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News Corp. to Launch WSJ Profile, a LinkedIn Competitor

The Chicago Sun-Times Lays Off Photographers; Former Village Voice Staffers Find New Gigs

Jay Mohr on Sports, Twitter and Waiting in Trailers

Gear Your Pitch Toward a Real Working Mother

Avoid TV Spoilers with Google Chrome Silencer

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Morning Media Newsfeed: Sun-Times Staff Laid Off, Spin Fires EIC, New Robin Roberts Gig?

Robin Roberts: Daytime Host?

How Freelancers Can Avoid Not Getting Paid

Only the Timeliest Make the Cut at Jet

3 Ways to Up Your Reader Engagement

Keep Your Pitches Green for Whole Life Times

Morning Media Newsfeed: NYT, AP Snub Holder, Musto’s New Gigs, MSNBC Ratings Crash

Dishing with Scandal's Tony Goldwyn; Catching Up With Michael Strahan

WMTW Crew Finds Missing Man While Reporting on Search

5 Habits of Successful Social Media Managers

Score Up to $2 a Word at Ladies' Home Journal

Morning Media Newsfeed: Newsweek for Sale, News Corp Cuts Coming, De Rosa Joins Circa

How to Get Kids to Read Newspapers

Al Jazeera Looks for Talent; Katie Finds A New EP

How to Stay on the Right Side of the Boss/Buddy Line

Bridget Jones Explores Social Media

PR Debate: Is McDonald's Exploiting the Charles Ramsay Situation?

Nail the Right Voice for Girls' Life

Morning Media Newsfeed: Yahoo! Eyes Hulu, Gawker Raises $200K, Fashion Mags' Ad Report

Rosanna Scotto: My First Big Break

5 Keys of a Successful Social Media Promotion

Land Up to $2 Per Word at Rachael Ray

How to Make Your Article SEO-Friendly

The Do's and Don'ts of Pinterest Promotion

Uncover New Talents at The Fader

Sara Shepard's Path to Pretty Little Liars

How Writers Can Land Repeat Assignments

Think Beyond the Page for Wired

Layoffs at Rock Center; Hiring

Tracey Edmonds Takes on Web TV

News Corp. to Officially Split June 28

Freelancers Everywhere Can Land a Byline in San Antonio

Morning Media Newsfeed: Obama 'Troubled' By Leak, Four Bidding on Hulu, Martin Joins NYT

What I Learned From Writing 2,000 Articles About Twitter

The Young Turks Founder on Building a Grassroots Web TV Network

Land Up to $2 Per Word at Rachael Ray

Op-Ed: Is it Racist?

Digital Tools for Crime Journalists

Get $2 a Word at Real Simple

Morning Media Newsfeed: Judge Sorry in Leak Probe, Anchor Conners Fired, Morgan Bans Loesch

Penguin Settles for $75 Million in eBook Pricing Suit

Score a Job at Hachette

Sara Shepard's Path to Pretty Little Liars

How to Sell Fan Fiction on Amazon

New Freelancers Welcome at The Source

Morning Media Newsfeed: ESPN Lays Off Hundreds, Tumblr Employee Payday, More Gov't Snooping

Are Facebook Hashtags Getting Closer?

ESPN Cuts Hundreds; Staffers Quit the Village Voice

How David Karp Launched Tumblr

ESPN Cutting Hundreds of Staffers

Filmmakers and Freelancers Are Welcome at The Grio

Morning Media Newsfeed: DOJ Targeted Fox News, Voice Writers Quit, Karp Nets $250 Million

How Does Kara Swisher Get So Many Scoops?

Yahoo! Confirms Plans to Acquire, But Not 'Screw Up,' Tumblr

The Art of Getting Blurbs

Land $2 Per Word at O, The Oprah Magazine

Morning Media Newsfeed: Yahoo! Buying Tumblr, Village Voice Layoffs, Karl Regrets Report

Star EIC: 'Us Weekly is the biggest culprit of hypocrisy'

Event Photos: Mediabistro's Lost Remote, The NYC Show

Conserve Your Green Stories for Audubon

Pitch Winning Advice for Every Inc.

Layoffs at the Village Voice; Cuts at Patch

Star EIC: 'Us Weekly is the biggest culprit of hypocrisy'

7 Grammar and Copy Mistakes Almost Every Writer Makes

How To Shape a Nonfiction Book Proposal

Mediabistro Covers Google I/O Conference

Find a Destination for Your Pitches

Morning Media Newsfeed: Yahoo! Eyes Tumblr, Post Buys Out Veterans, Miami Herald Moves

The Top 10 Cover Letter Fails Ever

Isabel Wilkerson Talks Becoming an Author

Conserve Your Green Stories for Audubon

Google Plus Now Uses Artificial Intelligence to Automatically Sort and Modify Photos

Bring Your Unique Perspective to Ebony

Morning Media Newsfeed: Gov't Pushes Shield Law, Bernstein Hacked, Gazette Office Closed

Bravo 'Newlyweds' Alaska and Kim Dish on Reality TV Instafame

Rosanna Scotto: My First Big Break

Ed Gordon on the Future of Broadcasting

So You Want to Work in Advertising?

