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Thursday, Jan 17

Mediabistro Chats: 01.17.13


Mediabistro Why do you think so many news orgs failed to catch the Manti Te'o girlfriend hoax? (via @tvnewser)

twitter@richt3760 Wouldn't SOME journalist think to do a story on #Teo's girlfriend herself? That's the strange thing about it.

twitter@NewsGodess Didn't ask enough questions, didn't ask to i'view her, poor journalism & fear of backlash for doubting the story.

twitter@DJNYC1 @NewsGodess Exactly. Ronald Reagan wasn't even a journalist but he said it best: "Trust, but verify." #Manti #hoax #notredame

twitterStephanie Fuqua Because they wanted to believe the narrative, and they were lazy.

twitterRobert Lee Twitter posts as the journalist's sources.

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