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Thursday, Jan 31

Mediabistro Chats: 01.31.13


Mediabistro Do you ever write while standing up? (via @GalleyCat)

twitterMichael Lincoln Daly Yes, but not on a treadmill like some people.

twitterEd Hunt I hand a standing desk for about seven years when I was a professional writer. I write better standing up. I hate sitting down.

twitterShawn Proctor Yes. I put books on my keyboard to make it taller.

twitterDoug Blue Yes! Just like Winston Churchill. But would love a nice stand-up desk. What I've seen online and locally are outrageously expensive. Any sources?

twitterGloria Attar As long as the tequila bottle and ashtray won't slide off, sure, I'd give it a whirl. :p

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