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Mo Rocca: 'My job is basically like going back to college and taking only electives'

BuzzMedia CEO on Layoffs, 2013 Plans

Get Your Byline in All the Books

Literature Meets American Idol

Run a Feature in Variety

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Mika Brzezinski, Miss USA and a Mysterious Stephen Baldwin Sighting

Al Roker: 'Don't be a jerk'

The Tudors Producer Gives Screenwriting Tips

Do Not Update Your Kindle iOS App

Reach the Shopping Obsessed at

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Wired Nabs Gizmodo EIC; ABC Poaches From The New York Times

Toni Morrison to Headline Google+ Hangout & Digital Book Signing

How to Get on a Hiring Manager's Radar

Bite Off a Byline at Relish

Scariest Books of the Year

Pitch Music Trends with the Right Vibe

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Isabel Wilkerson Talks Becoming an Author

WATCH: Mediabistro's Post-Oscars Google+ Hangout

Propose Fresh Features to Bridal Guide

Morning Media Newsfeed 02.25.13

Event Photos: Mediabistro Cocktail Party in Washington, D.C.

Elevator Pitch: Hoppit

5 Networking Tips for People Who Hate Networking

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Soledad O'Brien (Sort Of) Out At CNN; New EIC at DC Magazine

Event Photos: Mediabistro Cocktail Party in Washington, D.C.

Security Breach at Zendesk May Affect Your Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest Accounts

Go Hyperlocal for Edible Queens

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Resume Risks That Worked

LIVE Monday, February 25: Post-Oscars Google+ Hangout

Nail the Right Voice for Girls' Life

Former Anchor Rob Morrison Faces 'Very Serious Blow to His Career'

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Tory Burch's Ex Dines With Ron Perelman; Kelly Bensimon Goes Back to School

Elevator Pitch: Hoppit

How Adam Glassman Got a Top Spot at O Magazine

Rob Morrison Out at WCBS

Robin Roberts Returns to GMA

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A New Executive Editor for Business Insider; A New Correspondent for Entertainment Tonight

5 Useful Twitter Features You Might Have Overlooked

Could You Write New Sherlock Holmes Stories?

Bring Timely Culture Coverage to

Morning Media Newsfeed 02.19.13

My First Big Break: Ken Burns

Dave Karger Dissects the 2013 Oscar Nominations

Event Photos: Mediabistro Cocktail Party in Los Angeles

Cubes: Take A Tour of Ogilvy PR

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New Faces at Fox; Looming Layoffs at Reuters

Tamron Hall on Juggling Her MSNBC, Today Show Gigs

Pitches That Worked: Texas Highways

Kickstarter Launches a New App

WaPo Lays Off Workers in Hush-Hush Manner

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Leverage Your Brand's "Likes"

Get Inked in This Mag's Feature Well

What Writers Need To Know About Scrabble

The Inside Scoop on Facebook's Hiring Practices

Pen Stories with a Southern Connection

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Cubes: Take A Tour of Ogilvy PR

How the Founder of Pitchfork Made It Big

8 Fields Ready to Hire Journalists

Washingtonian Writers Wanted

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More Changes at the Times; Essence Loses EIC

Why Nicholas Sparks Hates the 'Romance' Label

Sorry, LinkedIn Users: You're Not All That Special

Finish Your Book with Mediabistro

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Constance White Out at Essence

7 Tips for Giving Employee Feedback

NBC, Hearst Magazines to Rebrand G4 as 'Esquire Network'

Cinchcast on the Menu

Capture Southern Culture for This Pub

Morning Media Newsfeed 02.11.13

Event Photos: Mediabistro Cocktail Party in Los Angeles

Score a Job at Rubenstein PR

Lovetown, USA Host Talks Relationship Writing

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Little, Brown Gets a New Publisher; Robin Roberts Announces GMA Return

Valentines for Journalists: "Will you be my lede-ing lady?"

Event Photos: Mediabistro Cocktail Party in Los Angeles

How to Respond to Negative Social Media Feedback

Strong Research Gets Up to $1.50/Word

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Are Email Interviews That Bad? Yes.

Politico: Fox News to 'Purge' Controversy, 'Tone Down' Coverage

Highlight Northwest Newsmakers at Portland Monthly

The Walking Dead Returns to AMC

Newsfeed Update: 02.07.13

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Naomi Campbell and Her Supermodel Castmates Dish About Their New 'Face'

Score a Job at Rubenstein PR

What Media Professionals Need To Know About Twitter Vine

Newsfeed Update: 02.06.13

See Your Freelancing Career Take Flight

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The Verge Hires Former CNET Writer; A New Managing Editor at WaPo

How to Protect Your Social Networks from Internet Fraud

Three Major Publishers Launch Bookish

Newsfeed Update: 02.05.13

Pen a Profile for Milwaukee Magazine

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WATCH: Mediabistro's Post-Super Bowl Hangout

Drinking With Writers

Newsfeed Update: 02.04.13

Morning Media Newsfeed 02.04.13

7 Tips for Polishing Your Social Media Profiles

LIVE Monday, February 4: Mediabistro's Post-Super Bowl Google+ Hangout

R.L. Stine: ERMAHGERD! My First Big Break

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Cuts at Time Inc.; President of NBC News Steps Down

LIVE Monday, February 4: Mediabistro's Post-Super Bowl Google+ Hangout

Steve Capus Out at NBC News

7 Tips for Polishing Your Social Media Profiles

Why Do You Write?

Newsfeed Update: 02.01.13

Bring Solutions to Redbook

Morning Media Newsfeed 02.01.13

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