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Tuesday, Aug 14

mbTweets: 08.14.12


@mediabistro #mbchats Should employers rule out job applicants w/ sloppy writing or typos? (via @HarvardBiz)

@anthonyderico Yes. #typos

@karmafishwrap the agony of typos, a very real pain when job hunting. If egregious, they will get you skipped. If few, whatever.

@okwithwords I do. It reflects professionalism and attention to detail. But it does depend on the job.

@Lovely_Lici Definitely! If you don't care how you present yourself, how will you represent a company?!

@kristiepage01 Absolutely! For any med to high position or one w/ a lot of cust face time, trash it for a typo. 1st impressions..

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