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Buzzfeed's Latest Hire; Spitzer's Possible Return

The Daily's Publisher on Year One: 'We've Absolutely Met Our Expectations'

Newsfeed Update: 01.31.12

The Great Muppet Media Criticism

American Way's 24 Issues Are Wide Open For Pitches

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.31.12

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Should Entrepreneurs Self-Publish?

Event Photos: Cocktail Party in D.C.

Share Your Self With These 15 Titles

Newsfeed Update: 01.30.12

Penguin Promotion Tips

Earn A Cool $100 For Your Recipes At Relish

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.30.12

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Event Photos: Cocktail Parties in Austin

This Week in mbFeatures

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Facebook Asks Reporters to Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement

Strong Reporting Gets $1.50/Word at New York Mag

Newsfeed Update: 01.27.12

Pinterest Tools on the Menu

Surprise Editors With Exclusives At TV Guide

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.27.12

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Elevator Pitch: Fashion Startup Shops for Investors

VOTE: Is it Fair to Brand Journalists as Part of the 'Elite Media'?

What's the Most Literate City in America?

Newsfeed Update: 01.26.12

Target Hot Button Issues For Curve's Niche Audience

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.26.12

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How Brad Goreski Got an Internship at Vogue

One Speech. 766,681 Tweets.

What to Do After the Interview

Newsfeed Update: 01.25.12

Be TONY's Ear To The Ground

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.25.12

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Woman's Day Finds New Chief; The New Romenesko

Brad Goreski on His Falling Out with Rachel Zoe

'If I saw Chuck [Lorre] on the street I would give him a hug. For the first seven years, not the eighth.'

Let Your Personal Stories Reel In a Byline for The Times

Academy Award Nominees on the Menu

Newsfeed Update: 01.24.12

See Your Byline In Feature Packages For Coastal Living

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.24.12

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10 Bestselling Books With 50 Plus One-Star Amazon Reviews

Breakout Styling Star Brad Goreski Takes Us Inside His 'Brad, Brad World'

Afternoon Media Newsfeed: 01.23.12

Event Photos: Meet the Teachers Party in New York

Newsfeed Update: 01.23.12

Writing for Facebook Games

Share A Man's Perspective On Women's Health

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.23.12

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From Paper Boy To President; Staffers Flee Rodale

Introducing 'Sh*t News Reporters Say'

Afternoon Media Newsfeed: 01.20.12

Highlight Northwest Newsmakers at Portland Monthly

Newsfeed Update: 01.20.12

Book Secrets from HUGE CEO

Nab A Feature Byline At Real Simple

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.20.12

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'Cubes' Takes a Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Audible

Expand Your Online Portfolio At

Newsfeed Update: 01.19.12

Be The First Word On Tech Stories At Wired

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.19.12

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The A-List Returns! Barbara Walters, Charlie Rose, Barry Diller Hold Court at Michael's

Newsfeed Update: 01.18.12

Website Blackout on the Menu

Earn Up To $3 A Word At Men's Health

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.18.12

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TechCrunch 2.0; AP Branches Out To Korea

Best Web Video Scripts of 2011

Newsfeed Update: 01.17.12

Pen A Great Story

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.17.12

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Fatten Up Your Resume To Nab That Interview

Parents Should Get Personal For Feature Bylines

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.16.12

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Letterman Breaks A Late Night Milestone

Think Local For This Global Mag

Newsfeed Update: 01.13.12

Building Apps for Cars

Hardhitting But Humorous Leads To Bylines

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.13.12

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Have You Kept Your Resolutions?

'Nothing Gives Me More Pleasure Than Finding New Writers'

Target's Agency Change on the Menu

Newsfeed Update: 01.12.12

Your Next Byline's In The Sky With These In-Flight Pubs

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.12.12

mbTweets 1.11.12

George Lucas, Jon Meacham & the Usual Suspects

Our Blog Network: 1.11.12

How Being a College Athlete Prepared Sandra Smith for the Real World

How To Nab That Promotion

New Hampshire Primary Coverage on the Menu

Newsfeed Update: 01.11.12

Organic Pitches Can Grow A Byline At These Pubs

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.11.12

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Yahoo Finds New Leader; Fox Signs Up Cheney

Sandra Smith Goes from Trader to Reporter

Bump Along To This Station's Beats

PR Stress on the Menu

Newsfeed Update: 01.10.12

Sprint Towards A Byline At Runners Pubs

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.10.12

mbTweets 1.9.12

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From the Windy City to Wall Street, FBN's Sandra Smith Follows the Money

Inspire These Editors' Daily Meals

Newsfeed Update: 01.09.12

HuffPost Book Club Goes Live

Pitch News For Fashion-Forward Females

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.09.12

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The Daily's Latest News; The AP Gets Social

Add Medical Writing to Your Freelancing Portfolio

Newsfeed Update: 01.06.12

Feature A Feminine Point Of View

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.06.12

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What to Do After the Interview

Newsfeed Update: 01.05.12

Banished Words on the Menu

Snagging A Byline At This Pub Is A Breeze

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.05.12

Our Blog Network: 1.4.12

mbTweets 1.4.12

David Carey & the Media Mob Get Back to Business

Make 2012 The Year Of Bylines

Newsfeed Update: 01.04.12

Iowa Caucuses Coverage on the Menu

Serve Up Gentlemanly Advice For Dude Domains

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.04.12

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CNN Gets An Early Start; Mashable's Latest Scoop

Resolution #1: Stop Procrastinating Now

Iowa Caucuses by the Books

Newsfeed Update: 01.03.12

Score Big Bylines At These Sport Mags

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.03.12

Score A 'Tweet' Social Media Gig

These Editors Got An Ear For Unusual Pitches

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.02.12

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