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Monday, Jun 25

mbTweets: 06.25.12


@mediabistro #mbchats How do you write a press release journalists will actually read?

@dspiegelCNN No misspellings or other errors, & don't tell me the story is "great" or "interesting". Let me decide.

@FreeRadicalRP I read well-written ones that aren't nearly entire repeats of previous ones and include hints about the future.

@rpachter Write it as news story. Inverted pyramid + great hed. Not about "us" and "our" but "what's in it for me" for readers.

@CMKelleher Press releases have to tell me why my readers will think you and interesting, not why you think you are interesting

@AlisaKrutovsky Short, concise, intriguing & 2 the point. #Journalists have no time, #PR folks should b well prepared & know journalist's work.

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