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Friday, Jan 04

Mediabistro Chats: 01.04.13


Mediabistro "The e-reader era just arrived, but now it may be ending." Do you agree? (via @WSJ)

twitter@Srvollmar I can't keep up

twitterAnthony Verna Yes. I use my tablet for everything. Who needs a reader? I have Nook and Kindle apps as well as. . . a computer in one device.

twitterKatie Briggs Freeman I still prefer reading on my Kindle 2 to reading on my iPad, just because I like getting away from a "computer" screen for awhile. I read a lot, so that does matter to me.

twitterSonja Hegman Tablets make more sense because you can do everything on them, but I still love my kindle. Lack of web surfing keeps me focused on reading only.

twitterkeloy kenji Call me oldie but I'd prefer a "real" book to an ebook reader

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