Friday May 03, 2013

Mediabistro Chats: 05.03.13


Mediabistro Could you live without Google? slate.me/17X2HGq (via @Slate)

twitter@Jaskripcbs4 yes, it's called a library

twitter@randyduax The entire history of humanity predating Google's existence leads me to believe the answer is yes.

twitterScot Philip Sherman i know i could. but its a good question for people

twitterJennie Baumback I have yet to commit to the cloud and only use their email. However, it is my primary email and that alone, would mess my world up.

twitterAgne Baneviciute I don't think so. It has a really big market share and many companies and customers are using Gmail and Google maps and of course other products that are really important in ones lives.

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Thursday May 02, 2013

Mediabistro Chats: 05.02.13


Mediabistro "I don't think my [Collins] analysis was out of bounds," says Howard Kurtz. Do you agree? bit.ly/13NEOhn (via @BuzzFeed)

twitter@missphenom If he can't get his facts straight, he doesn't need to be a reporter.

twitter@brainypintsizer Kurtz's biggest fail by far was opening his mouth without obviously actually reading the article in its entirety.

twitterFrank J Miles He needs to go read Epistemology of the Closet before he writes another word about homosexuality and homophobia.

twitterLarry Kelly Did an injustice to the young lady.

twitterAnthony Palmer I wonder if Howard Kurtz will turn the spotlight on himself on "Reliable Sources" this weekend?

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Wednesday May 01, 2013

Mediabistro Chats 05.01.13


Mediabistro Do you think that security on Twitter is the user's responsibility? mbist.ro/13M2WAU (via @PRNewser)

twitter@JamieWilson There's no excuse for Twitter to not have had 2-factor authentication by now. Google, Facebook, Dropbox have it.

twitter@ContentFac The user. Personal responsibility FTW!

twitter@jeffkoslofsky Yes. there are many practices out there for users to be more secure. Change your password!

twitter@AgustinaP To a certain extent, yes

twitterCharis Kelly We are individually responsible for our account security. But a better PR move would have been the help us help you and here are some security tips approach

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Tuesday Apr 30, 2013

Mediabistro Chats: 04.30.13


Mediabistro Would you get a tattoo of your employer's logo for a 15% raise? mbist.ro/13JjjOx (via @MediaJobsDaily)

twitter@lucasmillerwsu there's not a lot I wouldn't do for a 15% raise in this economy...

twitter@jmgunter depends on where....

twitter@LeslieAMarshall Love my job, but no.

twitterDan Chmielewski how about work really hard and exceed your goals

twitterBrett Weese Yes. 

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Monday Apr 29, 2013

Mediabistro Chats: 04.29.13


Mediabistro Who's your all-time favorite White House Correspondents' Dinner performer?

twitter@1001chicago Colbert. No question.

twitter@josephmcshea Is anybody going to NOT answer Stephen Colbert? @StephenAtHome

twitterMichelle Maskaly Easy --- Seth Myers

twitterKelly Allen Stephen Colbert BY FAR. Balls. That guy has balls.

twitterjuan alderete Any answer other than Stephen T. Colbert, DFA, is wrong.

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Friday Apr 26, 2013

Mediabistro Chats: 04.26.13


Mediabistro How do you feel about services that manage users' social media presence after death? Useful? Creepy?

twitter@GoneGlutenFree CREEPY!!!

twitter@SteffaniMaxwell @GoneGlutenFree Ok w/continuing a website in someone's honor, memorializing Facebook pages -- not always w/posting as the deceased.

twitter@SteffaniMaxwell ...but I also think it depends on context; accounts parodying or honoring (usu. long) deceased can be interesting.

twitterAdelyn Biedenbach kinda creepy/egotistical

twitterMovable Content A tad bit creepy. But we can see why families might want to keep profiles open and alive for loved ones to see and pay their respects.

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Thursday Apr 25, 2013

Mediabistro Chats: 04.25.13


Mediabistro Do you think A.J. Clemente should have lost his job? mbist.ro/10fjM77 (via @TVSpyNews)

twitter@nancola Maybe not. But I don't think we shd be giving him so much attention

twitter@mbtrotter Clemente shouldn't have had the job to start. His social media presence was a warning station didn't see or, worse, ignored.

twitterKatherine Wernier Not for cursing but maybe because he seemed like he lacked the on air skills.

twitterDavid W. Reynolds Notoriety over talent. Wins every time these days.

twitterCierra Timpson Yes! You always assume your mic is on ALWAYS!

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Wednesday Apr 24, 2013

Mediabistro Chats: 04.24.13


Mediabistro Many are decrying this @politico piece on Jill Abramson as sexist. Do you agree? politi.co/XVc31m

twitter@mmaskaly I don't understand how it is sexist? She sounds like a dumbed-down version of Anna Wintour.

twitterRebecca Baker Gee, a boss acting like a boss. Stop the presses!

twitterLorraine Forte i see no reason why it is sexist. anyone who has worked at a paper knows editors can be very difficult, be they male or female.

twitterMegan Walters Have you ever heard a male boss criticized for being "brusque?" What, are women supposed to simper and be passive aggressive, or just plain passive?

twitterJoel Rogness The article is sexist? It doesn't seem to me to be presenting her in a particular light. I guess I disagree.

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Tuesday Apr 23, 2013

Mediabistro Chats: 04.23.13


Mediabistro A survey says newspaper reporter is the worst career of 2013. Do you agree? mbist.ro/17NrA4A (via @FishbowlNY)

twitter@MeganBungeroth This, I don't buy.

twitter@MrsFridayNext FINALLY NOT LIBRARIAN!

twitterDavid Hayes I'd argue freelance writer, working in journalism, not the corporate sector, etc, is worse

twitterScott Snowden The industry is so totally swamped now. Everyone and their dog thinks they can make a career as a journalist.

twitterRin-rin Yu I'm pretty sure most newspaper journalists chose the profession for those very reasons: the physical demands, work environment, stress and what they call "hiring outlook" I'll dub as "competition"

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Monday Apr 22, 2013

Mediabistro Chats: 04.22.13


Mediabistro Do you think @latimes and @chicagotribune can maintain editorial independence if bought by Koch brothers? mbist.ro/11Ecz1z

twitter@lucasmillerwsu First instinct says no b/c Koch bros want to buy papers as part of a larger strategy to promote a political agenda

twitter@hanelly Not without some serious friction.

twitterVivian Lake Of course not, that's why they're buying them.

twitterViktor Kovalenko Probably the papers can secure some editorial independence. But it depends fully on editors and their intentions to stay independent.

twitterJustin Boucher I don't think either of those papers are "editorial independent" anyway!

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