How To Pitch This American Life

Capture the Colorado Atmosphere for 5280

Morning Media Newsfeed: Gov't Defends AP Snoop, Apple Denies Collusion, Sambolin Has Cancer

A.J. Clemente Plotting His TV Comeback While Working as a Bartender

Seth Meyers Gets A New Gig; Barbara Walters Announces Retirement

Where to Find Your Next Story

Atlantic Media Launches 'Defense One'

Author Sells Book Only Though Bitcoin

See Your Byline in Marie Claire

Morning Media Newsfeed: Gov't Spyies on AP, Bloomberg Snoop Leaked, Brothers Dies

What Brands Are Really Doing on Instagram

5 Questions to Ask a Job Candidate's References

Bloomberg News Editor on Spying: 'The Error is Inexcusable'

How Writers Can Explore Erotic Fiction

Zero in on the World of Hardcore Runners

Morning Media Newsfeed: Bloomberg Snooping, Meyers Succeeds Fallon, Walters to Retire in 2014

How to Hire the Best Candidate for the Job

Event Photos: Mediabistro's Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo in New York

Take A Tour of Huge

Get $1/Word (and Up) for Your New England Stories

Build Your Portfolio at Dwell

Take Your Networking to the Next Level

Layoffs at the Daily News; Village Voice EIC Quits

TheLadders Survey Reveals Correlation Between Short Names & High Salaries

How to Hire the Best Candidate for the Job

Why Writers Listen To Prog Rock

Freelancers Fill the Pages at American Way

Morning Media Newsfeed: Village Voice Turmoil, NY Post Buyouts, Say Media Layoffs

Village Voice Editors Resign Rather Than Fire Staffers

The Great Gatsby Video Game

LinkedIn Releases New 'Channels' for Reading Articles and Slide Shows

Cook Up Mouthwatering Recipes for Clean Eating

Morning Media Newsfeed: Daily News Layoffs, News Corp. Soars, AOL Revenue Up

Shonda Rhimes is Disney's No. 1 Drama Money Maker

David Zinczenko on His New 'High-Profile Life' and the Real Story Behind His Leaving Rodale

AOL Revenue is Up, Still Gets Millions from Dial-Up Subscribers

Benghazi Hearing on the Menu

Highlight Northwest Newsmakers at Portland Monthly

Morning Media Newsfeed: Discovery Earnings Up, Megyn Kelly Renews, Roberts Most Trusted

The New Yorker Goes with Two Moms for Mother's Day Cover Prepares for Relaunch; Fox Sports 1 Hires Top Talent

7 Tips for Climbing the Editorial Ladder

Networks Race to Book Rescued Cleveland Women (And Rescuer)

Facebook Tips for Journalists

See Your Byline in Inked

Morning Media Newsfeed: The Onion Hacked, Kurtz Pay Hit, Scripps Revenue Down

BuzzFeed Adding Foreign News Coverage

Another Day, Another High-Profile Twitter Hack: E! Online

Secrets of Bestselling Books

Focus on the Finer Things for UPTOWN

Morning Media Newsfeed: Howard Kurtz Apologizes, Keys Gets Revenge, WaPo Earnings Plunge

Andy Cohn on the Key to The Fader's Indy Success

Elevator Pitch: Burn Note

Land $1 Per Word Writing for Latina

Mediabistro Chats: 05.03.13

Layoffs at CQ Roll Call; Kurtz Out at Daily Beast

Andy Cohn on the Key to The Fader's Indy Success

An Insider's Look at Brand Advertising on YouTube

How One Writer Went from Pitch to Publish

How To Write Books for Kids

The New Yorker Snubbed at National Magazine Awards

Land a Column at This Lone Star Pub

Morning Media Newsfeed: Howard Kurtz Fired, NY Mag Victorious, Norquist Edited Out

Mediabistro Chats: 05.02.13

The Daily Beast and Howard Kurtz 'Have Parted Company'

Get $1/Word (and Up) for Your New England Stories

Cablevision Adding Glenn Beck's TheBlaze to Channel Lineup

Bite Off a Byline at Relish

Morning Media Newsfeed: Kurtz Error Slammed, Time Inc. Slumps, Daytime Emmy Noms

Mediabistro Chats 05.01.13

Isabella Rossellini's Animal Instincts

Elevator Pitch: Burn Note

Tracey Edmonds Takes on Web TV

6 Surefire Ways to Find Sources in the Digital Age

Stalked on LinkedIn: A Fight to Block Abusive Members

Shoot and Score with a Byline at

Morning Media Newsfeed: Webby Awards Announced, Rhino Times Folds, Chris Matthews Renewed

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