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Tuesday, Feb 12

Mediabistro Chats: 02.12.13


Mediabistro Do you think a LinkedIn profile is actually helpful in getting a job or just a social media placeholder?

twitter@TiceWrites Major magazines & Fortune 500 clients found me through my LI profile. #LI is the phone book for Co's hiring freelancers.

twitter@erica_cochrane Linkedin not just about getting a job or online presence; also useful to help decide who you *want* to work for

twitterSandy Hall I work on my profile every day for the last 3 years and it hasn't gotten me an interview yet...

twitterJocelyn Dinkel As a recruiter (who found my current job on LinkedIn).. I couldn't live without it!

twitterKeith Williams It helps you make connections to a wider range of people. You build relationships and that could transfer to jobs. It depends on if you use it correctly.

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