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Wednesday, May 23

mbTweets 05.23.12


@mediabistro #mbchats Did you see Facebook's IPO stumbles coming?

@lamonbrooks yes, & i'm no $$-person. stands 2 reason stock wld plunge w/out users paying 4 a service. they'll b chrging b4 6 mos.

@thestandouters not at all and am surprised.

@ebUF Yes. All one has to do is look at history: GeoCities. AOL. Friendster. MySpace. Facebook will go the way of the dodo, too.

@BonzoTMonkey Hells yeah, I did. No revenue model nor leadership worthy of $38+/share.

@micDAUGHERTY @ESPN_herd said it best... fb doesn't produce anything! The smart investors aren't gonna gamble or 'poke' around w/ that stock

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