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Be Your Own Publicist

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A Daily Without A Publisher; Yahoo News Taps The Eye

Best of 2011: Surprise Even Your Accountant With These Financial Moves

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Best of 2011: How To Pitch: American Way

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Best of 2011: What Employers Really Want in a Cover Letter

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Top Ad Agency News of 2011

Best of 2011: How To Pitch: Cosmopolitan

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Best of 2011: Meet Josh Elliott, The Newest Face of GMA

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Top TV News Stories of 2011

Best of 2011: How To Pitch: Self

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Anchors Away At CNBC; Us Weekly's Vet Departs

Best of 2011: Get a Resume Refresh

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Top PR News Stories of 2011

Best of 2011: How To Pitch: Ladies' Home Journal

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Best of 2011: Get the Real Deal on Freelancing

Best of 2011: How To Pitch: Redbook

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Engage Employers To Nab That Job

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Observer Goes National; American Idol Gets New Chief

Best of 2011: 5 Google Tools Every Journalist Should Know

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Best of 2011: How To Pitch: Glamour

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Best of 2011: 4 Things Every Resume Should Have

HBO Cancellations on the Menu

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Best of 2011: How To Pitch: Real Simple

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Best of 2011: Nicholas Sparks Hates The Label 'Romance'

Super Bowl Live Stream on the Menu

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Best of 2011: How To Pitch: Marie Claire

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Buyouts at the Grey Lady; New EIC at Rachael Ray

Add Star Power To Your Portfolio

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3,775+ Newspaper Jobs Lost in 2011

Profiles With Finesse Earn Bylines

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Event Photos:'s Publishing App Expo

Go On The Defensive With These PR Moves

Newsfeed Update: 12.19.11

Features On Big Apple Nitty-Gritty

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This Week in mbFeatures

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Times CEO Retires; Amanpour To Leave This Week

EW's Kristen Baldwin on the Ryan Gosling Factor

Get Your Words' Worth

HuffPost Book Club on the Menu

Newsfeed Update: 12.16.11

Pitch Worth Writing Home About

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Elevator Pitch: Kogeto Brings 360° Video to iPhone

Tackle Big Issues For This Little Sister Pub

Facebook Timeline on the Menu

Newsfeed Update: 12.15.11

Don't Hold Back For These Conservation Mags

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Harold Ford Jr., Star Jones & Donny Deutsch

Kristen Baldwin on Bringing EW to Tablets: 'We really wanted to wait until we got it right'

Ebony's EIC Talks Journeys

Google Your Stories

Newsfeed Update: 12.14.11

Donald Trump's Debate on the Menu

$2/Word For A Scoop At These Pop Culture Pubs

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Buzzfeed's Political Move; Duffy's Time

Entertainment Weekly's Kristen Baldwin Talks 'Entertainers of the Year'

Jump-start Your Portfolio

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UK PR Scandal on the Menu

Wine And Dine These Editors

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Be Popular With Editors

Newsfeed Update: 12.12.11

A Woman's Touch On Political News

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This Week in mbNews

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This Week in mbFeatures

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BET Lands a Holmes Run; Facebook's Big Reorg

Refresh Editors' Palates With Personal Pitches

Newsfeed Update: 12.09.11

Resonate On The Page, iPad And Beyond

Morning Media Newsfeed 12.09.11

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Our Blog Network: 12.08.11's Getting A New Look

Coast To A Byline With A Feature Package

Newsfeed Update: 12.08.11

Serve Up Meaty News Queries

Morning Media Newsfeed 12.08.11

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Henry Kravis, John Huey & Kim Kardashian's BFF

Our Blog Network: 12.07.11

Style A Fashionista's Blog

Newsfeed Update: 12.07.11

An Ode To Scribes

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Publishing App Expo & Online Visibility

Pen The Luxurious Lifestyle

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Newsfeed Update: 12.05.11

Nail Your Pitches For These DIY Pubs

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This Week in mbFeatures

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Hone Your Tech Queries For This Review

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OR Books at Publishing App Expo

Editors Will Eat This Up

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Elevator Pitch: Meporter Makes Everyone a Reporter

Tap Into The Tween Market

Radio Shack Agency Review on the Menu

Newsfeed Update: 12.01.11

Fly High With Feature Bylines

Morning Media Newsfeed 12.01.11

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