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See Your Byline in Marie Claire

Super Bowl Commercials on the Menu

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Shirley MacLaine Stops by a Birthday Party for Liz Smith

Time Inc. Cuts 500, Eliminates 6 Percent of Workforce

How To Submit Your Novel to Tor UK

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Food Writers Wanted at Plate

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The Times Restructures; Warner Bros. Gets a New CEO

Fishbowl5+ with Bizarre Foodie Andrew Zimmern

To Excel at Super Bowl Advertising, Watch Game of Thrones

Transmit Your Ideas to Technology Review

How Reading Can Boost a Kid's IQ by Over 6 Points

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Google+ Passes Twitter to Become Second Largest Social Network

Filmmakers and Freelancers Are Welcome at The Grio

Take the Month of Letters Challenge

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Cover Regional Trends for Charlotte

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Event Photos: Mediabistro's AgencySpy & New York Festivals Cocktail Party in New York

Sara Horowitz: 'Freelancers, to me, are the important workforce of this next era'

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Several Take Times Buyouts; Layoffs at Meredith

Event Photos: Mediabistro's AgencySpy & New York Festivals Cocktail Party in New York

Keep Your Pitches Green for Whole Life Times

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Tailor The Perfect Pitch For GQ

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Twitter Unveils Video-Sharing Service, Vine

Capture the Colorado Atmosphere for 5280

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Seventeen Wants Your True Stories

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Lesley Stahl, Cynthia McFadden & Lindsay Lohan's Interior Decorator

R.L. Stine: ERMAHGERD! My First Big Break

Tamron Hall on Juggling Her MSNBC, Today Show Gigs

Manti Te'o Opens Up to Katie Couric

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Get $1/Word for Your Fitness Features

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The Financial Times Announces Digital Shift; CBS Gets A New Contributor

What's Your Favorite App?

Foursquare to Syndicate Content from Publisher of Village Voice

Score a Home Run at

Google+ Can Help You Get a Job at Google

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Forecast the Future for Popular Science

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Cubes: The Huffington Post

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Event Photos: Meet the Teachers Party in New York

Elevator Pitch: 'Black Lapel'

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Fox News Gets A New Contributor; Newspapers Suffer Layoffs

Event Photos: Meet the Teachers Party in New York

Writers Wanted at Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

Small Demons Inks New Publisher Deals

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Find Savings for All You

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6 Ways to Promote Your Book on a Budget

Networks Angling for Manti Te'o Interview

Find a Destination for Your Pitches

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Sandra Lee's New Magazine and Novel; Hoda Kotb Celebrates Book Number Two

Elevator Pitch: 'Black Lapel'

Dave Karger Dissects the 2013 Oscar Nominations

Master These Skills for the Digital World

Dan Brown to Publish a New Novel in May

Newsfeed Update: 01.16.13

Pitch the Progressive Side of the South

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CNET vs. CBS; Layoffs at Reuters

5 Ways to Tap Into the Hidden Job Market

Lance Armstrong's Confession: A PR Win for Oprah?

Facebook Announces Graph Search

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Write for the Entrepreneur at Inc.

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TweetDeck Risks Closure After Failing to File Business Accounts

Pinpoint Ebony's "Bold New Tack"

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Business and Tech News Wanted at

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Z-Life Magazine Wants Your Pitches

Event Photos: Social Curation Summit in Los Angeles

Cubes: A 'Better' Tour of Meredith

VIA Wants Down-to-Earth Destination Ideas

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Gawker Gets a New EIC; Pink Slips Imminent at Time

How Arrested Development on Netflix Will Confront a Unique Social TV Challenge

Z-Life Magazine Wants Your Pitches

CES 2013 Dispatch

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Pitch an Honest Slice of Chi-town to Time Out

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Which is the Bigger Oscar Snub: Ben Affleck or Kathryn Bigelow?

Land $2 a Word at TV Guide

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Lisa Vanderpump Dishes on the Beverly Hills Housewives, Wendy Williams Holds Court

Cubes: A 'Better' Tour of Meredith

Inside Our America with Lisa Ling

CBS Game Show to Offer EA Job at Cosmo as Prize

VIA Wants Down-to-Earth Destination Ideas

Jimmy Kimmel Gets Late Night Promotion

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Leave Your Bylines in San Francisco

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Layoffs at Politico; Exits at Current TV

5 Best Practices for Hashtags

Hatchet Job of the Year Shortlist

Newsfeed Update: 01.08.13

Go Inside Jersey for Your Next Byline

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Calling All Media Startups!

Parody Writing Advice for Writers

Newsfeed Update: 01.07.13

Claim Your Stake In Philadelphia

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Event Photos: Social Gaming & Gambling Summit in Los Angeles

My First Big Break: Christiane Amanpour

What's the Key to a Great iPad App? 'Do Not Annoy'

10 Terms Every Freelance Writer Should Know

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The Dish Goes Indie; Al Jazeera Buys Current TV

Event Photos: Social Gaming & Gambling Summit in Los Angeles

Cook Up Mouthwatering Recipes for Clean Eating

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Twitter Valued at More Than $11 Billion, Eyes 2014 IPO

How Media Professionals Can Use SoundCloud

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Andrew Sullivan Says Adios to Daily Beast

My First Big Break: Christiane Amanpour

Newsfeed Update: 01.02.13

Be an Advocate for the LGBT Audience

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.02.13

Elevator Pitch: TwoChop Turns Website Content into Games

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