A Health Scare Made Life Better For CBS News VP

BlogTalkRadio Founder Talks Startups, Radio Reinvented

Find A Career In Food Media

Newsfeed Update: 06.08.11

YouTube Trends on the Menu

Make Pitching Your Business At These Mags

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Couric Joins ABC News; HuffPo Poaches NYT

CBS News VP Chris Licht On Almost Dying

Bring Your Book To The Big Screen

Anthony Weiner's PR Disaster

Newsfeed Update: 06.07.11

Test Your Science Story Pitches

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Chris Licht On Leaving Morning Joe For CBS News

Event Photos: Cocktail Parties In Dallas, Boston

Score Face Time At This Chicago Station

Newsfeed Update: 06.06.11

Google eBooks on the Menu

Earn Big-City Bylines

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Create Content For Cure

This Week in mbFeatures

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Bill Keller Steps Down; Shakeups At Hearst

Bite Into Food Writing At Saveur

Newsfeed Update: 06.03.11

Writing Contests & Book Promotion on the Menu

Get Real About Relationships For These Sites

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Serve Your Client To Saveur

Bill Keller Steps Down

Jill Abramson Named Executive Editor At NYT

Newsfeed Update: 06.02.11

Think Outside The Box For Adventure Titles

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Mary Higgins Clark, The Hiltons And The Media Mob

5 Things You Need to Know This Week: Weinergate, Neck Tattoos and Jet Packs

Simplify Your Freelance Life

Newsfeed Update: 06.01.11

Glenn Beck's New Publishing Division

Spin Offbeat Culture Stories For These Pubs

Morning Media Newsfeed 06.01.11

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