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Thursday, Jun 28

mbTweets: 06.28.12


@mediabistro #mbchats Are slideshows a do or don't in online journalism?

@Elizabeth_Lilly Slideshows are a definite do! They're easy to read and get more clicks than regular articles

@guygirltravel people need visuals and immediate info. Slideshows satisfy both.

@J_Robison1 Ten or 12 slides, OK. Hate clicking on story and seeing I have to wade through 20, 30, 50 and even 100 slides. I don't bother.

@Ebyline Slide shows are a do! Breaking info into bite-sized tidbits is helpful to readers & slide shows drive more page loads

@laurenthedark They're a "don't assign them to me unless you provide pics."

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