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A New President for CNN; Hundreds of Layoffs at LivingSocial

Event Photos: Mediabistro Lost Remote Party in New York

E L James Is Publishers Weekly's Person of the Year

Freelancers Everywhere Can Land a Byline in San Antonio

The Danger of Linking YouTube Videos to Your Website

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How To Build Online Book Collections

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The 5 Best eReaders to Give This Holiday

Will The White House's New Social Media Strategy Work?

Vote in FishbowlNY's Cover Battle

Submit to Random House's New Digital Imprints

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Harvey Weinstein, David Zinczenko and Peggy Siegal Throws Another Party

Pitch Positive Ideas to The Intelligent Optimist

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Southern Living Snags a Former First Daughter; Changes at CBS This Morning

The New York Times Wants to Keep Nate Silver, 'Expand on What He Does'

CEO Jeff Weiner Explains What LinkedIn Will Look Like in 10 Years

Simon & Schuster Launches Self-Publishing Service

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Event Photos: Mediabistro Cocktail Party in San Francisco

My First Big Break: Lou Dobbs

Mo Rocca: 'My job is basically like going back to college and taking only electives'

5 Questions to Ask a Job Candidate's References

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5 Key Considerations for Facebook Page Promotions

ElfYourself Is Back... And This Time They're Doing It Live

Write for Adventurous Women

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Zinczenko Leaves Rodale; Major Garrett Returns to TV

Elvis Mitchell on Film Criticism: 'The more diverse voices there are, the better off we are.'

Why LinkedIn Endorsements Work

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What Is New Adult Fiction?

Tina Brown: Taking Over Newsweek Was 'Completely Insane'

7 Tips for Polishing Your Social Media Profiles

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Event Photos: Mediabistro Cocktail Party in Miami

Cubes: VIP Tour of Conde Nast

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Today Gets a New EP; Layoffs at Variety

Report: Google Maps Is Coming Back to the App Store

National Lampoon Co-Founder Shares Writing Advice

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Fizziology Determines How Much People Like a TV Show

Lend a New Perspective on These Fiscal Times

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The 'Cosmo 100' with Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Seinfeld

Facebook, Agencies, Developers Launch Social Jobs Partnership Jobs Board

Washingtonian Writers Wanted

Is GIF the Best Word of the Year?

Newsfeed Update: 11.14.12

Pitch With a Lesbian Curve

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Huge Changes at Today Show; Microsoft Loses VIP

WaPo: Marty Baron In, Marcus Brauchli Out

GIF Named Oxford Dictionaries' USA Word of the Year

This Portal Is Powered by Freelancers

Facebook Targeting Tools on the Menu

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Businessweek Pulls Article Ranking Schools by Girls' 'Hotness'

Pitching The Los Angeles Review of Books

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Event Photos: Mediabistro Sister Site Inside Network's "Network, Get Work" Happy Hour

My First Big Break: Susan Blond

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Layoffs Abound At Groupon; Cosmo Staffs Up

Event Photos: Mediabistro Cocktail Party in Miami

Sheryl Sandberg Sells More Facebook Shares

Cover the Big Apple's Best for Manhattan

How Writers Can Use Kickstarter

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My First Big Break: Susan Blond

Why Instagram's Web Profiles Could Benefit News Organizations

Parade Your Words for $3 Each

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Chuck Porter on the Key to Advertising Success: 'Don't Do It Unless You Love It'

Mo Rocca: 'My job is basically like going back to college and taking only electives'

Election Night Coverage & Predictions

Newsfeed Update: 11.07.12

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BuzzFeed Turns to Longform; Roll Call Gets A New Editor

TVNewser Live Blogs the Election at 7 p.m. ET

Chuck Porter on CP+B's Expansion Plans and Reinventing Domino's

Pour Your Ideas Into This Pub

Hurricane Sandy & Social Media

Newsfeed Update: 11.06.12

Go Vegetarian and Epicurean for This Pub

Morning Media Newsfeed 11.06.12

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Chuck Porter on MDC's Acquisition Strategy and Life With Miles Nadal

Are You an Improper Bostonian?

The Nets Move to Brooklyn

Newsfeed Update: 11.05.12

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My First Big Break: Spike Lee

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Changes at MSLO; Pew Gets a New President

TED Teaming with HuffPo for 'TED Weekends' Section

Laid-Off GOOD Staffers Launch Tomorrow Magazine

Cover Regional Trends for Charlotte

Newsfeed Update: 11.02.12

Morning Media Newsfeed 11.02.12

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Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia to Cut 70 Staffers, Reduce Magazines

$1,300 iPad Rocking Chair Lets You Charge While Reading

Sandy Twitter Troll Outed and Shamed

My First Big Break: Spike Lee

Get in the Game at Triathlete

Newsfeed Update: 11.01.12

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