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Dan Rather, Steve Kroft and An Encore Appearance by John Legend

How Mike Catherwood Got on Dancing with the Stars

How To Hit That Perfect Pitch

Newsfeed Update: 02.29.12

LHJ Editors Love Cleverly Packaged Pieces

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EXCLUSIVE: Jackie Collins to Self-Publish

Buzzfeed's Hiring Coup; More Turnover At AOL

Newsfeed Update: 02.28.12

Oscar Ratings on the Menu

Think Outside The Music Box For The Source

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Event Photos: Cocktail Party in Detroit

The 5 Fastest Growing Social Media Skills on LinkedIn

Newsfeed Update: 02.27.12

Why Self Published Authors Need Editors

Pitch Servicey FOB Queries for Brides and Grooms

Morning Media Newsfeed 02.27.12

Highlight The Good for $1 Per Word

My First Big Break: Dan Rather

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Readers Dissect Dr. Wayne Dyer's Tactics For Success

Fresh Health Pitches Score Points At WeightWatchers

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Death of Interactive Ads; ESPN Hires NBA Legend

Event Photos: Cocktail Party in Los Angeles

Highlight The Good for $1 Per Word

Pinterest Opt-Out on the Menu

Newsfeed Update: 02.24.12

Maxim Editors Place High Premium On Originality

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Google Glasses: Augmented Reality or Dystopian Horror?

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Expert Storytellers Wanted At Runner's World

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Stephen Colbert's Book Deal on the Menu

Newsfeed Update: 02.22.12

Pump Out Bylines At Men's Health

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ESPN Fires Writer; Clinton Returning to NBC

Jeremy Lin by the eBooks

Newsfeed Update: 02.21.12

Grow Your Portfolio With Better Homes

Morning Media Newsfeed 02.21.12

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7 Personality Traits Every Entrepreneur Needs

Zane Reveals How She Made Erotica Mainstream

Pitch Short Bursts Of Personality To Glamour

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Share Saving Tips At All You

Elevator Pitch: Is Piictu the Next Instagram?

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Journos Respond to Janice Min Interview

Finding Life After Layoffs

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Buchanan Out At MSNBC; King's Split with CNN

Mediabistro at Social Media Week

Publicists, Use Sweepstakes to Break into All You

Geosocial Apps on the Menu

Newsfeed Update: 02.17.12

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XXL Staffers Suspended Over Offensive Video

Bill O'Reilly Deal on the Menu

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Katie Couric, Star Jones and the Fashion Week Flock

Event Photos: Cocktail Party in Los Angeles

Janice Min: 'We need to make Hollywood Reporter bigger'

Lin-Sanity on the Menu

Newsfeed Update: 02.15.12

Service Pieces For Ladies' Home Journal

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Deadspin Founder Returns; W Poaches Vogue

Event Photos: Inside Social Apps

Pinterest for PR Professionals

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Event Photos: Cocktail Parties in San Francisco

Optimism on the Menu

Newsfeed Update: 02.13.12

Your Long-Form Stories Have A Home At The Walrus

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This Week in mbFeatures

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The Beast Reorgs; "More Exposure" for FBN

Mediabistro at Inside Social Apps Conference

Event Photos: Cocktail Party in Boston

Publicists, Fill New York's Pages With A Scoop

Newsfeed Update: 02.10.12

Salman Rushdie Gets a Soundtrack

A Right Pitch Can Lead To A Byline At Rolling Stone

Morning Media Newsfeed 02.10.12

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Cubes: VIP Office Tour of Seamless

Publishing Community Reacts to Zane Interview

'Think Seasonally' For Green Parenting Mag Kiwi

Inside Social Apps Conference on the Menu

Newsfeed Update: 02.09.12

Pen A Profile For Writer's Digest

Morning Media Newsfeed 02.09.12

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Star Jones, Kerry Kennedy & Publicists APlenty

Our Blog Network: 2.8.12

Mikki Taylor's Advice for Magazine Editors: 'Take the Leap Forward'

Tactical Interview Follow-Ups To Cinch The Job

Newsfeed Update: 02.08.12

Streaming Sports & Amazon Rumors on the Menu

Morning Media Newsfeed 02.08.12

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Post Columnist's Dramatic Exit; Time Nabs A Beast

Essence's Mikki Taylor Takes on Casual Fridays

"Being on DIY Network bought me a learning curve."

Newsfeed Update: 02.07.12

Susan G. Komen for the Cure Recovery on the Menu

Gun For A Feature At This Southern Glossy

Morning Media Newsfeed 02.07.12

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Mikki Taylor on Her 30 Years at Essence

Newsfeed Update: 02.06.12

What's Inside Your Favorite Book?

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This Week in mbTweets

This Week in mbTweets

This Week in mbNews

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This Week in mbFeatures

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Dow Jones Gets New Leader; Wolff Bounces Back

Event Photos: TVNewser and TVSpy 2012 Campaign Party

Super Bowl Social Media on the Menu

Newsfeed Update: 02.03.12

Pitch Servicey Features At Running Times

Morning Media Newsfeed 02.03.12

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Former Grand Central Author Responds to Jamie Raab

My First Big Break: Brian Williams

Ink A Story For Your Clients

Newsfeed Update: 02.02.12

Super Bowl Ads on the Menu

Morning Media Newsfeed 02.02.12

mbTweets 2.1.12

Manhattan's A-List Turns Out for Harvey Weinstein's Giants Pep Rally

Our Blog Network: 2.1.12

Breaking: Facebook Officially Files SEC Documents for Public Offer

Event Photos: Cocktail Party in Detroit

Grand Central Publisher Takes on eBooks

5 Time Management Tips for Freelancers

Streaming Video on the Menu

Newsfeed Update: 02.01.12

Pitch Everything Under The Sun

Morning Media Newsfeed 02.01.12

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