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Friday, Jun 29

mbTweets: 06.29.12


@mediabistro #mbchats What did you think of Savannah Guthrie's debut on the Today show?

@SarNoon I feel the anchor change could have been handled more tactfully, that said, Savannah has nothing to apologize for on her part.

@ChristaMarzan It was awkward, esp w/ no hosts names mentioned in intro. NBC should make an announcement soon. They messed up enough already!

@alexheard She's no Hoda. (Hoda said I had to say that.)

@sabrinaslibrary interesting to see if this is the quick fix the show wants. Don't see the chemistry btwn Matt & Savannah.

@meganKmarrs If they want to increase ratings they need to restructure their format... take a lesson from GMA, They have FUN.

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