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Friday, Jan 11

Mediabistro Chats: 01.11.13


Mediabistro What kind of stories did you write as a kid? (via @GalleyCat)

twitter@brent_rydin I would make up my own Sonic the Hedgehog characters and write comics about them.

twitter@canonind the "fall-in-manhole-into-a-new-world" kind...

twitter@MHinKC Honest ones that scared my teachers.

twitter@B00kW0rm The genre of "Wake up one morning and your life is totally different"- I blame Flat Stanley

twitterSarah Sachs I wrote a 1 page story about a tri-sarah-tops who wanted to go on a picnic with her tri-mommy-tops and tri-daddy-tops. To this day it evokes many Awes

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